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Ava’s Thoughts

I can’t stop thinking about how badly I want to use my new vibrator when I get home. I have never had a toy that was so powerful I was almost intimidated to try it for the first time, until now. Its nice and thick and has defined curves on it for the most pleasure possible and on top of all of that, it’s vibrations are so strong I came in seconds. I had to learn to basically tease my pussy with it so I would be able to enjoy it longer. And here I am sitting in my chair with a wet pussy while I write this, thinking about how badly I want to be sliding my toy inside of me.

I guess for now I’ll have to settle for some of the toys I have here with me right now. But I really want someone to cum with me and hope whoever is reading this will decide to come and play with me so we can cum together. It’s so much better that way knowing that while my pussy is gripping my toy and I start cuming all over it, that you are emptying for balls for me too. And when I get home and I’m fucking myself with my new amazing toy I will be thinking about our call and how hard I came for you while you were talking dirty in my ear and blowing your load for me.

I just want to be a naughty little bitch tonight and cause as much trouble as I can. Do you think it’s a bad thing that I enjoy being a tease so much? I mean it really gets me going knowing that me bending over in my tight little skirt gave that sexy guy at the bar a hard on. Maybe it’s just that I like knowing how much of an effect I can have on someone, or maybe I just love flaunting my body and giving every guy around me a rock hard erection. I mean do you really think that is so bad? So what if I love making every guy around me rock hard, it just really turns me on.

But I guess I have to consider how frustrating it probably is for them, having this hot little piece of ass running around, with my tits and ass just crammed into this little red dress. I’m sure they’re picturing what I would look like getting bent over the edge of their bed while they pull my pony tail and stuff me full of cock. But I always have other ideas in mind, and most of them don’t include finishing what I started right away. I love to get to see them be so frustrated feeling like they’re going to burst. I think it makes it that much better when I finally decide that I’m going to shove their cock down my throat and actually allow them to cum rather than leaving them hard as a rock and all alone.

I got to do an amazing role play yesterday where I was a young, tight bodied, sexy teacher and I had a group of very attentive students except for one. This young man just couldn’t seem to stay paying attention to the lessons that I was presenting. It seemed like every time I glanced over at him he was almost in a hypnotic state as he stared at my breasts. I guess he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of my big full breasts and my hard nipples that were obviously poking through my blouse. Its almost as if he was dead set on being Ms. Ava’s little teachers pet.

I told this young man that it was very vital that we find a way to help him be able to focus on the lessons that I was teaching. And that his erections were really becoming a distraction is class. I suggested that maybe it could be helpful if I made sure that his sexual urges were better maintained before class. Young man I believe that you need some extra attention to make sure that you can think when you’re in class. I need you to come by 15 minutes before class starts every morning so I can make sure and get all of that pressure out of your balls. And it turns out I was right, making sure I emptied his calls every morning before class what exactly what he needed to remain focused and on task during class.

Sometime all I can think about is how much I love to be punished. I know, that sounds really strange to some but for me it’s the truth. I spend my day thinking of all the ways I would love for someone to put me in my place. Somewhat day dreaming of a tall, strong man coming up behind me and taking control. Making me feel so small and powerless and he grips my body and shows me that I have absolutely no control. I know that I tend to be quite a naughty girl on a regular basis and that is exactly why I deserve this punishment.

Well last night I got to have a little bit of a treat. I put on my little plaid school girl skirt and some black fishnet thigh highs. I have always loved how the skirt perfectly frames my tight little ass, almost as if my ass itself was just begging to be spanked. I was ordered to take my flogger and start spanking myself over and over as I was on my knees bending over the steps in my room. Making sure to arch my back and really focus on the spankings while the moans of pure satisfaction escaped my lips. Nothing makes me happier than having that leather flogger really hit my tight little ass nice and hard, so I have the marks on my ass for proof of punishment later.

Today I just want to be Daddy’s good little girl. I keep trying to find the perfect outfit to wear for Daddy tonight but it’s so hard to choose. I think I’m going to wear my pink plaid school girl skirt with my little white tie top and knee high socks. Daddy always loves the way my little skirt just frames my tight little ass cheeks. Talking dirty in my ear telling me how much he would love to just spread my tight little ass apart and use his tongue to make me cum all over Daddy’s face.

But tonight I want to be a little tease. I want to give Daddy a sexy little strip tease before I start teasing his cock. Shoving my perfect tits in Daddy’s face and watching how hard his cock starts throbbing. I love putting Daddy’s balls in my mouth and feeling how nice and heavy they are on my tongue, then having Daddy grab me by my pony tail and force my head down on his cock. Telling me to play with my sweet little pussy and suck my pussy juice off of my fingers before Daddy shoves his cock back into my mouth and fills it with cum. I’m Daddy’s little slut.

I feel like I want to try something new tonight. Maybe use some massage oil and spend time really teasing every square inch of my body. I want my body to slip and slide all over when I’m on top of you. Squeeze my tits while your hands slip all over my body. Get me face down on the bed while you massage your way up my thighs. Teasing my wet pussy from behind while you grab a burning candle from the nightstand. Slowly dripping hot wax onto my back creating an intoxicating rhythm of moaning and grinding.

You flip me over on my back and start dripping the wax all over my tits. My nipples getting harder with every drip hitting my skin. It was like little jolts of electricity running through my body that had me right on the edge of orgasm as the pace starts to slow. Dragging out that state of pure bliss. Teasing my body with the vibrating wand and drops of oil. I can feel every part of my body shaking. Fingers finding their way inside of me and the wand on my clit was everything I needed to cum harder than I had in days. Sometimes you just need something new for play.

I stopped by the sex shop on my way in today and I got some of the most amazing toys. I’ve been dying to try them out for the last couple of hours but I thought it would be fun If I waited until someone had the opportunity to try them out with me. I feel like its so much better that way. Today I got a new clit vibe with a shape I have never tried before. I got some really soft bubbled anal beads as well and I cant wait to see how they feel sliding in and out of me.

I had a hard time figuring out which of my other picks of the day I was going to buy on this trip and I decided to get a wand attachment that going inside of my pussy, stimulates my clit, and also has a tiny anal piece all in one. I’ve been so wet ever since I went in to get these. I want you to be able to come and be the first to try out these new amazing toys with me. Call me and let me know which one you want to help me try out together…

No pussy for little dicks is a code that I live by. Making sure that the little subs with sad excuses for a penis know their place in life. Getting to the understanding that their little member is inadequate and entirely worthless. I think they need to be reminded that they will never be able to please a woman with their small cock and that they should automatically assume the role of the woman’s little bitch boy. Getting down on their knees ready to serve like a good little sub should.

Sometimes its necessary to show them what a real cock looks like. Having them obey and serve the REAL men that get the privilege of fucking a Goddess like myself. Having them down on their knees in a little cock cage getting to watch as a REAL man bends me over and fucks me with his big thick cock. Having him tell my little sub that real cocks gets pussy and little dicks don’t. Then making him suck the real cock clean gratefully because he can still taste my cum when he gets to clean up.

There’s something about threesomes that just turn me on so much. Ive always loved how sexy it is getting to share a throbbing cock with another little cum slut. Having another mouth ready to suck on his balls while you swallow his cock. Or getting to bury your face in her pussy while youre being bent over and fucked from behind. I always cum so hard when I have a hot chick sitting on my face while Im getting fucked by a thick cock. Almost as hard as when im on all fours and getting throat fucked while she eats my pussy from the back.

It always seems that guys cocks seem to throb harder when theres two sexy sluts ready to swallow their cum. I always love having her and I both put our hair up in high pony tails and get down on our knees while hes sitting down. Then he can wrap one of his hands around each of our pony tails and they make perfect reins for him to guide us both in shoving his cock down our throats. The he pulls us both off of his cock just in time for us to both share his cum shot all over our faces and eagerly start licking his cum off of each others pretty little whore mouths.

Today I made a huge mistake and I have been paying for it all day. After I got out of the shower I was feeling so sexy I thought I would wear one of the new bra and panty sets that I had just bought. It was a lace baby pink pair of cheeky panties with a matching lace bra. It looked so amazing and had me feeling ready to take on the day. It only took me about 45 minutes before I was regretting my decision. The little pink panties were so tight it kept rubbing my clit with every little movement that I made. Every bump I hit driving made me so wet I had to refrain from taking my hands off of the wheel to start rubbing my clit. Instead I started rolling my hips around so my panties would do the rubbing for me.

It felt so good I just couldn’t stop. I was trying to focus on the road but I could just feel myself getting closer to cumming and my toes were starting to curl. I almost ran a red light as I was right on the edge but thankfully I was able to stop in time. It wasn’t until after I came really hard that I noticed the guy in the car next to me had been watching me cum in my little pink panties as we were both waiting at the stoplight. His face was priceless and it appeared that he was either still rock hard or that he had maybe already came. I was so turned on that I thought about getting into his car to finish him off. Too bad the light turned green before I had the chance because I know that really would have made both of our days….

I love being your professional cock sucking whore. Getting to be the one who is always on call anytime you need those big full nuts drained. Tell me what kind of outfit you want me to cram by big tits into for you. If you want me to wear a short little skirt so its easy for you to just pull it up and bend me over your desk. Tell me how tight your balls have been all day and how badly you have been wanting to ram your fat prick inside of me.

It’s always better having two little fuck sluts at your beckon and call. Two tight little bitch mouths to stuff your cock and balls inside of. You can wrap your hand around my pony tail and choke me with your big thick cock while she stuffs your nuts in her mouth. Pull my little g-string to the side and stuff your fingers in my cunt while you fuck my mouth. Then get us both down on our knees with our mouths open and tongues out ready to receive your load. Pump that thick cock until you blow your big load all over both of our faces and make us lick it up off of each other. Two very happy little whores…

Today I’m really craving a taste of one of the YD ladies. I cant stop thinking about burying my face into their sweet wet pussy. Maybe while you bend me over and fuck me at the same time. Pull my hair while you pump your cock inside of me and I make her cum all over my face. Let us get naughty for you and enjoy some amazing xxx phone sex with not just one, but two of our sexy YD ladies <3

I always love getting to play with one of the sexy xxx phone sex girls I get to work with. I get so excited when I get to do a 2 girl call because it just makes everything so much more intense and amazing. I get to tease her while she plays with my pussy and we both have you stroking your cock. Getting to think about which one of us could take more of your cock and how much we love sharing your load and getting to spit it into each others mouths. We all love getting naughty especially if its for you.

I just got a couple of new toys from the sex shop and I am so excited to try them. Cum and be the one to play with them with me for the first time. Let me tell you about how hard I’m pounding my tight little pussy with this new ribbed vibe. Or how amazing these beads feel sliding in and out of my ass. Tell me how you want me to clamp my perfect nipples and how many times to spank my nice round ass. It’s always such a turn on getting to have sex on the phone while experiencing new types of pleasure.

One of the many things I love about being a part of Your Desires is getting to take someone’s phone sex virginity. It’s always so much fun being the one to give them an amazing experience when they try sex on the phone for the first time. Being able to learn their fantasies and deepest desires and do everything I can to make them a reality. Hearing the change in their tone of voice when they get comfortable with you and you are pleasuring them. Knowing that I was able to not only make them cum, but also giving them an experience they will never forget.

Take me away to where the little whores play. Tease me, spank me, choke me, whatever you say you can have it your way. Your desires are your guide and I’m your destination. Dripping wet and ready to be your newest obsession. Please do not hesitate to pound my tight little pussy until it aches. Back arched, toes curled, hair tightly pulled. Pick your poison baby before its too late. My legs are shaking, nipples hard as a rock. On my knees begging for that glorious cock.

Let it be known that my subs will receive lots of humiliation. Constant reminders of how pathetic they are and why their Goddess is superior to them in every way. Not a second goes by that you wont be reminded of your place. On your knees begging for just a touch of my affection or even a moment of my attention. You should know your small cock is one of the biggest sources of ridicule. And it is by far the most useless part of you.

I really love getting to play with all of you. Its so exciting getting to come in and not know what kind of sexy adventures are in store for you. It’s like getting a surprise present every day. Come and tell me all about your most intimate thoughts and desires. I want to be part of making your fantasies happen. It’s always such a huge turn on to be able to share those things with someone. I just hope that someone could be YOU! <3

I love tormenting you and leaving you whimpering like a little bitch. You just look so out of place without having those tears running down your face. Its your duty to bow beneath me and to worship your Goddess. You need to know how pathetic and useless your small cock is. You’re a submissive little slut and your only use is to serve me.

I have been doing so many domme calls lately I really feel like I need to be taken control of. I need to be bent over and spanked until my tight little ass is bright red. Pull my hair while you’re talking dirty in my ear telling me how hard you’re going to fuck me. Tease my wet little pussy before you slam every last inch of your hard cock inside of me. I need to be used and made Daddy’s little cumslut. Tell me can you do that for me baby??

I’ve been so horny lately its like no matter how much I play with myself its just never enough. I think what I really need is for someone to tease me for awhile before they make me cum over and over again. I have so many dirty fantasies I just cant wait to make happen. Cum and play and lets make our fantasies a reality together 😉

I’m in the mood today to completely take over. Show my ownership and make you my submissive little cum slut. Get down on your knees and beg to serve your Goddess. Admire the big thick strap-on I have tightly secured around my waist. Place your lips around it and start sucking that cock for me slut. Show me how badly you have been craving getting fucked. Turn around and spread that ass for me. Ill grab a fist full of your hair and start shoving every last inch inside of you while I make you scream and beg me for more.

I love getting to learn about peoples naughty little secrets. Their most intimate thoughts and desires. What runs through their head when their cock starts getting hard and exactly what they think about while theyre stroking it. I want to know your what your fantasies are. What exactly is it that you crave? I would love to help make your deepest desires possible.

I’ve really been craving a naughty 2 girl call. I want to be able to make one of the sexy xxx phone sex girls at Your Desires cum over and over again. This summer heat has all these ladies in the tiniest little outfits and It makes me just want to tear them off with my teeth and get a taste. Their sweet cum on my face while they slide their fingers in my tight little cunt. I know you would love to feed this desire for me. Help me satisfy my craving and cum and play with me and one of our other gorgeous ladies. We will be waiting 😉

I can’t stop thinking about how good I’m going to be getting fucked on my birthday. That is my one wish for the day is to be treated like a total cum slut and be pushed far beyond my breaking point. I know Daddy is going to make me cum over and over until my whole body is trembling and my pussy is just dripping down my thighs. I love when he talks dirty in my ear while hes sliding his thick cock inside of me. It always pushes me over the edge when hes talking dirty in my ear and starts biting my neck while hes pumping his cock deep inside of me. Only three more days….

Its such a good feeling to have such complete control over you. Every thought running through your head revolves around me and every thing that you do, you do for me. When you met me everything changed. It was like a piece of you that had been missing for so long was finally there again. You knew at that very moment that I was what you needed and didn’t even look back. I know you are truly happy now and I am able to fulfill your every need and desire. This is what it feels like to have a true Goddess to serve. You never have to worry about feeling empty again or not knowing what to do. You will always have me to guide you on your path and show you what being a dedicated little sub is all about.

The best way to start the day is with an orgasm. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up. As soon as I open my eyes I can’t help but slide my hands down into my panties and start playing with my pussy. My legs spread just laying on my bed playing with my clit and sliding my fingers inside of me. And when that doesn’t seem to be enough I reach over into my nightstand drawer and grab one of my many sex toys to lend a helping hand. My glass toy is one of my favorite. 8 inches of perfectly sculpted hard cock stretching my tight little cunt first thing in morning is the perfect way to brighten my day.

With all this warm weather seems to bring even more temptation for me at YD. All of the girls wear the sexiest little outfits and just love to bare it all. Would you like to see how badly I would love to get a taste of one of these girls? Two girl calls are always my favorite because I not only get to make you cum, but I also get to make one of my fellow xxx phone sex girls cum as well. It’s the tastiest way to make your day delightful!

I guess it’s the slut inside of me that craves having it rough. I like to be forced onto my knees and given what I deserve. Your hard throbbing cock staring me right in my face. Grabbing a fist full of my hair and guiding me to do what I’m best at. Talking dirty to me while you push my little whore mouth up and down on your cock. Tell me how much of a dirty bitch I am while you pump my mouth full of cum. Pull my head back up and make me thank you for being allowed the pleasure of sucking you off.

I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. All day I am surrounded by some of the most gorgeous women around. It’s really kind of a tease a lot of the time to be quite honest. They walk around in these slutty little outfits just begging to be tasted and trust me I’m quick to jump on the opportunity. Nothing makes me happier than when someone wants a two girl call and I get the chance to please these sexy ladies. Their tight bodies and pretty pussies have me wet just thinking about it right now. Cum and help me satisfy my cravings and play with me and one of my xxx phones sex girls. It’s the perfect way to make your night memorable.

I have been so horny lately I just need it all the time. I just can’t stop playing with my pussy today. I would love to have someone to cum with me maybe that person could be you? I love making people cum it really gets me off as well. Nothing turns me on more than knowing how much I make your cock throb and how badly it makes you want me. I want to be the one to empty those balls and having you coming back for more. If you like what you see cum and play with me and have some of the best xxx phone sex you have ever had

I just cant seem to get enough today. It’s like my body is just begging me to cum over and over again. My legs are shaking and my heart is racing but I just cant seem to put my wand down. I can’t stop playing with my clit and shoving my toys in my tight little pussy. Cum and help me satisfy my needs as a xxx phone sex addict!

Cum play with me and make me your little cum slut. Get me on my knees waiting and ready to serve your every wish and desire. Make me open my mouth wide and slap your cock against my tongue before shoving it into my little whore mouth. Tie my wrist behind my back before bending me over and spanking my tight little ass. I love when you leave marks and bruises proving your ownership of me. I will beg and plead you for your cum daddy. It’s everything I have been needing. Just let me be your little slut

Nothing turns me on more than when someone knows exactly how to please me. Pushing me to points I never imagined possible. Enticing me to try new and adventurous things. Teasing and toying with my body to your every desire. And ultimately making me cum like I never had before.
I always love getting to be someone’s first time having sex on the phone.
Getting to ease them into it and tell them exactly what I want them to do.
Firmly stroking their hard cock for me while I play with my pussy.
Listening to their breathing get faster as I slide my toy deep inside of
me. With another moan escaping my lips I can feel the orgasm start to send
waves of pleasure through my body. Hearing him let out a gasp as he begins
to pump out all that cum for me.
It really turns me on getting to tie you up. Sliding each leg into a slip
knot connected to the posts of the bed. Slowly teasing and tickling the
bottoms of your feet driving you wild. Tightly retraining your arms to
your sides.

It makes me smile getting to watch you struggle. Trying your best to slip
your way out. No matter how hard you try those knots just don’t seem to
budge. That’s when I can see the fear set in. You start to wonder how long
I might leave you stuck for.

Inch by inch trying to wiggle your way out but it just doesn’t work. My
little feather teaser slowly dancing up and down your body. Each stroke
making you squirm even more. Be careful darling, now you’re stuck in
Goddess Ava’s trap 😉
I am everything you think about. Your one true obsession. Every curve of
my body worshiped. Every order I give taken. You know what it means to be
my slave. You get pleasure from being my dedicated fuck slut. Every lash
of my whip seals my ownership of you. Every inch you take proves your
devotion. Goddess Ava’s little sissy slut slave you will be.
It makes me laugh thinking about how pathetic you are. Sitting and
obsessively masturbating over pictures of her. You spend hours everyday
worshiping something you will never have. I love getting to humiliate you
and remind you how much of a sad excuse of a man you are. Reminding you
that you will never have sex with a real woman because you have such a
small cock.
I love knowing I am the reason your cock throbs. Knowing that your wife
has become nothing but a fuck toy to you. Knowing that you are completely
in my control now. That you spend every second of every day worshiping and
obsessing over your Goddess Ava.
Are you feeling adventurous tonight? Maybe you want to have some kinky
fun? I’d love to help you unwind and make sure you end your night right 😉
Cum play with me and another one of my sexy xxx phone sex girls!
You always take control, do to me as you please. Tie me up tightly and
force me down to my knees. Run your fingers through my hair and your thumb
over my lips. You grab your cock firmly and thrust it between my tits.
Shoving your fingers deep into wet little cunt. Blowing your load on the
face of your dirty little slut.
It’s like you just know the perfect way to end my night. On my knees,
begging and pleading for more. Just tell my I’m your good little girl
while you paddle me over and over. You tighten your grip around my neck
and whisper in my ear that Im a dirty little cum whore while you fill my
tight little cunt with cum. I can never get enough xxx phone sex!!!
Is it wrong of me to want a boyfriend just for the purpose of cucking him?
I dont know why but I’m on a huge cuckolding kick right now. And I just
want someone that I can cheat on, and get fucked in front of. Especially
by a big black cock.
I want three of you loser boys to be my ass whorshipping slaves. Kneel and
worship my ass while you edge yourself. I want complete and total devotion
to my ass! For the privilege of worshipping me all of you will be locked
in chastity. But whoever edged the most will be locked for the shortest
amount of time. So keep stroking losers!

I just love getting all dressed up to play. Black thigh high fishnet
stockings and some fuck me pumps. My tightly fitted corset flaunting every
curve of my body. Pushing my little panties to the side and playing with
my pussy. Cum and have a taste of some xxx phone sex.
I love getting to try new and steamy roll plays. Every perfect little
detail painting this picture of pure sexual bliss. Exploring our most
intimate fantasies. Want to cum and play with me? We can enjoy some kinky
sex on the phone 😉 I’m only one call away…
Cum with me and lets explore your most intimate fantasies. Let go and let
Goddess Ava take control. I love getting to push your boundaries and take
you to places you never imagined possible. Pick up the phone and I will
show you just how amazing some xxx phone sex can be ;}~
Nothing turns me on more than torturing and teasing little sluts. Watching
their faces while I tease their throbbing cocks. Making my little cum
sluts eat my ass while they stroke their cocks. Then placing them in
chastity while I play with my pussy. Ordering them to lick all that cum
out of my dripping wet pussy as they sit there on their knees. Using and
abusing my little sluts to my every desire. I love watching that tongue as
you lick my leather boots clean. Bow down slut and worship your Goddess
I’m so glad to be back at YD, after being gone for so long. You have
no idea how much I miss all the kinky games we get to play. I know my
little sissy sluts out there have missed me. Get ready to be on your
knees worshiping your Goddess Ava. As I humiliate you because of your
small cock. Your punishment is waiting slave, and only one call away.
I just love how much power you get with blackmailing victims. Something
about them being so vulnerable and powerless just turns me on. Maybe I
just enjoy them begging and pleading at my feet. Or maybe its the way
they scream for mercy as soon as I start putting my leather harness on.
Their faces filling with fear as I inspect every toy, carefully making my
decision. Mmhmmmm, this will do. 10 big and smooth thunder beads,
glistening and electric blue. Smile for the camera, I love taking
humiliating photos of them. They all know better, than to disobey. Don’t
make me force you. You know Goddess Ava will find a way. (;
Some of the role playing I’ve got to do lately have been more than hot and
steamy 😉 Oh how I love a new kinky fetish to hear about. Do you love
something different or unusual? Taboo is a personal favorite of mine. You
can whisper all your dirty little secrets in my ear. I promise I wont tell
😉 We can explore every corner of your kinky fantasies. Just send me an
email or give me a call so we can play!! Trust me, you will be very glad
you did. <3 _________________________________ I absolutely love to learn about new and exciting fetishes. If you have a kinky fetish or naughty obsession,, I would love to hear all about it. Just give me a call and we can talk about it. Don't worry,, I don't bite too hard!! *(unless you ask me too)* __________________________________ I absolutely love my switch to working nights. There's something so erotic about a sensual conversation in a candle lit room, dressed up in your sexiest lingerie. ------------------------------ The holiday's are finally coming to an end. I know how long and hard this season has been 😉 Give me a call and I can help you unwind and relieve all of your stress. I'll show you how erotic it is to just let go. Give up all control. Let Goddess Ava take you to your wildest fantasies. When we are there, Anything is possible!!! ---------------------------- I absolutely love some of my sissies. There's nothing sexier then seeing you get dressed up for me in my own panties 😉 Give Goddess Ava a call and show me how pretty my little slut slaves can be. I'll be waiting! ----------------------- Put all your trust In my hands, I can put your mind at ease. Start taking off your pants, then just get down on your knees. You won't be able to forget Goddess Ava, she knows how to please 😉 ----------------------- It's been more than fun getting to play with all you boys 😉 I'd love for you all to teach me some of the kinky tricks you all have up your sleeves. I hope you guys have enjoyed me. I love being the newest addition to YD's. I'm looking forward to playing with you all 😉 Don't be shy, give me a call at 360-709-0100. I'll be waiting to hear your voice. <3 ------------------------- I would really love to hear from all of you strangers out there, Don't be shy 😉 Lets get to know each other a little better. Maybe you can teach me a new thing or two!! I can't wait to hear your voice.