Welcome to YourDesires…

Hi, I’m Melanie …

 The Boss :)
It has been over 22 years since I took my first call as a “Phone Girl”. I had one philosophy when I started YourDesires, and that was to give the very best to my clients that I possibly could. This meant being as real as possible, being interested in my guys, and sincerely enjoying what I was doing. This philosophy was definitely the major reason for the success of YourDesires (Originally ‘Melanie and Friends’).

After a few years I found it necessary to give up doing calls and concentrate on the administrative part of the business. I miss being a “Phone Girl” but I love watching YourDesires continue to thrive, and seeing the addition of beautiful, new, women, who are truly as excited about being a “Phone Girl” as I was.

Many of you guys who talked to me during those first few months, are still with us today and that speaks volumes about how we treat our callers, here at YourDesires. To those of you who have been with us from the start I want to say THANK YOU, and to those of you who are just now learning about us, I want you to know that we will continue the philosophy that has brought us over 19 years of success on the phone.

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Want to know more about what we offer before you click to go inside and see all the YourDesires girls?

We offer REAL, one on one, mutual enjoyment, phone sex. We are not the cubicle variety of “Phone Girls” you find at most other sites. When we take your call it is in our bedroom, door closed, just you and your girl. Or if you prefer, another girl or two can join us but that’s always of your choosing.

We won’t try and make you believe that every girl here can do everything. There are Dominants, submissives, young innocents, role players, and the girl next door to name a few. Some are switches and can play on “either side of the ropes” Some can be very, very, nasty or very sweet and comforting. If you have a fetish and you have a hard time finding someone who understands it, drop us an email at and we will make sure to have at least some of our ladies update themselves on that particular interest of yours.

The beautiful ladies here at YourDesires try very hard to keep our phones answered 24/7 all year long, but we can never plan for the days that everyone seems to call at the same time, so be patient with us if you get a busy signal. We will do our best to make the wait worthwhile.

If you are new to our site, and haven’t had the experience of talking to one us, you will be in for a most pleasant surprise. You see, we aren’t just women pretending to be interested in you, we are very sexy “Phone Girls”, that really are interested in you and your desires. So come on inside and take a closer look at us.