Excited to be here and get to know you!

I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone from my fellow YD girls and the clients. I’ve been appreciative of the warm welcome I’ve received so far! I’m thrilled to improve my skills as a phone sex operator whether I’m being a bratty sub or a sensual domme. I want to work with you to create a fantasy that both of us can enjoy and indulge in. If you’ve called with me already, you know I like to describe our little collaboration as a “mutual feedback loop.” It’s a lot more fun to play when we can work off each other – no dull moments with me!

Can’t wait to here from you on the phone. Don’t forget you can reach me with email at or on Trillian as FeistyFreya!

xoxo Freya


Sissy Skirts

You’re such a sexy little sissy slut in your little mini skirts jacking off in the dressing room. Finding those tight little shorts that ride up so far all you have to do is grind to make your sissy cock hard. Smacking it around in the dressing room while you think about the dressing room attendant knowing how much of sissy you are. She knows just like we all do how much of a sissy you are. Go cum in your little mini shorts now while the waitress wonders about your small cock.


Punish Me

Lately I haven’t been able to get this intense craving for punishment out of my mind. All I can think about is how good it feels to be bound and gagged with my ass sticking straight up into the air. I need to feel that rope tied tightly around my wrist and ankles. Your hands running up and down the backs of my thighs before I feel that riding crop lash right across my ass. The intense hit forcing loud moans from my lips. I just need to be owned, truly totally and completely under someones control and at the mercy of their hands. This right here is exactly what I need right now.


Seductive Date

I can’t believe how amazing my date was the other night. We both had met each other briefly in passing but had never really had a chance to get to know each other. So we decided to go out and grab a drink and start getting to know each other better and learn about the person behind all this sexual attraction. I spent so much time getting ready and making sure I was dolled up in all the right ways so I knew I would stun him when I came walking through the door. I expected a good reaction but his face was ever better. Not only did his jaw drop at the site of me I swear I saw his cock twitch. And of course seeing his cock throb started a chain reaction that I would end up enjoying a lot.

Him and I sat down across from each other and the sexual energy was at an all time high. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this ancee before in my life. I could feel my panties start to get wet as I felt his hand wandering up my thigh and just teasing me that much more. I really didn’t know how much more of that I could handle and that’s when he gave me the signal. He said that he had been up all night thinking about me and how he was going to conduct himself but all of that was proving to fail. He couldn’t wait another second and I couldn’t either. I just wanted him to be talking dirty in my ear while he fucked me.

He stood up and winked at me as he started walking over to the restroom and he turned to look at me and gave me a little nod. Almost as if this small gesture spoke many words and I definitely knew exactly what he meant. “Get your ass over here right now and fuck me” that’s what his eyes said. One quick look and I knew it was about to go down. The nerves started to build while I waited a moment for him to go in and get settled so it didn’t look strange with me walking in right after him. The place was packed and it didn’t really seem like anyone noticed as I walked my way over to the door and walked in. His face lit up with excitement as I shut the door behind me and locked it. I could tell that his cock was already hard as a rock and almost busting it’s way out of his jeans.

I pulled his cock out and was surprised by how big and hard his cock was. I couldn’t even close my hand around it as I started pumping and sucking on his cock. I could feel my lips stretching tightly around it and it only made me crave him fucking me even more. He pushed my head down on his cock until I was choking and then he finally let me up. I gasped for a breath while he pulled me up and bend me over the counter and started to pull my dress up and my little lace thong to the side. I could feel him pressing the head of his cock up against my clit and sliding it up and down driving me wild before he finally slammed every last inch of his throbbing cock inside of me. It was so hard for me to contain my moans as he was gripping the back on my neck and one of my hips as he was pounding his cock in and out of my wet little cunt. Then he smacked my ass really hard and reached his hand around to start teasing clit. He got another two pumps in before we both started to cum so fucking hard at the same time and it was amazing.


Sissy Pamela

I love hearing about how you have those shoe laces and stocking wrapped so tightly around your cock Pamela. Hearing about your little orange shorts and the stockings from the waitress on your head and around your mouth. Stroking your cock in your black bra and heels. Knowing how much of a naughty little sissy slut you are Pamela. You need to know how gay you look dressed in your Hooter’s shorts Pamela. Breathe in the scent of that waitress while you jack off Pamela.


Better Than Doing It Alone

I know you’ve had a lot of practice, but sometimes it’s best to let someone else take control. Why don’t you just sit back and relax while I tell you exactly how you should stroke that cock? I can tell you exactly how to touch, squeeze, tease and please. I’ll tell you exactly what to do to make you harder than you’ve been in a long time. If you’re a good boy who can follow instructions, you might get the hardest orgasm of your life. If you don’t follow instructions then there will most certainly be a punishment.


Something Pervy Is In The Air

I’m not sure what pervy thing is in the air today, but I’ve talked to a lot of cocksuckers today. You naughty, naughty boys sure do crave dicks today. Lucky for you, I love telling you how to suck cocks while I watch. On the flip side of that, you don’t get to fuck me anymore. You can watch me finger my pussy. You can watch me ride that dick you made nice and hard. I might even let you lick the cum as it drips out of my cunt. You won’t, however, ever get to feel me wrapped around your stick ever again. I’m sure you’d rather suck dick than fuck anyways.


Just Another Hump Day Miracle.

I’m getting ready to head home after deciding to pop in for some overnight fun. I’ve gotta admit I’m pretty tired, but also very satisfied. I’ve missed the overnight boys a lot and I rarely get to play with most of you so it’s nice to reconnect. I’ve especially missed the morning wood. There’s nothing like a quick fuck early in the morning to keep me going. I can’t promise it will be a regular thing, but it doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes on the schedule. You never know when I might show up.


Daily Fun with My Friends

How would you react if I told you that I have the good fortune of sexy phone girls as housemates? Between lingerie parties, sexy conversations, and play time there is never a dull moment! Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall?
Our days start with coffee and cannabis (what is it about that plant that gets our panties dripping?). Now that the weather is warming up we have been taking advantage – sipping and smoking on the second story deck in little lace negligees or silk tap shorts and little camisole tops. The boys living in the house across the street always seem to be out when we are… I can’t say I blame them. Maybe soon they’ll be brave enough to say hi! If you lived across the street would you cum over? If you were brave enough to knock what would you say when the door opens? Would you be rendered speechless by the vision of three lingerie clad goddesses?
As you probably imagine the conversations between us are always sexual in nature. We talk about everything from sex tips and dating disasters to our kinks and fantasies. The talk can get us pretty turned on… some days we retreat to our bedrooms and play with toys by ourselves. Other days we play with each other’s sexy bodies. It is so nice having sexy phone sluts at my disposal!
After a few orgasms we go about our day: playing with our pets, bikini gardening, and making art. By mid afternoon we are usually pretty horny again and wind up having each other for lunch. I love tasting their sweet little pussies and teasing their nipples until they cum all over themselves.
Maybe you have some fun ideas we should try? Call me, tell me how you would fuck my hot friends.


Winter Wonderland?

I made it through the snow, you guys. It was a beautiful winter wonderland, but it got old pretty quick. I couldn’t get out of my house and no one could get to me for about 4 days. I’m sure you can imagine how stir crazy (and horny!) I got. Luckily I didn’t lose power so I could keep my laptop and toys charged. I’m a resourceful lady and I know how to keep myself entertained. It’s all cleared so my schedule is back to normal!