hey it`s Rae :)

Hello my name is Rae, and I am new here at YourDesires. I have been having so much fun getting to know everyone, their sexual wants and needs, and helping them through their hard times  ( HARD  ;) )  I am up for anything, experimenting with being more dominant, being your slutty little plaything, or any other wild fantasies you may have. Don’t worry I will take care of you, just allow me to know what your deepest desires are :) We will have so much fun together!!!

Here’s hoping we play soon,



A slight change…

Fall is here!! I’m going to be making some slight changes to my availability these next few months, but you’ll be able to catch me every Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Keep your eye on the schedule to for my bonus days *wink*

Appointments are always welcum, just drop me an email.


Monday 4pm-10pm

Tuesday 11am-7pm

Wednesday 4pm-10pm


Hello October!

There is so much to love about October.  The weather gets awesome, pumpkin spice is everywhere and we are surrounded by all the spooky things I love so much.  I know you can picture me all cozy in my home watching all the horror movies available to me (and maybe getting some ideas).  You know what else happens in October?  It’s YourDesires’ anniversary!  YD turns 23 and it’s time to celebrate.  The official date is the 15th.  I’m planning on coming in and playing that day so I don’t miss all the fun.  What will the fun be?  Well, I’m not sure yet.  There will probably be special rated calls, secret specials, maybe prizes and for sure some of your favorite ladies to play with.   I will try to my best to keep you updated.  You can also follow YD on Twitter @GirlsofYD (that might be where the secret specials will be hiding) for any and all news regarding YourDesires.

Happy October, darlings!  I can’t wait to see what kind of tricks and treats this month provides.




Everyday is a FUN day!  So, why not add a theme to it *grin* I’ve been enjoying #TeaseMeTuesday but I think it’s time to change it up. What do you think about, #TellMeTuesday. You tell Me how you’re touch it or perhaps I’ll tell you exxxactly how to touch it. What do you think? Either way, I promise we’ll feel the tingle when we’re through…

I’m available every Tuesday from 11am to 7 pm pacific standard time.

Afraid you’ll miss me? Appointments are always welcum *wink* Don’t be afraid to send a message to set one up



Time To Celebrate

I always love a good party and keep my eyes open for any reason to celebrate.  I’ll be coming in to play on September 21st so we can all celebrate the beginning of the best season.  Autumn officially starts on the 22nd so let’s welcome it by playing with your other favorite Autumn.  Look for me from 8am-2pm.  Appointments are recommended.  Drop me an email and let’s see what we can work out.




on Twitter @SuperSexyAutumn


Silly boy.

So, you think you can stay away? Deleting your accounts will help so you can’t sneak off and send those messages when you have those cravings for me. Needing to get a taste of me again, you contact me. Before you know it, we are on the phone and I am telling you how to stroke that cock.

You can’t help but be roped in again and again.Teasing you, unsure if I will let you cum…

Listening as your breathing gets so heavy. I know you are close.

Just remember. Madison owns that dick.


Vacation Time!

It’s time for this lady to take a little vacation.  I won’t be going anywhere this year (safety first!), but I’m still going to have lots of fun.  I promise to come back refreshed, relaxed and ready to play on the 26th of September.

I may not be taking calls, but I will still be tweeting.  Follow me @SuperSexyAutumn



It’s no secret that I have an insatiable sex drive *grin* You would think after a being used as someone’s little fuck toy this morning that I would be ready for a nap *giggle* Nope!  I want more & more & more!! Cum play with me….I’m here till 7pm every Tuesday, & Thursday.

*kiss* Laia



Sit down. Be still. The sounds of metal clanking. Slowly placing the blindfold over your eyes. Tightly securing it behind your head. Pressure. Your head being strapped down. Immobilized completely. Open wide. Pushing into your mouth. A familiar feeling. Goddess Ava’s favorite. The ring gag. Leather. Strap by strap you are completely bound. Unable to move an inch. A seductive yet twisted laugh escapes her venomous lips. Unzipping. Big breasts escaping a tight latex bodysuit. Muffled. Jammed. Breasts fill the ring gag allowing no room for air. Suffocating his pleas for mercy. Sadistic. Sinister. Dark fantasies being taken out on another victim. His face starting to change color. Slowly removing those big breasts. Gasp. So close to death, yet so close to the edge. No pleasure goes unpunished. Not in my dungeon.


I’ll Be Spicing Up The Next Couple Mondays

As promised, I’ll be popping in for some fun the next couple of Mondays.  Mark your calendars for August 31st 8am-1pm and September 7th 8am-1pm.  I know Mondays can be a bit blah, but hopefully we can usher in our favorite season (Fall, of course) with a bang.

Talk to you then!





Twitter:  @SuperSexyAutumn