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Age: 30
Cup Size: 34c.25.36
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I am living the dream here at Your Desires.
I am enjoying my own little victories with every load of cum I get to pull from you and getting to explore and make all of your fantasies come true. I am here to satisfy your carnal cravings; tell me all those dirty secrets that you can't tell others because your desires are just too filthy. My friends all tell me I have the greatest tits ever, and I love the attention I get. I am a girly girl, I love my shoes, make up and sexy panties. I love when I catch the boys and girls trying to sneak a peek at my ass in my tight jeans or little skirts. I know they are going to go home and spank themselves thinking of me, and that makes me wet! I guess I am quite the tease haha! It gets me so excited to talk with men and women who want to explore their fantasies with me. Boys act all manly out at the bar or at work, but when they come home they can be such sissies. Can you be my sissy? Do you like to play dress up when no one is around? I can help you with the little details, and keep you in your place at the same time.

One of my favorite things to do, is playing with the ladies. I love touching, smelling, and licking a tight dripping wet pussy. Girls just know how to do it better!

I love to dress up and go out. I love all of the attention my body attracts.

I love to make my partner happy, I love to see the smile on their face when they cum. I get off on getting you off. I like my partner to take control of me. I love to be told what to do and how to do it, so I can please you.

One of my fantasies is to have sex in the bathroom at the company party, with my boss! I want to be bent over the sink, skirt hiked up, and my panties down around my knees, as he burrows his giant cock into my tight snatch. Oooh it hurts, a little, but I have to keep quiet so no one hears us. We don't want to get caught in this compromising position. What would they say? How could I face my coworkers again? Help me play this out! Call me, Sir!

My purple penetrator (vibrator) is my best friend. He never says no! He is always there to keep me company when I am lonely. I would love to use him as we talk. Maybe you have some fresh ideas for him? My vibrator is no competition for your throbbing cock though.

My pussy tingles when I think about being tied up and blindfolded while being used by anonymous men or women. The anonymity of the situation puts butterflies in my stomach. It turns me on to think about running into a partner and not knowing them, but they know me.

I love to give head. I have taken giving a blowjob to an art form. It all starts with me getting down on my knees in front of you. Then slowly take your belt off and unzip your jeans. I start to see the hair on your belly and I get giddy. I lick my lips as the zipper comes down and your cock pokes through. Sucking a cock that is not fully hard is the BEST! That's when, no matter how big it is, I can take it fully down my throat. My throat starts to moisten your engorged dick and my perky tits as the saliva spills down. Once you are good and hard, makeme gag on it. Did I just scrape you with my teeth? If so, I deserve a slap across the face to remind me not to do so in the future. When you cum, I like it on my face, tits and red hair. Gingers are crazy like that! You can go again right?

Wanna check me out before you call then hit me up on Trillian. Find me as MakeMadisonMoan

You can also email me at to make an appointment or request my schedule.

Whips n chains, or snuggles and cuddles, anyone?

Ready and wet for you,

Madison xoxoxox