Three Way Play

I was asked recently about some of my most memorable experiences and It left me thinking….

One of my favorite naughty picks had to be the steamy hot threesome I had
with one of my best friends and this guy that we met at the bar. I had no
idea how amazing thrilling public sex could be until my friend and I are
both completely naked on a blanket with our asses facing towards him and
he teased our pussies with this fingers and we both were sucking on his
cock and balls together. One of us gripping the base of his cock while the
other slid our tongues down to his balls and sucked them into our mouths.
It made me so fucking hot knowing that at any moment we could get caught.

But it seemed that it excited my friend just as much as it did me. She
started taking even more of his cock down her throat and I started licking
her pussy from the back and told him we needed that throbbing cock inside
of us right now. I laid her on her back while I ate her pussy and he came
up behind me and started sliding his cock inside of me and gripping my
hips tightly as he pounded my pussy. I could feel myself starting to cum
and I told her she needed to suck it off of his cock. He grabbed her hair
and starting fucking her throat before he told me to get on my knees and
he pulled his cock out and started to cum all over our faces…



I met an old friend at the bar that was a virgin when it comes to lesbian sex, We did shots we laughed I played with her beautiful brown hair, very skinny tiny perfect perky tits, and a fat amazing ass that I loved burying my face in. Brought her back to my house we did more shots I spit tequila in her amazing mouth. I tied her to my bed, I licked her Clit all the way down to her tasty ass. I use my little toy on her, my special rose. I made her squirt all over my face and licked up every last drop. Then when my face was dripping in her amazing sweet juices. I climbed on top of her face and squirted all in her mouth, her warm tongue inside me with her soft lips kissing my pussy all over. Both of us covered in delicious female cum, she fell asleep in my arms.


Tease Me

I love how you know exactly how to turn me on and worship every inch of my
beautiful body. Started at my toes and kissing around my feet and soles as
you start working your way up my legs. Delicately touching me and kissing
the insides of my thighs. Talking dirty to me as you slowly open my legs
and start kissing my pussy lips. Rolling them between your tongue and
flicking my clit as your grip tightens on my hips. Sliding your fingers
inside of me while your tongue teases my clit and has my back arching.
It’s like you know how close I am and you speed up your pace just
perfectly hitting all the right spots so I cum really hard all over your


Wet Dreams

I woke up in the middle of the night wet, hot, and bothered. I opened my laptop to see If I could find a good porn video to watch while I let my vibrator slide in and out of my tight pink pussy. There was one in particular that caught my eye. It had me aching with anticipation before I even pressed play. The couple had been trying out a new piece of sex furniture. They had got themselves a sex swing. But not just any sex swing, a bungee sex swing. I had never seen anything like this. Watching the hot brunette in the video bounce up and down on that big hard cock made me cum over and over again. Continuing to play it over and over while I pushed myself over the edge more times than I can count. After an hour of hard playtime I had not only exhausted myself, but also the batteries in my vibrator. I finally drifted off to sleep. But before I knew it, the idea of being fucked on that swing had made its way into my dreams. And at that very moment, I knew it was going to be a long night ;)



I love trying new things, exploring places I’ve never been before. It makes me slightly nervous and I start getting those butterflies in my stomach. But then my inner vixen decides to show herself. And doubt quickly becomes desire. Dare to let me take control. Dare to be dominated. It will happen so fast, you will have no idea how you got there. Tied up and pleading. Begging me to show you how bad I really can be, just one more time. ;)


Naughty Girl

I love to take control and make my slaves obey my every command. But It gets me so hot to think about being dominated by a big, tall, and strong man. It makes me so wet to have a man pick me up and throw me against the wall. Just get aggressive with me and rip my clothes off. Bite my neck and pull my hair. I’ll dress up and be your naughty little sub. Will you bend me over and spank me for being a bad little girl?? ;) Make me your plaything, your fuckslut, your cock hungry little cum whore. Ive been dreaming all night of all the ways you could take me. All I need now is you ;) xoxo, Ava


Vacuum Boy

Have you been a dirty little fucking boy?? Mommy has not been pleased with your disobedience. You’re practically begging to be sucked into my vacuum bag aren’t you?? I hope you’re ready to be punished. You belong in the dark. Abandoned in the corner of Mommy’s bag. Maybe your punishment will teach you to listen better!!


All Mine

As part of your slut training today we will be exploring some sensory play. Standing in front of me I order you to strip down naked. The anticipation sending chills down your spine. Behind you is a leather inversion table. Cum here slut and lay down. You know the rules.

As you’re laying there I pull out my black silk scarf. Running the end of it up and down your body. Teasing your cock and balls before bringing it up to your face. Placing it over your eyes to blindfold you. One by one feeling the restraints being tightened around your wrists and ankles. Last but not least ordering you to open your mouth as I insert your metal ring gag.

Your heart starts racing as the room gets silent. The sound of a match being struck excites you. With just that sound your cock throbs. As the candle wax heats up its time for some teasing. Taking my feather flogger and tracing it up and down your body slowly. Licking my fingertip just to slowly massage the head of your cock.

Completely bound by your Goddess you are at my mercy. You hear me blow out one of the candles. Chills run down your body anticipating where I will drip it first. Slowly I start to drip the hot wax over your balls as you gasp. The intense sensation still radiating through your body.

All of a sudden the table flips and you are completely upside down. You feel my nails tracing up and down your body. Taking my whip and striking you again and again. Red marks and bruises cover your entire body. You feel the intense pressure of clamps being placed onto your nipples.

Now its time for my favorite part. Pulling out my vibrating anal plug. Lubing it up and sliding it into your ass. Deep moans starting to escape your mouth as you get closer and closer. I squeeze the base of your cock pushing all that cum into your balls before starting to stroke your cock harder and faster. Right as you start to cum I hold your cock to make sure you cum all over your own face and into your mouth. Good little whores swallow their cum.


I’m with the band…….

well well well, I guess you could say I’m a bit of a tease. Just when I got back from my long hiatus, I have to leave you all again. But you’re in luck, Miss Vivian will only be gone for a month this time. I think it’s good to make my boys and toys wait, for me while I’m away. What will I be up to? Well a few friends of mine are in a band, and lucky for me, I’m going along for the ride. You can catch me doing a summer tour of all the hottest music festivals. Sex, drugs, and rock n’roll. Email me your best concert and music storie and we’ll compare. Make sure to give me a call before my last shift this Saturday from 9-1!


XOXO, Vivian


Sissy Skirts

You’re such a sexy little sissy slut in your little mini skirts jacking off in the dressing room. Finding those tight little shorts that ride up so far all you have to do is grind to make your sissy cock hard. Smacking it around in the dressing room while you think about the dressing room attendant knowing how much of sissy you are. She knows just like we all do how much of a sissy you are. Go cum in your little mini shorts now while the waitress wonders about your small cock.