My C*mDumpster <3

I got so hot watching you trying on clothes in front of me in the dressing room, slipping on those tight pantyhose, seeing your body fill the tight lining of the thread. Your manhood engorged in the thin veil, hard, thick and pulsing.

You ask me to beckon in one of the male workers in the dressing room. I pull him in, close the door, and stroke his cock. I pin him up against the wall as I kiss his lips. Rubbing his cock as I feel him grow harder against my palm. I glance over at you noticing your raging hard cock, you do your best not to rub it..not to touch it…..every part of you is screaming to stroke your cock, but you don’t dare. Instead you allow yourself to be paralyzed by the view of me, taking off this his pants and sucking on his beautiful cock in front of you. You listen to the slurps and the gags and he fills my throat. I begin to slip off my skirt and panties and rise up to his ear to whisper, “fill my ass with your cum”.

He proceeds to turn me around, lick his thick fingers and graze them across my wet pussy, moving them down towards my ass, spreading my lips and cheeks. I sigh and moan and motion my hips towards him. He places his hands over my ass as I press further towards him, he spreads me, motioning his cock into my sweet ass. He pushes the head in as I gasp, he can feel how tight I am. He fights against it. Filling me. It fucking hurts, but it feels so god damn good at the same time. The moment he fills me, he wraps his hands around my hips and begins to fuck me full force. Making me scream and moan. I see you, the look in your eyes. Hungry. So enveloped. You can tell the moment I could he was ready to fill me with his warm cum. He tenses and stiffens as he grips my hips and pulls me into him.

He pulls away as I turn around and kiss his lips, sitting him on the bench in the room, I lay on his lap and beckon you to me as my ass is out towards you. You can see he filled me with so much. You get on all fours and crawl towards me. Press your lips into me. I want you to take in all he has given me. This is what you want. This is what you ask for…. you’re my little cum whore.

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