Sometimes I like it rough.

Ever since I started watching porn at a young age. I’ve always watched very intense aggressive porn. Now I have this fantasy of being a bad girl being with someone that can teach me to be good and obedience show me there’s consequences to my actions. The scene is set as such I’m walking out of a bar that I snuck away to go to, dressed in a slutty black skirt and a crop top that barely covers my tits. The bottom of my ass is peeking out of my tight skirt and underneath I’m wearing very tiny panties that have no purpose because of how small they are. My long blonde hair is all over the place. To top off the slutty outfit I have the highest heels on. I’m walking on the sidewalk I just hear the sound of my heels clicking. when a car pulls up unexpectedly and I’m blindfolded, gagged, and thrown in the trunk. All I have is my thoughts and my fear in this dark space but yet I feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. Time goes by and I’m finally taking out of this car. I’m put over the shoulders of a man my skirt is riding up, my ass and pathetic excuse of panties are shown to sky. It’s cold I feel goosebumps all over my body and even though I’m scared my pussy keeps getting more wet. Then I find myself being tied to what seems to be a tree. Then a familiar voice rings in my ears “you want to act like a Slut ? Then I’ll treat you like a Slut.” I feel the coldness of metal against my skin, Scared its a knife. The blindfold is removed but I’m still hanging there gagged and bound. As he begins to cut off my clothes around the ropes exposing me even more than I already was. He takes his fingers tickles them down my body and touches my pussy. To find that I am soaking wet and so are my panties. He slapped me across the face, tells me that this is a punishment and that I need to stop acting like a whore. But he knows that will never happen. He removes the gag, takes off my wet panties rubs them all over my face like a bad fucking dog, and jams it in my mouth. To where I am violently fingered squirting more and more. all of my cum dripping down my leg filling up my heels. I’m untied from the tree and he begins to face fuck me with my panties still in my mouth. Being smacked and use as aggressive as possible. I’m kicks down onto the dirt on all fours and that’s where he takes my tight pretty little asshole, makes his cock harder and harder with my ass hurting me but is making me feel more and more amazing with every thrust. I call him daddy and I apologize and I tell him I promise I’ll be a good girl. He flips me over to my back and that’s when it happens he fucks me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before my body is just rubbing against the cold ground. My pussy cumming from every thrust. Now that he’s used all my holes and daddy is ready to cum he puts me onto my knees and he cum all over my face and makes me scoop it all into my mouth. But it’s just a fantasy I like it rough. Xoxo

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