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Age: 22
Cup Size: 32c
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Likes: Swimming, Beach days, Camping, Fishing, Public sex, Sucking cock, BDSM, Age play, Being Dominated, Toys, Cum, Squirting, Anal, Rough sex, and Being a good girl to make all your Desires come true.
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Hey there

My name is Hannah. I am your slutty Canadian girl next door, with lots of crazy slut experience you will not believe. I have been in all kinds of kinky situations and I am really excited to get myself in even more so please help me with that, lets see how far we can go...

Since a very young age I have always been sex driven, its all I think about every minute of everyday, sucking cock, eating pussy, drinking cum, anal, fucking or getting fucked. I love nasty dirty, kinky sex, I have no limits the more fucked up the better, I really enjoy BDSM I love both sides of being a Sub and being a Dom. Something about being a good submissive slave really makes me wet. Then on the other side I really really like taking control and being worshiped having my little pet.

For my Dominant kinky side I like to be addressed as Mistress or Princess. I want to know what turns you on so I can have a few more ideas of what I want to do with you. I love my whole body being worshiped from my Beautiful hair all the way down to my pretty little toes. My submissive must get permission to do anything and I mean anything! My Desire is to do whatever I want with you and take total control over you. Have you tied up playing with you, teasing you, making you beg just to kiss my feet. Having you want me so bad your body physically aches. I am going to be all you think about, I am your Desire.

My dirty little slave side I love not having any control. Being told what to do and getting punished if I don't listen really makes me wet. You see, all my life I have been a bad girl with no rules. I need to be taught a lesson. I need to be trained to be a good girl. All I want is to be tied up, teased, gagged, Tickled And whipped. I want to be physically and mentally tortured for Masters pleasure. I just want to be the best little sex slave out there. So please come put my little whore self in its place, make me yours.

I have been a really big slut for years, I have loads of whore stories I would love to relive with you. I have stories from accidental gang bangs to getting caught masturbating and a lot more in between. I bet you have some really hot and sexy experiences or secrets you are dying to relive with someone too. I want to know what the most kinky, fucked up sex things you have ever done are I want to imagine I'm there with you so please share every last detail with me.

I want to know your fantasy. I want to know what your biggest sexual desires are. I want to be in them. I want to be the girl that helps you fulfill them and I want you to help me fulfill mine. I have a few fantasies I would like to share some really kinky wants and needs, I have never been able to experience In my sex life just right, I know your are the man to help me make my dreams come true, and I know I can make your wildest dreams become reality.

One of proudest things about myself is my toy collection, I cherish my toy collection, I have a huge toy collection. I have this nice black dresser with red velvet to keep all of my toys clean and organized. Now let me tell you some of what I have in the dresser. In the first drawer I have vibrators and dildos. I have vibrators and dildos in all shapes and sizes I even have an enema bag. The second drawer ropes handcuffs anything for bondage. In the third drawer I have collars and all sorts of different types of Whips. In the fourth drawer I have all my little costumes. I have so many .I love playing dress up leather corsets to a little Tinkerbell costume And many more where that came from. Last but not least I have my game drawer. This drawer is filled with truth or dare and so much more. I can't wait to play with you .

You like what you see? Cum play with me. I also have lots of really pretty panties and some very spicy erotic audio stories I would love for you to get your hands on.

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