Just Another Day ;)

What a sexy weekend I’ve had on the phone sex line. I’ve gotten to play
so many fun games with all the sexy boys and girls. There were some sexy
times teasing with my wet panties. Just a little peek and dicks get so
hard around me. There was some kidnapping so I could have a fun new sex
toy. I can’t possibly forget the exciting worship session my perfect ass
received. It’s so funny how worshiping my ass turns into you taking in
the ass for me. I’ve also provided some much needed advice on how to be a
better cross dresser. Helping men get in touch with their more feminine
side is just one of the many services I provide. I also got my fair share
of fucking and sucking (I can never get enough of that).
I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble I can get into next weekend.
What would you like to add to my agenda?


Bow Down

Give me your tiny cock and let me make you into my sissy slut! It’s such a joy for me to dress you up in frills and silky things and make you prove
your worth to me as a filthy slut! I’ll make you take my giant strap on cock in all of the holes I can stretch if you just surrender! I look
forward to this moment of submission. Give me a call, whore. I’m waiting to be your XXX phone sex DOMME! BOW DOWN!



I think it is so adorable how excited you get when I start blowing up your balloons. I watch your eyes grow wider and wider the bigger and more round the balloon gets. My chest rises, taking in air so I can send another big breath into the ever expanding latex. I see you, your eyes dart from where my mouth meets the balloon, down to my chest. Naughty boy. I can feel you rubbing your hands and your hardening cock on my stockings. You are
getting so anxious! What am I going to do with these big, full balloons? Oh…you know what I am going to do, silly! I am going to POP them!


Special Hours for You

This week I am at YD on extended hours :) Just for the holiday weekend!

I am having so much fun on the calls and learning so many new things, that I just can’t keep away. I love being new here. I am quickly learning the ropes…..both figuratively and literally, if you catch my drift.

And yes, I am still itching to do a two girl YD phone call. There are so many incredible and sexy women here, and I know we’d play well as soon as I get the chance. Will you pop my 2-girl call cherry?

So call me soon, give me a try…let me leave my mark.


coffee or cock?

Lately, I’ve been craving morning sex like no other. No I don’t mean slowly waking up together with soft grazing touches, and gentle kisses. I mean waking up to a huge fucking hard cock sliding all the way inside of me with no warning, Or the feel of someones tongue flicking at my clit coaxing me awake to be there fuck toy. All I can think about is how warm their skin will feel against me… inside of me. Fuck. Teeth biting into my neck as his second stroke lands home hard. The shock of being fucked awake, all the sensations. If you ask me sometimes cock can be more energizing in the morning than coffee. What do you think? how would you like to start your morning, with a strong cup of java, or with my warm pussy enveloping your stiff cock?


Who will I choose?

Mmm with so many fuck buddies how do I choose which one for tonight? The huge cock? The one who bends me over the second I walk in the door and spanks my ass for making him wait? The one who will do anything to please me? Ohhh, please help me pick! Lets have some sex on the phone so you can see what kind of mood I am in. Or.. Maybe I won’t have to just pick one! Tell me what I should do. Or call me to tell me all about what you are going to do to me.


Teeny Tiny

I want to take your small cock and dress it up nice and pretty with a thick red ribbon. I’ll tie up your balls and make it very tight at the base so that it hurts while you engorge yourself. Ribbon will run from around the base of your balls all the way up to a tight ring around the head of your teeny tiny dick. I will then order you to sit on your hands while I very slowly get undressed in front of you. I will laugh mercilessly as you squirm and struggle to get to your glorified clit and strike you hard across the face if you touch it. DON’T FUCKING TOUCH IT! I MAKE THE RULES HERE.
Suddenly you will hear some soft, sexy music as I continue to strip. You’ll see me start to sway my hips, move my hands up and down my soft, irresistible body clad only in black lacy thong and stockings. I’ll lift my leg up and brace myself on your chest as I roll my sexy stockings down one at a time. My foot will slowly drag it’s way down your chest and stomach until it’s right in front of your balls. You’ll unintentionally push them into it trying to touch me and I will deliver a quick hard kick right into your pathetic, swollen little sack. Why?! BECAUSE I TOLD YOU I AM IN CONTROL AND YOU ARE NOT TO TOUCH ME.
Soon after your discipline has been administered you’ll see me drop to my hands and knees. I’ll come up right between your knees and make eye contact with you as I place my mouth on the end of the ribbon and pull. Your pathetic small cock will unravel and bump the side of my cheek! DO YOU THINK IT’S FUCKING OKAY TO TOUCH ME WITH THAT SAD EXCUSE FOR A COCK?!!! You’ll see my hand clench into a fist that comes up hard right against your swollen balls and what do you know? You’re cumming now. ALL OVER MY FUCKING HAND! I will then bring my filthy hand up to your face and shove the hole thing into your mouth. YOU’LL CLEAN UP THAT FUCKING MESS YOU MADE IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU, YOU USELESS PIG!


Read you like a book

I love getting into your head, and making myself right at home. uncovering the hidden parts of you. Finding out what makes you tick or twitch, No this isn’t some jedi mind trick darling. I’m just good at reading people and you love have presented yourself to me like an open book, and we both know how ravenously I read. You will melt when you hear me because I have taken the time to learn the pathway to your pleasure and I will not stop until you empty those balls for this cockwhore. Tread carefully love, I might just be your next addiction.


A Parody of Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl”

A Parody Of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a girl”
This was never what I intended
Not my perception
I got so ambitious, drink in hand
Lost my objections,
It’s not what, I’m used to
Just wanna try your cock
I’m aroused by you
standing stiff at attention
I licked a dick and I sucked it
The taste of his salty stick
I sucked a cock just to try it
I hope my girlfriend wont cry about it
It felt so big
It felt so hard
Don’t mean I’ll be home tonight
I licked a dick and I sucked it
I loved it
No, I don’t even know your name
It doesn’t matter
You’re apart of my cock tease game
Just my whore nature
It’s not what, prudes do
Not what they should desire
My head gets so mindfucked
Hard to walk way
I licked a dick and I sucked it
The taste of his juicy cum
I sucked a cock just to try it
I hope my girlfriend wont taste it
It felt so big
It felt…


A Parody of It’s Raining men By the Weather girls

A Parody of It’s Raining men By the Weather girls
Hi, hi we’re your Phone Hoes
And have we got some moans for you
You better pay attention
Get ready, all you jerk off boys
And leave those condoms at home
Your cock is rising (uh rising), stress levels getting low (oh so low, baby)
According to all us phone sluts (what sluts now), Your desires is the
place to go (you better hurry up)
‘Cause every night we’ll be here (be here)
Whenever you’ve got that feeling (got that feeling)
Just ring us and be prepared, ’cause
You’ll start raining cum (start raining cum)
You’ll be raining cum, hallelujah, it’s raining cum, amen
I’m gonna go play in it and let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet
It’s raining cum, hallelujah
It’s raining cum, every specimen
white, thick, and give us that cream
we’ll do it so good we’ll make you scream,
“I’m raining cum hallelujah. I’m raining cum”