I Love Being Dirty

I was just thinking about all the dirty talk I get to do while i’m here and I must say i’m overjoyed about it. Getting to know your deepest darkest desires makes my little pussy so hot and wet. Hearing you moaning with pleasure to the sound of my voice while I describe what we’re doing fills me with such delight. I know fully when I hear you cum for me that you’re mine to play with, to tease, to reward…it’s so satisfying. I love being your naughty phone girl. Call me anytime.


Creampie Princess

Creampie Princess
Once upon a time, In a place not that far away, Lived a spoiled little
Princess named Finley.
Her royal Highness had a dirty little secret and its not that she enjoyed
a little dirty talk.
Rather Princess Finley loved being used as a cum dumpster.
Loved the feeling of Cum bursting forth deep into her little cunt.
Loved milking every drop out with her own orgasm.
Loved being coated in it from head to toe.
Loved to gag on it as a cock exploded in her throat,
but the thing she loved the most was her tiny little cunt being filled to
the brim with white hot cum.
so why don’t you cum fill up this princess?


So Glad Y’all Could Bear With Me

Hey, my little darlins….. I’m sorry to say I’ve been told I’m a little hard to get hold of (and not in the good way)

With all the storms and flooding it has caused a lot of phone issues, in my area- but i’m happy to say they should be just about back to normal!

Thank you to all of my guys that have stuck it out and gotten through despite it all..

Now I’m hoping to get back to all my Naughty little callers (You know who you are!)I know how you go and run a  muck when I’m not there to give you directions.

You know how much your going to pay for that now don’t you ?!


~~~Mistress Hollie~~~


Whatever you call me——Its time you did…..NOW!

405-366-2187                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              –


Forever Daddy’s Fuck toy

This weekend daddy gave her a true treat,
Choking and dirty talk.
There we were in the dark, a mess of limbs and blankets.
Daddy’s mouth on my neck,
my body twitching in a symphony of his composition.
Oh baby girl he whispered breath heavy in my ear, tell me what you want?
I could only manage a groan as he let his hand slip into my pants.
Fuck Baby girl, he groaned as he felt how I melt under his touch.
I finally got a word out. Please daddy, I murmured it over and over again.
He was on me in an instant, hands ripping clothes from my flesh.
Right before he slid inside his hand wrapped around my throat, clamping
down. Then daddys dick was in to the hilt and I choked under his grasp,
trying so hard to moan out my appreciation.
– Forever Daddy’s Fuck toy


Pet Peeve

I just need to let you know about a pet peeve of mine. I LOVE getting emails, IM’s, and phone calls from all of you, it rocks!

But please don’t send me an email that says, “hey.”

What am I supposed to do with that?  Do manners not count just because it’s modern technology?

If you are a bit shy, I understand and will work with your shyness but not rudeness. If you want to say, “hey,” then send me an IM, it’s more of a conversation.  I can be  found on Trillian. It is a FREE app you can download and we can chat in real time.

Jessesjuicyforyou is my name, fucking is my game and sexy is my fame!


You know where to find me

Find me in the back of the bar,
follow me to the bathroom,
Press me up against the wall,
Bite my neck and fuck me rough.
Cover my mouth to hide my moans.
Pound into me harder,
and when your hand can no longer contain my sounds,
let your hand wrap around my throat.
Feel me loose control
and fall over the edge as your hand clamps down.
-You know where to find me


New Girl

Having a blast getting to know all of you ;)



Starting to work evenings. I wonder who I might get to play with. What kind of new fun will I find? Ready for some hot sex on the phone with you! You can find me 2pm-10pm PST Tuesdays thru Saturdays. I am always up for finding new exciting fantasies I haven’t played out before..Maybe you need to find out what I like? Call me and share yours with me!


Jump with me

I know you like it when I beg,
When desire floods my eyes and puts a rasp on my voice,
Overwhelmed with this consuming need for you.
but what you really love,
Is when my moans turn to the screaming of your name like a prayer,
Daring you to push me over the edge,
or rather fall with me darling.
– Jump with me


baby come drive me insane

my skin shivers, at the graze of your teeth on my neck.
Your breath on my ear makes me twitch, but its the talking dirty that makes me writhe against you.
The way your fingers flit up my back steals the breath from lungs, and then you scratch down, nails digging in hard and I can’t stay still.
But the thing that takes away my sanity is the flick of your wrist and the surprise of your hand coming down hard on my ass.
-baby come drive me insane