cock hungry

Today I sit here at work, the leather of my desk chair, only a reminder of whats to come tonight. Oh tonight, I’d finally break the dry spell. It had been a month since my body had been worked over just right. A month since my toes curled, in pleasure. A month since his name fell off my lips like a prayer while we lost ourselves in each other. Just thinking about it makes me rub my thighs together. Makes my pussy drip in anticipation and theirs still hours to go. Hours and hours before his breath would meet my neck and turn it prickled. Hours before my body would twitch and writhe under those hands. How ever will this cock slut make it until then?


Time to Relax

Now that the holidays are over it is time to sit back and relax! Done with family get togethers, traveling and all of that planning… Now some time
for you! Get ready to pull out that cock and have some sex on the phone with me! Gift cards are the perfect present, right? You can use them here
with all of your HO HO wHOres to have the best time you’ve had all season!!! Looking forward to filling all of YourDesires tonight!


Happiest of Holidays to you all!

I am so excited to be adding 12/28 9-2p to  my regular schedule this week ;)


New Year Resolutions

A New Year is coming up so soon! I better come up with my New Years Resolutions. Wanna help me out? Then you can help me stay on track too.
Sir told me I have been a greedy girl and need more training. Will you help me out with my training or will you make me a naughty girl and let me
cum over and over again with you? You know I will do as I am told and I am great at keeping our secrets!


Naughty or Nice?

Have I been naughty or nice?? What will Santa bring me? Hmm I wonder if it will be a new toy, or maybe some hot sex on the phone, sexy outfits and heels..
Uh-oh. What if I am on the naughty list… I am always hearing what a naughty girl I am. I will be ready for my spankings if that is what Santa has in store for me!


cock on the brain

Many a man have inquired after my favorite kind of cock,
How was a whore to ever choose when there were so many,
I mean, big cock, small cock, fat cock, thin cock, long cock, short cock,
curved cock, cut cock, uncut cock.
and all provided such different types of pleasure.
big cock makes me feel so full and stuffed,
Small cock tickled in all the right spots and never left me sore.
Fat cock stretched me just right.
Thin cock got right to the point.
Long cock pushed me to the limits, especially when they touched my cervix.
Short cock was great for rubbing up and down my slit and on my clit.
Curved cock hit that spot that few could.
Cut cock was sleek and less sensitive.
Uncut cock and the extra friction of the foreskin drove me wild.
So whats this whores favorite kind of cock???
Guess you’ll just have to call me and find out.


Holiday Baking!

Mmmm holidays are here!!! The best time of year for me to do all of my baking. Of course I am wearing nothing but my little apron. Ass shaking as I mix all of this tasty cookie dough.. Start talking dirty to me and maybe I will untie this apron and let it fall to the floor. Lick all of this frosting off of my nipples and fuck me. Right here in my kitchen…


Happy Holidays!

Hi guys :)

I’ve had a great first couple of months at YD. Thank you everyone for making it so fun, sexy, and exciting. This holiday season, y’all are on my mind and I know we will just have even more fun in the New Year :)

I will be be off for two weeks starting Wednesday. I will be back at YD at 9:00am on January 7th.

I know I’m gonna miss you guys, so feel free to send me an email while I am gone! I’m really looking forward to playing again in the new year.




“Yes, Odessa.”
“Pardon me?”
“Yes, goddess.”
I do love to hear that in my calls. A certain kind of call, in any case, with a lovely, sweet man, or man/girl. Sometimes it’s someone who wishes they were a slave. Or less extreme, a submissive. Or even a simple kinkster, who finds delight and pleasure in becoming partners in the nurturing of their unusual tastes.
Tom – that’s not the name on his birth certificate, of course, though I’m not quite sure. We haven’t gotten to the stage where he begs me to let him send such things. Anyway,Tom was sitting at his table, in front of his computer, looking at images of me. he gets a little unfocused by my eyes and lips, knowing how it would feel if I were to lightly brush my lips across his cheek, or even his own mouth. Unfocused? Yes. I can tell by his breathing and his voice. It wavers. Trails off sometimes.
It’s not his fault. As we talk, I have him rub his crotch as I slip my words into his ear and his mind. His body is flooded with pleasure as we talk about his need to be possessed by the eternal feminine, the embodiment of what led him to exist in the first place. At times, he imagines my toes dancing across his crotch or, if I’m feeling kind, his exposed cock. Or me, standing over him, looking down as he rubs himself, his eyes pleading for direction and guidance. It’s a beautiful sight. His desire growing stronger, his cock stiffening, his eyes imploring.
“That must feel good, pet.”
“Yes, oh, yes.”
“Pardon me?”
“I’m sorry – yes, goddess.”
“Good boy, Tom. Your worship pleases me.”
You might not be able to imagine it, but making him honor our respective positions is very, very difficult for him in that vulnerable, exposed, and nearly pre-verbal state. It seems to take all the strength in his body to form words as he rubs himself and drifts through the landscapes I have created in his mind, of my strength and compassion as I bring him to the realization that his life – not to mention his throbbing, engorged cock – is much more fulfilling when he’s in my presence.
“Time to go lay down in bed,” I tell him. I delight in hearing his first faltering steps as he reacquaints himself with gravity. As he lays down, he exhales a long deep breath. I can hear his anticipation, his desire, his need to please, his need to release.
The only question at that moment, with his arousal at a pre-orgasm peak, is how long he will need to remain teetering on that edge, between the sublime, ongoing sensation of pleasure and powerlessness and the release that will set him free and rejoin his daily routines.
One thing that I do know – he will be back for the pleasure that he describes as “otherworldly.”


Punctually punished

She lay there, legs spread, my Hitachi wand between her legs. I nearly drop all of the things I just walked in the door with. I schooled myself into a facade of being cool calm and collected, All though I was anything but. My skin felt flush and hot, I was aching and trying desperately hard not to jump over the couch and dive in Face first. She stared me down. From the conviction in her eyes I knew exactly what this was. A punishment for being 15 minutes late. her moans grew louder as she started to stretch and fuck her tiny cunt with the head of the toy. my mouth dropped, and I’ll have to admit I drooled a little. I was helpless too her tricks. And then she came hard, squirting all over the toy and her hand and the couch. I wanted to go lick it all up. Fuck she was so sexy when she came. “Next time Fin, Don’t be late and maybe you’ll get the honor of doing that too me. ” she smirked and walked off too her room.