Make me melt

Tie me up and blindfold me, make me wait.
Take your time building up the suspense by walking around getting things
set up.
Start slowly, maybe a graze of your finger up the arch of my foot.
then let you hand gently drift up my long legs. Skip over my pussy, and do
not touch it until I beg. Let your hand vanish from my collar bone. Leave
me in a state of wonder before you reach for that candle. Say nothing as
you pour that hot wax over my breasts and nipples. Watch me thrash against
my restraints before grabbing an ice cube to trail over the wax. See me
gasp at the drastic change in temperature. Then You start to pour wax
over my inner right thigh, while trailing an ice cube over my left. Watch
the way I shiver and flush all at once. Mark the way my hips thrust trying
to get any sort of friction.
Work me over with your Ice and hot wax, and I promise just like them, I’ll
melt under your touch too.


What A Lovely Idea

While browsing the internet today I found the most beautiful and wonderful
picture of a poor, little cock all locked up in it’s cage. Want to know
the best part? The Mistress superglued the key INSIDE the device. Can
you imagine how much of a mindfuck that would be to look down at your
caged member and being able to see the key right there. It would be so
close, but you know there’s no way you could ever get it out. It would be
a constant reminder that you are not in charge of anything. It was so
lovely and the perfect image to capture how I feel about chastity.


Can You Guess My Favorite?

At least once a day someone asks me what my favorite type of call is. I
couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. My tend to swing more dominant, but I
can be a submissive little slut when the mood strikes me. I never know
when those urges will hit, but if that’s how you’d like to play with me my
email inbox is always open for you to ask. Maybe it will be your lucky
day and I’ll let you use some of your toys on me.
Sometimes I even swing just to the middle and want to have my brains
fucked out. You can pretty much guarantee I’ll be in that mood. This
pussy and mouth are always ready to be filled with something hot and hard.
You know where else I can swing? Right into a wet, juicy pussy. I have
so many sexy ladies prancing around here at the house it always gets my
mouth watering. Is there one of my sexy friends you’ve been dreaming
about joining us?
These are just the things I’ve thought about today. Every day is
different and every day is a different way for us to play.
What are you in the mood for?



It had been a long week. Too long if I was being honest. My back ached and I had this nawing head ache. I knew i needed sleep yes, But i needed something else much much more. I needed release, I needed to nourish the goddess that lived in this skin. I pranced around my room lighting candles, soft music in the background. On my bed laid every Toy I owned. I would make this body of mine twitch in pleasure until every ounce of tension left. I started small, working my clit over with my little we vibe bullet. a gentle tease, that made me ache. Next I moved on to my clit sucker, and thirty seconds after it wrapped around my clit, I came. But I wasn’t done, no. I could still feel the tension in my shoulders. The tightness in my hips. I grabbed my g spot simulator and worked my self over, loosing my self in the vibrations. It wasn’t enough though. My hand grabbed for my hatatchi and I turned it up to the highest vibration before firmly placing it on my clit. Fucking myself and using this would be my undoing, I could feel my orgasm build. I stated to slam the gspot vibrator In and out, my other hand using the wand in tight hard circles. The I exploded. Every drop of tension leaking from my body, as I squirted all over my sheets.


My Siren Call

I stood in the mirror and dropped the innocent mask.
turning this way and that.
Delighting in the way this Black lace tight dress hugged every inch of my
beautiful body.
I took note of the way the heels made my ass ever more abundant.
I saw the way they made my legs look never ending and smiled.
I took in my face then, the face of a true trained tempest.
My eyes were more green than blue tonight, Almost neon, From the
combination on a burgundy smokey eyes, and ox blood red lipstick.
Oh yes, tonight when I walked into the bar, No one would be able to keep
from gawking at me.
Tonight I made myself into a siren, my look only the beginning of my call.
The men would flock and delight,
and wonder what might entice me home with them tonight.


I Love Being Dirty

I was just thinking about all the dirty talk I get to do while i’m here and I must say i’m overjoyed about it. Getting to know your deepest darkest desires makes my little pussy so hot and wet. Hearing you moaning with pleasure to the sound of my voice while I describe what we’re doing fills me with such delight. I know fully when I hear you cum for me that you’re mine to play with, to tease, to reward…it’s so satisfying. I love being your naughty phone girl. Call me anytime.


Creampie Princess

Creampie Princess
Once upon a time, In a place not that far away, Lived a spoiled little
Princess named Finley.
Her royal Highness had a dirty little secret and its not that she enjoyed
a little dirty talk.
Rather Princess Finley loved being used as a cum dumpster.
Loved the feeling of Cum bursting forth deep into her little cunt.
Loved milking every drop out with her own orgasm.
Loved being coated in it from head to toe.
Loved to gag on it as a cock exploded in her throat,
but the thing she loved the most was her tiny little cunt being filled to
the brim with white hot cum.
so why don’t you cum fill up this princess?


So Glad Y’all Could Bear With Me

Hey, my little darlins….. I’m sorry to say I’ve been told I’m a little hard to get hold of (and not in the good way)

With all the storms and flooding it has caused a lot of phone issues, in my area- but i’m happy to say they should be just about back to normal!

Thank you to all of my guys that have stuck it out and gotten through despite it all..

Now I’m hoping to get back to all my Naughty little callers (You know who you are!)I know how you go and run a  muck when I’m not there to give you directions.

You know how much your going to pay for that now don’t you ?!


~~~Mistress Hollie~~~


Whatever you call me——Its time you did…..NOW!

405-366-2187                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              –


Forever Daddy’s Fuck toy

This weekend daddy gave her a true treat,
Choking and dirty talk.
There we were in the dark, a mess of limbs and blankets.
Daddy’s mouth on my neck,
my body twitching in a symphony of his composition.
Oh baby girl he whispered breath heavy in my ear, tell me what you want?
I could only manage a groan as he let his hand slip into my pants.
Fuck Baby girl, he groaned as he felt how I melt under his touch.
I finally got a word out. Please daddy, I murmured it over and over again.
He was on me in an instant, hands ripping clothes from my flesh.
Right before he slid inside his hand wrapped around my throat, clamping
down. Then daddys dick was in to the hilt and I choked under his grasp,
trying so hard to moan out my appreciation.
– Forever Daddy’s Fuck toy


Pet Peeve

I just need to let you know about a pet peeve of mine. I LOVE getting emails, IM’s, and phone calls from all of you, it rocks!

But please don’t send me an email that says, “hey.”

What am I supposed to do with that?  Do manners not count just because it’s modern technology?

If you are a bit shy, I understand and will work with your shyness but not rudeness. If you want to say, “hey,” then send me an IM, it’s more of a conversation.  I can be  found on Trillian. It is a FREE app you can download and we can chat in real time.

Jessesjuicyforyou is my name, fucking is my game and sexy is my fame!