Excited to be here and get to know you!

I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone from my fellow YD girls and the clients. I’ve been appreciative of the warm welcome I’ve received so far! I’m thrilled to improve my skills as a phone sex operator whether I’m being a bratty sub or a sensual domme. I want to work with you to create a fantasy that both of us can enjoy and indulge in. If you’ve called with me already, you know I like to describe our little collaboration as a “mutual feedback loop.” It’s a lot more fun to play when we can work off each other – no dull moments with me!

Can’t wait to here from you on the phone. Don’t forget you can reach me with email at or on Trillian as FeistyFreya!

xoxo Freya


poor pet

He really can’t help himself, Another Pathetic email.
“I have to admit, I have missed you reminding me how insignificant I am to you and how you can mindfuck me at any time you want and how disrespectful you think I am. You do have a way of breaking me just with the tone of an e-mail. I’ve always been impressed by that.”
If you had only obeyed my pet, you would have never had the opportunity to miss me. I think I’ll make you beg a little longer.


Oh how he begs

Another pathetic email
Thinking about how I am so beneath YOU that I would develop any fetish and obsession YOU gave me. Knowing I would live to lick the used condoms, bottom of shoes and sweaty cum filled shorts of YOUR GOD lovers because I am so beneath YOU. Knowing I would be a cock addict for YOU. Knowing I live to be YOUR cuck and crave gym girls and be YOUR humiliation toy because I need YOU like a drug and always will while YOU have no need for me. Knowing I disgust YOU so much but I love YOU and am more susceptible to YOU than ever.
I can’t stop from laughing at this, naughty subs really will say anything to get back into your good graces. I can’t blame him though, so pathetically addicted, how could he stay away honestly?



A pathetic Email from a pathetic pet
“I get hard knowing how mindfucked I am when I know YOU are working and that YOU still with a word or a picture can get me to grovel to YOU more than ever, while YOU think of me as even more of a loser than ever. Knowing I said I would block YOU on trillian but having YOU unblocked while YOU have blocked me knowing I would get hard just seeing YOU online if I could craving YOUR power over me like the loser I am.”
It’s so cute when they grovel… But its even cuter when they just obey. I love knowing that I leave each of my pets addicted, even long after our training has ended.