Going on Vacation!

Hey everyone!

I’m going on a little vacation! I’ll be back on the 29th, but just know that I will miss you all! I hope to hear from you, and hear all about your June and summer plans. I’m super excited as well because I got to have my first 2 girl 1 guy call the other day. It was super fun and exciting. I hope to do more in the future. Playing with the other girls at YD is so exciting when you’re sexy self is on the phone with us. Let me know if you’d like to set one up with me and one of the other YD girls. It’ll be a blast.





My relaxing massage

The table set up, candles everywhere, nice music playing and a beautiful girl standing over me. A tall brunette with a perfect ass she pours a large amount of warm coconut oil all over my body. Then proceeds to rub it over every curve she doesn’t miss a single spot, my whole body is shiny with this delicious oil all over it. She begins to tease me by grazing her fingertips over my pussy then going back up massaging my ass. I moan extra loud to make sure she understands how much I liked it. Then before I know it there’s a nice finger hitting my G spot and warm lips on my ass. She makes me cum so fucking hard. I then turn over onto my back she stands over the table and sits on my face, her sweet pussy is so fucking delicious I could eat it all night. I make her cum all down my cheeks trying to swallow up every last drop. That was my weekend how was yours? Xoxo😘😘😘


April has flown by!

Man this has been an exciting month, it feels like yesterday was March and here we are at the end of April. Where did the time go. I know I have certainly been having a lot of fun. I hope to hear from all of you fine guys if we haven’t had the chance to talk yet. I’ve been out enjoying the warm sun and getting myself a little tan. I’m can’t wait to hear from you, maybe we can talk about a fantasy vacation?


Talk to you soon.




Great first week!

I’m having such a great time with everyone. Thank you for all the warm welcomes this week everyone. I have been having so much fun with everyone. I am looking forward to next week as well. I’m getting a mani-pedi done, and I’ll be ready for some foot play with some fresh polish. Let me know what color I should paint my cute toes. I love a good foot massage, it’s so wonderfully relaxing and can turn intimate rather easily. I’d love to hear what you would like to do to my feet.


Talk to me soon XOXO.


Kiss me i’m IRISH

Happy St Patrick’s day🍀 Sexy people! lets party early this year, grab a drink and give me call ;) I will be getting drunk tonight and being a very naughty girl😈🥰I would love for you to help start my st patty’s day in the right sexy way.


New Girl on YD

Hey everyone, I’m new here and my name is Tiffany. I want to thank everyone for being so welcoming and friendly.  I’ve been having a lot of fun getting to talk to so many new people, and play in so many different ways. I hope to meet more of you on the phone so we can have fun as well. I’m still new to being a Dom, but I love exploring new roles like being a Dom. Not to mention I’ve been exploring new areas of myself that have been extremely exciting. Help me find more to explore, wont you?


Talk to me soon. XOXO


Looking for a Quickie

Just got home and to horny to sleep!
Doing quickies till I can sleep.
So if you are just needing a Quickie call now!


Santa’s little helper

Well I have to say I am going to miss you all, but don’t worry it’s not goodbye. Your sweet, dirty, little Hannah has to go help out Santa with Christmas. I’m going to be making lots of goodies, covering myself in sweet sweet chocolate. Being all delicious and sticky for the next three weeks. I will be playing with myself thinking about you. Waiting until I can hear your voice again. Until then , I’ll see you in the new year with lots more dirty, sexy stories to share. I will be leaving at the end of the week and be back on the 2ed of January so make sure you call to get a last little taste of me in the year 2021.



Imagine pent-up sexual frustrations, you’re aroused every time you look at my seductive body, feeling my soft skin brush up against yours. Glancing up at my plump inviting lips, feeding your soul through the window of my own. How about seeing glimpses of my perfectly round ass, that I continuously tease you with, my pussy playing peek-a-boo through my wet panties…all driving you mad.

As if that wasn’t enough, imagine you are prohibited from touching me when you want.

Multiple late nights of me coming home with clear evidence of being freshly fucked by other men, the bite marks perfectly placed upon my neck, lipstick smeared across my face, the overwhelming scent of after shave radiating off of me.

You’re jealous, frustrated beyond words, but yet your pathetic cock is getting harder by the minute.
Awww does me getting fucked by men with bigger cocks, pleasing me more than you ever could, turn you on? Look how desperate you are right now.

How about I lay you back, forcing you to witness as I undress, now you get a first hand look of the hand prints scattered across my ass, the bite marks left on my breasts and lets not forget my pussy is dripping cum, HIS cum.

Climbing on top using your face as my throne, I’m laughing as I clench my thighs against the sides of your head, using your mouth to clean every last drop of cum from my pussy.

This is the only time you are useful to me.

Hmmm what will I do next? Give me a call and find out.
Will you beg for more?


Back and wanting You.

I’ve had some time off for myself, well deserved, and rather selfish of me.

But don’t worry, I’m back and ready to play with you, escaping reality into our own little void. Filling up our minds with sexy, inviting, lustful conversations that will leave us dripping and wanting more.
Lets get creative and just let loose together.

I will be waiting love.
Call me. <3