My relaxing massage

The table set up, candles everywhere, nice music playing and a beautiful girl standing over me. A tall brunette with a perfect ass she pours a large amount of warm coconut oil all over my body. Then proceeds to rub it over every curve she doesn’t miss a single spot, my whole body is shiny with this delicious oil all over it. She begins to tease me by grazing her fingertips over my pussy then going back up massaging my ass. I moan extra loud to make sure she understands how much I liked it. Then before I know it there’s a nice finger hitting my G spot and warm lips on my ass. She makes me cum so fucking hard. I then turn over onto my back she stands over the table and sits on my face, her sweet pussy is so fucking delicious I could eat it all night. I make her cum all down my cheeks trying to swallow up every last drop. That was my weekend how was yours? Xoxo???

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