Good morning Xox

I am feeling soooo horny I open my eyes and my nipples are hard I start thinking of the steamy hot sex I had with my smoking hot girlfriend, long blonde hair and a perfect ass. I start touching my pussy thinking about the taste of that sweet ass. My toy in my hands I start the put it onto my pussy you want to know what happened next ? Give your little miss pleasure a call 😘


Water works 💕💦

Here in Canada we are celebrating Victoria Day
A beautiful queen we all throw a huge party for, well I have celebrated another beautiful queen. Long dark hair, legs for days and Stunning big bright green fuck me eyes. Kissing her in my backyard on the soft grass against our smooth skin. The breeze running through our hair as seductively as my fingers run through hers. Our goosebumps running over each other. I kiss her red lips then follow the trail of goosebumps passing her beautiful tits down her stomach grazing over her navel and stopping just above that beautiful pink soft pussy of hers. She dares look at me with those beautiful eyes again and I lose complete control, I devour her pussy and lick her ass up to her clint over and over and over again. She pulls my blonde hair making me moan just as much as she is. Then it happened fireworks I taste her squirt in my mouth and I’m drinking it all up, I look up at the pretty lights the loud explosion noises muffle her screams of delight. I look at her and smile “waterworks… “ Who doesn’t love fireworks and the girl cumming at the same time they both feel the same in a way, Exciting.🎆🎆🎆🎇🎇

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Bath time 😘💕😁

What a lovely night I had candles, bubbles, wine & a beautiful tall dark haired woman all in the same place….. my bathtub, I am wet just thinking about it I would love to tell you every little detail.
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My relaxing massage

The table set up, candles everywhere, nice music playing and a beautiful girl standing over me. A tall brunette with a perfect ass she pours a large amount of warm coconut oil all over my body. Then proceeds to rub it over every curve she doesn’t miss a single spot, my whole body is shiny with this delicious oil all over it. She begins to tease me by grazing her fingertips over my pussy then going back up massaging my ass. I moan extra loud to make sure she understands how much I liked it. Then before I know it there’s a nice finger hitting my G spot and warm lips on my ass. She makes me cum so fucking hard. I then turn over onto my back she stands over the table and sits on my face, her sweet pussy is so fucking delicious I could eat it all night. I make her cum all down my cheeks trying to swallow up every last drop. That was my weekend how was yours? Xoxo😘😘😘


My lunch date

I had an amazing lunch but an even better dessert the sweet taste of my beautiful friend still lingers on my lips. After we had lunch We took a steamy shower together, you see it’s getting cold here in Canada and we needed to do something to keep each other warm. Our bodies getting soaked in the water above us, well I just couldn’t help myself I kissed her lips licked her neck I basically put every inch of her body in my mouth that I could. As if it was the most delicious taste in the world and I was never going to taste it again I cherished every moment with her beautiful body from her cute tits to her sexy toes. I’m now laying in bed horny thinking about it.



I met an old friend at the bar that was a virgin when it comes to lesbian sex, We did shots we laughed I played with her beautiful brown hair, very skinny tiny perfect perky tits, and a fat amazing ass that I loved burying my face in. Brought her back to my house we did more shots I spit tequila in her amazing mouth. I tied her to my bed, I licked her Clit all the way down to her tasty ass. I use my little toy on her, my special rose. I made her squirt all over my face and licked up every last drop. Then when my face was dripping in her amazing sweet juices. I climbed on top of her face and squirted all in her mouth, her warm tongue inside me with her soft lips kissing my pussy all over. Both of us covered in delicious female cum, she fell asleep in my arms.


Friday Fun

I can’t wait to get naughty tomorrow and get the weekend started off the right way with some of our sexy ladies. I have really been fantasizing about playing with another girl lately and I can’t get it off of my mind. Let’s make all our dreams come true and push our limits together. I’ll be looking forward to it <3


Almost My Birthday!!

The day is getting so close! I just wanna have some fun with you and maybe another YD girl?! Call and tell me what kinda fun ideas you have for me!


What is a Horny Girl Supposed to Do?

It is so very hard to surrounded by such beautiful sexy woman. My hands want to touch and my mouth wants to taste. There is nothing quite like the feel of another girls soft body against mine, the tiny sounds that escape our lips as we kiss and fondle one another. These thoughts make my tight little pussy warm and wet, my hands traveling down. Teasing and taunting. I really hate masturbating alone, I want to hear your whimpers and cries as we climax together making a naughty naughty mess. So incredibly satisfying.


Enjoy The Journey

For the next couple days I will be taking a sexy adventure, looking to satisfy my lust in the arms of a very gracious lover. I anticipate my kinky side will be unleashed and I will return fully fucked and with plenty of naughty stories to share.