Shower Time!

Finally!! I wanted a new shower head. I tried to install it myself. I just could not get that one part to budge!! Luckily, I have a neighbor who I could ask to come over and help! *Maybe it’s because of how friendly I am. Or… Maybe it’s because I have big windows and like to put on a show!* Whatever the case may be… It is fixed! He even showed me how powerful it was and made quite the comments about it. I can’t wait to try it out and see how good it really will feel!


Three Way Play

I was asked recently about some of my most memorable experiences and It left me thinking….

One of my favorite naughty picks had to be the steamy hot threesome I had
with one of my best friends and this guy that we met at the bar. I had no
idea how amazing thrilling public sex could be until my friend and I are
both completely naked on a blanket with our asses facing towards him and
he teased our pussies with this fingers and we both were sucking on his
cock and balls together. One of us gripping the base of his cock while the
other slid our tongues down to his balls and sucked them into our mouths.
It made me so fucking hot knowing that at any moment we could get caught.

But it seemed that it excited my friend just as much as it did me. She
started taking even more of his cock down her throat and I started licking
her pussy from the back and told him we needed that throbbing cock inside
of us right now. I laid her on her back while I ate her pussy and he came
up behind me and started sliding his cock inside of me and gripping my
hips tightly as he pounded my pussy. I could feel myself starting to cum
and I told her she needed to suck it off of his cock. He grabbed her hair
and starting fucking her throat before he told me to get on my knees and
he pulled his cock out and started to cum all over our faces…


In The Park…

I have some of the best adventures!

Northwest summers are among my favorite! The day almost gets hot and it stays warm all night. *giggle* Well, at least until 4:30am then it gets a tad chilly.  How do I know this you wonder *grin* Being the exxxhibitionist I am, some late night fun in the park isn’t terribly out of character for me.

I was lying in my bed listening to the music of the night when an old friend sent me a message…”I’ve got to get out of the house! Care to meet me for a drink?”.  We knew that last call was only an hour or so away, but who cared!  We just wanted to do something fun!!  After enjoying the banter of the bar, and a few drinks we decided to take a walk around the block.  The night was starting to cool down but we didn’t notice.  We laughed and flirted, walking beside one another. It was almost as if magnets pulled us closer and closer.  Before we knew it, we had walked right to a park.  The grass was cold and soft beneath us.  I suppose we could have sat on a bench, like normal people *grin*  But what’s the fun in that?  Benches have limited space *wink*

As the night continued to cool, we were forced to keep one another warm *grin*  And there’s no heat…like body heat!  Mmmmm…..with all that friction, it was easy to forget about the cold.  *giggle* By the time we finally started to feel the chill, the sky wasn’t nearly as dark, and my hair was full of grass *wink*

You’ll have to call for the juicy details!!  I’m on EVERY Tuesday & Thursday! *smile*



Smack my ass!

Hello there…

I had such an awesome weekend. I went to visit a friend and we went out for a girls night out. First we had an eventful day of shopping and lunch and then back to her house to get ready for our evening. I had been feeling flirty and horny all day and I couldn’t wait to go out for some drinks and dancing. I bought a really sexy off the shoulder navy & white striped dress that fit my body like a glove and a pair navy patent leather open toe pumps. Which were super hot and sexy!

We got to the club around 8:40pm, which was a little early when we got to the bar, I ordered a margarita on the rocks. This is my go to drink and I am one of the only people I know who can drink it without getting a hangover. After we got our drinks, we walked out near the dance floor and found a booth so we quickly sat down and took in the view for a bit. As the evening went on we started dancing and enjoying ourselves and the club started to get more and more packed. I was glad we found a booth when we did or we would not have been able to sit down at all. The early bird always gets the worm I always say!

When I went to take a break, I could see this couple making out in a corner and doing some pretty heavy petting and I could see the guy running his hands all over the woman’s body and grabbing her breasts and her ass. She seemed pretty into it and then I saw her lower her hand down to his crotch and begin to rub him. It was a complete turn on watching them and definitely got my engines running.

It was a pretty packed and bodies were rubbing and mashing against each other. A man came up behind me and asked me to dance. We went out to the floor and danced for a bit then whispered in my ear “you are very attractive” I said “thank you”! He stood back kept staring at my ass, making sure he had just the right view of it, as if he were looking at a painting in a museum. He seemed overtaken by it and he just kept repeating “it is beautiful!”, it’s so beautiful!” I was flattered by this of course, as well as loving the fact that this guy was appreciating my ass. We danced for a while and then we sat down and started talking.

As we were talking, he leaned over toward me in the booth and started to whisper in my ear how sexy he thought I was and how nice he thought my ass was and he asked me “would you be offended if I ask if I can smack your ass?” “You have one of the nicest asses I have ever seen!” I said thank you! I don’t think so.” Then we laughed a little.  The smell of his cologne was so nice. I love the smell of nice cologne on a man. There is just something about it that really gets to me. I was feeling so horny and hot, I felt like my pussy was on fire. The next thing I know he started to kiss my left ear and my neck and whispered to me “can I touch you?”  Then he reached down and started rubbing my thighs and slowly started moving his hand under my dress and he began to rub on my clit.

I started to breathe pretty heavy and I looked around wondering if anyone was watching and my heart was racing. I thought for sure I was going to cum right there and then! The next thing I know, he slowly grabbed both of my legs just above my knees and pulled me slightly toward him, lifted my left knee onto the seat, pulled my thong to the side and started to rub the tip of my clit with his thumb. He whispered in my ear that he just wanted to please me and kept kissing me on the ear and the neck.

Then we started to kiss and I could feel my body warm up and the sensation coming over me and he lowered his head down and started kissing my clit and very softly licking my pussy. I was not able to hold back anymore. It was so exciting and he was making me so hot, that I started breathing really heavy and began having one of the most erotic and intense orgasm’s and he made me cum several times consecutively.

I must say this was one of the more magical nights I have ever had, the guy was magic and his tongue was even more magical

I will never forget this night…







Hoe, Hoe, Hoe, Merry Christmas <3

The holidays have been keeping us all busy, running around and making sure things are just right for the new year, everybody hustling and bustling around. As I walk around shopping for the new year, seeing husbands and boyfriends curiously sneaking a peek at my hard little nipples poking through my t-shirt, with their cocks swell becoming visibly hard through their pants. Of course Santa already knows I’m a naughty girl, and that will never change, so what’s the harm in having a little fun and making these men squirm? Giving them a wink, I let them sneak a glance of my pretty brown erect nipples, the excitement of getting caught only makes my pussy grow warm and wet. I boldly lean over ask “do you want a taste of some of some of my hot chocolate?” seeing their jaws drop as I  lift up my skirt and slowly rub my swollen pussy lips through my tights. Pulling my skirt back down, I excuse myself stating I need to use the restroom, I give them a wink as I leave the store. Let’s see how many men will be on the naughty list with me this year, who knows… I may have already convinced your wife to be on there ;)


Wild in the woods.

Hi, all!! I went on a lovely little outing last weeks. I spent four days in a remote cabin, in the woods. It was absolutely spectacular… excellent company, food, and drinks all added to the adventure. Let your imagination wander a little, I’ll bet I did what you imagined and then some. If you’re lucky I’ll share some of the juicier bits with you. HaHa! Who am I trying to kid? I’d love to tell you all about my wild time in the woods. ;)


Enjoy The Journey

For the next couple days I will be taking a sexy adventure, looking to satisfy my lust in the arms of a very gracious lover. I anticipate my kinky side will be unleashed and I will return fully fucked and with plenty of naughty stories to share. 


Summer Vacation ☀️

I’ve just return from a much needed trip to SoCal where I soaked up so much sun my skin is as golden as my hair now. The nude beaches down there are just what I needed to show off my goods, and not get a tan-line. My good friend Junko joined me on my trip, and we spent each day on the beach, rubbing each other down with suntan lotion, letting our hands wander wherever they’d like. If things got too hot, we’d find a nice secluded area of the beach, and cool each other off with our tongues. We’d always wished someone would stumble across us to join in on the fun

Come help me play out how that would have gone and ease me back into being your naughty little whore~



Halloween Reflections

I had an amazing halloween, and I hope you did too! I wanted to share my faaaabulous night with you all.

I went to a masquerade party with my friend, the rules were simple. No identifying features could be showing, masks must remain on…But clothing was to be dropped/left at the door. We walked in, and there was a room with drinks, food, beautifully haunting music, dim lighting… And we dropped our coats, removed our panties and bras, and stepped into the crowd. There was body painting in a corner, everyone was adorned so beautifully in artistic paintings done by strangers and covering every intimate inch….

If you want more details you can give me a ring and I’ll guide you through my evening moment by moment. ;)


Early Bird

Hey there!

I came in a bit early tonight so all of you naughty boys that don’t get to play with me because of my schedule here is your chance! I hope you cum and play with Me ;)