Look for me 🥰🥰

Hey you Just wanted to say keep an eye out for me at night ;) I will still be on in the mornings but sometimes I am just so horny and need another round like right now give me a call lets cum together <3



That’s right I’m back from vacation. I had a lot of fun, and got to bask in the sun. It’s so wonderful to take in the sunshine when I can. Now that I’m super relaxed I’m excited to get some other kinds of relief. I was on vacation with some friends, and so I wasn’t really able to play with myself while away. Maybe someone could help me get rid of some of this tension? I hope to hear from you soon.




Bad Girl Weekend

Feeling very hungry for some weekend fun. Slutty Saturday has taken over and I’m ready to have your face between my thighs. Would you like a taste? I’m only one call away….


xoxo, Ava    ♥  1-360-943-1558  ♥


Feeling Naughty!

Yep! Today is one of those naughty days. I just can’t help myself. My mind keeps wandering and next thing you know… My hand slides down my body and starts teasing… Wanna help?


Happy Thanksgiving!

It hasn’t even been a week but I’m missing you horny pervs! I hope you’re staying healthy and safe so I can play with you when I get back on the phones. Please email me if you’re really needing attention. You know I’ll happily send you some assignments and if you’re really lucky a cyber session could be arranged.
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Everyday is a FUN day!  So, why not add a theme to it *grin* I’ve been enjoying #TeaseMeTuesday but I think it’s time to change it up. What do you think about, #TellMeTuesday. You tell Me how you’re touch it or perhaps I’ll tell you exxxactly how to touch it. What do you think? Either way, I promise we’ll feel the tingle when we’re through…

I’m available every Tuesday from 11am to 7 pm pacific standard time.

Afraid you’ll miss me? Appointments are always welcum *wink* Don’t be afraid to send a message to set one up



Silly boy.

So, you think you can stay away? Deleting your accounts will help so you can’t sneak off and send those messages when you have those cravings for me. Needing to get a taste of me again, you contact me. Before you know it, we are on the phone and I am telling you how to stroke that cock.

You can’t help but be roped in again and again.Teasing you, unsure if I will let you cum…

Listening as your breathing gets so heavy. I know you are close.

Just remember. Madison owns that dick.


HI Everyone in Sexy Land

Hello everyone out there in sexyland!

My name is Loren and I’m pretty new here so I figured I’d introduce myself and invite all the submissive, kinky, and ready to please men to give me a call and let’s talk about all the things that drive you wild!

Talk to you soon,



Let’s Take A Break

The weather is pretty gross and the news is even worse.  I know I could use an escape and I’ll bet you could too.  Let’s build a roleplay together or even just have some hot jerk off time together.  The world out there can wait while we get naughty in here.  I’ll be playing from 3pm-7:30pm today and back on Wednesday at 6:30pm.  I’m sure we can think of some distractions.


Needing to hear YOU

Nothing can describe the feeling of power I get when I make you cum. The sounds of your climax bring me pure joy and make my panties so very wet. I would love to guide you through a thorough masturbation or describe in excruciating detail how I would love to stretch and peg your sweet little asshole. There of course is my all time favorite of licking your balls and taking that cock of yours deep down my throat. Then of course there is my tight pussy wet and wanting to be stuffed full with long deep thrusts of your throbbing cock, squeezing you tighter and tighter the deeper you go. I want to hear my name on your lips as your whole body tenses, ecstasy takes over and you lose control and spray thick long ropes all over me.