Dirty Nasty Fun 💕

I had the most naughty call today and I can’t stop thinking about it. It turns me on talking about our taboo desires together. Learning the things that you crave and listening to all your dirty secrets . Pushing our limits together as we dive in deep. I know it’s wild and crazy but we both can’t help ourselves. Let’s give into temptation and let our perverted fantasies become our reality as we make a big filthy mess together. I love getting nasty and exploring all the things that drive us wild. Until next time darling, I’ll be craving…. 💕


Bad Girl Weekend

Feeling very hungry for some weekend fun. Slutty Saturday has taken over and I’m ready to have your face between my thighs. Would you like a taste? I’m only one call away….


xoxo, Ava    ♥  1-360-943-1558  ♥


Three Way Play

I was asked recently about some of my most memorable experiences and It left me thinking….

One of my favorite naughty picks had to be the steamy hot threesome I had
with one of my best friends and this guy that we met at the bar. I had no
idea how amazing thrilling public sex could be until my friend and I are
both completely naked on a blanket with our asses facing towards him and
he teased our pussies with this fingers and we both were sucking on his
cock and balls together. One of us gripping the base of his cock while the
other slid our tongues down to his balls and sucked them into our mouths.
It made me so fucking hot knowing that at any moment we could get caught.

But it seemed that it excited my friend just as much as it did me. She
started taking even more of his cock down her throat and I started licking
her pussy from the back and told him we needed that throbbing cock inside
of us right now. I laid her on her back while I ate her pussy and he came
up behind me and started sliding his cock inside of me and gripping my
hips tightly as he pounded my pussy. I could feel myself starting to cum
and I told her she needed to suck it off of his cock. He grabbed her hair
and starting fucking her throat before he told me to get on my knees and
he pulled his cock out and started to cum all over our faces…


23 Years of greatness

I can’t believe tomorrow is going to be our 23rd Anniversary as Your Desires girls. I’m so ready to celebrate all the years of amazing calls and gorgeous women. And of course having a little special treat for all of you who call and tell us Happy Anniversary tomorrow!! Come and help celebrate the best in phone sex, and cheers to another year of blessing and multiple orgasms!! xoxo


Birthday Wishes <3

Today is my birthday and I’ve come in horny and ready to play. Come and help me satisfy all my birthday wishes so I can leave tonight with cum running down my thighs. I got a couple of new toys for my birthday so see all the ways they make me squirm. Cum wish me a naughty birthday babe <3



New Girl

It’s been more than fun getting to play with all you boys ;) I’d love for you all to teach me some of the kinky tricks you all have up your sleeves. I hope you guys have enjoyed me. I love being the newest addition to YD’s. I’m looking forward to playing with you all ;) Don’t be shy, give me a call at 360-709-0100. I’ll be waiting to hear your voice. <3