Going on Vacation!

Hey everyone!

I’m going on a little vacation! I’ll be back on the 29th, but just know that I will miss you all! I hope to hear from you, and hear all about your June and summer plans. I’m super excited as well because I got to have my first 2 girl 1 guy call the other day. It was super fun and exciting. I hope to do more in the future. Playing with the other girls at YD is so exciting when you’re sexy self is on the phone with us. Let me know if you’d like to set one up with me and one of the other YD girls. It’ll be a blast.





Friday Fun

I can’t wait to get naughty tomorrow and get the weekend started off the right way with some of our sexy ladies. I have really been fantasizing about playing with another girl lately and I can’t get it off of my mind. Let’s make all our dreams come true and push our limits together. I’ll be looking forward to it <3


Give us a call!

Don’t forget to check out the Daily Schedule page for numbers to reach individual girls and to see what sexy girl is ready to play!! You can also find the link to our Contacts page there for more info on Twitter, Trillian and E-mail addresses for each of us sexy YourDesires Girls. Looking forward to those sexy calls!


HI Everyone in Sexy Land

Hello everyone out there in sexyland!

My name is Loren and I’m pretty new here so I figured I’d introduce myself and invite all the submissive, kinky, and ready to please men to give me a call and let’s talk about all the things that drive you wild!

Talk to you soon,



Almost My Birthday!!

The day is getting so close! I just wanna have some fun with you and maybe another YD girl?! Call and tell me what kinda fun ideas you have for me!


How Could I Say No?

I know I said I’d given up my Saturdays for a bit to make room in my busy off the phone life, but when I saw Bryanne was going to be all alone this morning I just had to come in.  I couldn’t possibly leave one of my favorite girls to play alone.  Of course she’d have fun with all of you, but having another pussy to play with just makes it even better.  I’ll be hanging out with her (and hopefully some of your hard cocks) until 11am.


Hello Boy’s

I’m new to Your Desires….I love working with all these beautiful women!!!  I look forward to playing with you!!! XXXOOO


Friday night, fun tonight!!

Hey all! I’m going to be giving the overnight shift a try tonight. I’ll be here with Nickie. Believe me when I tell you I Am Always ready to play with her… OMG we get super hot together. Ava, Bella, Robyn, and I will be servicing you stiff cocks, sissy cucks, and just anybody else looking for some female company tonight. Give me a call and I’ll give you a sweet orgasm in return.


Red Hot Hump Day!

I have switched my schedule up a bit and I am now here Sunday through Thursday 2pm to 10pm… And damn I am happy I am working Wednesday nights!! Look at all the other sexy Redheads I get to play with! Give me a call. Maybe you want to hear how amazing it is to have more than one redhead? We can always bring one of my sexy friends in too!


Cum play with me

Hello sexy!

I’m finally back after the LONGEST week ever and I’m dying to play with someone! I’ve been waiting all week to bring in my new toys and have someone to use them with. Or maybe we can do a call with one of the sexy ladies in the house today instead. ;) Either way I look forward to cumming over and over again with you.