You’re Making Me Blush

Thank you, darlings. I’ve gotten so many kind messages welcoming me back into the YD fold and it warms my heart. I’m answering emails as quickly as I can and can’t wait to connect with all of you.


Where Is Autumn?

My vacation is coming up quick.  Wednesday (5:30pm-8pm) and Saturday (8am-2pm) are going to be the last chances you have to catch me in 2020.  I will still be in touch via email but won’t be able to check it as frequently as you may like so please be patient.  Appointments will be rare, but it never hurts to ask.  I will also still be updating you on what’s happening with me on my blog so be sure to keep your eyes on that.  My Twitter will probably be the thing I update the most frequently so make sure you are following @SuperSexyAutumn.

If you REALLY REALLY miss me (or just because it’s sexy) you can always buy my panties or ask me how you can get some assignments in exchange for a tribute.

If I miss you this week, I look forward to hearing your voice in 2021.  Happy Holidays, darlings and stay healthy.





New Schedule, Same Me

I’ve decided that it’s time to spend some more time with my favorite horny perverts (at least for a few weeks).  I’ve added some playtimes to my week so now you can catch me

Saturdays:  8am-2pm

Sundays:  8am-10am

Wednesdays: 5:30pm-8pm

I hope this gives you more chances to get your Autumn fix this Fall.


In Case You Didn’t Know…

Just a heads up , starting tomorrow (10/16) our rates will be increasing for the first time in years.  Our calls up to 15 minutes will increase to $27.89 and up to 30 minutes to $49.89.

I’m also thinking about adding a weekday evening to my availability.  If you have a preference for which day, please let me know so I know which day will be the best for us to play.




Lightning Strikes Twice

Last weekend was so much fun, I’m coming back for more. I’ll be around from 9am-noon tomorrow and can’t wait to play. I’m also toying with possibly adding some weekday playtimes. Drop me an email with days that sound good and I’ll crunch some numbers.


What Are You Doing On Saturday?

I hope it’s chatting with me.  I’ll be playing from 8am-11am on Saturday, January 11th.  Weekend playtimes don’t happen every week so catch me while you can, darlings.


Happy 2020

I hope you celebrated hard and got the new year started off right.  I know I did and the celebration didn’t end last night.  I got here bright and early this morning for some playtime and it didn’t disappoint.  I’m sorry if you missed me, but I’ll be back on Monday the 6th for even more fun.


Mondays: 6pm-11pm
Wednesays: 6:30-11pm
Saturdays: By Appointment

Twitter @SuperSexyAutumn


It’s Your Last Chance

I’ll be available tonight (12/30) from 6pm-11pm and it will be your last shot at playing with me this year AND this decade.  Let’s end this year with a big, huge bang!  If you’d like to also start 2020 with me, I’ll be here on the 1st from 8am-11am.


Happy New Year!


My Christmas Schedule

As a special treat, I’ll be playing Wednesday morning (Christmas!) from 8am-11am instead of my normal evening times.  If you’d like to wake up to a treat under your tree then I’ll be waiting.


Santa Is Cumming Early

I’ll be popping in on Saturday (12/21) for a Christmas surprise.  I’ll be playing with all you naughty boys and girls from 8am-11am.  Know of any laps that I can sit on or candy cane sticks I can suck on?  Let’s get festive and fun!