You’re Making Me Blush

Thank you, darlings. I’ve gotten so many kind messages welcoming me back into the YD fold and it warms my heart. I’m answering emails as quickly as I can and can’t wait to connect with all of you.



I love trying new things, exploring places I’ve never been before. It makes me slightly nervous and I start getting those butterflies in my stomach. But then my inner vixen decides to show herself. And doubt quickly becomes desire. Dare to let me take control. Dare to be dominated. It will happen so fast, you will have no idea how you got there. Tied up and pleading. Begging me to show you how bad I really can be, just one more time. ;)


Hey <3

I’ve been having a great time here with the girls of Your Desires, these past couple weeks have been mind blowing. I look forward to meeting you all and making your deepest darkest fantasies come alive!! I’m open-minded, ready to learn, and eager to please!! Give me a call for an unforgettable time that’ll leave you moaning for Simone ;)

Feel free to check out my Bio, there are some sexy pics included!!

You can also email me: or message me on Trillian: Sweetsassysimone


Catch me…

As you may, or may not, know I am continuing my education! Want to know which one of my teachers is the sexiest? You can help me think of a plan of seduction. You can get a hold of me through email and we can set up an appointment… I sure do have some stories to share already!