Spring is in The air!

OMG YES YES OMG YES the weather is warming up here in Canada just makes me want to wear less clothes and have a Cocktail but hold the Tail ;)
Lets have some fun they way the rabbits do in the Spring.


It’s Here!!

It’s our anniversary, darlings! We’ve been providing the best and hottest phone sex for 23 years.  I think that’s a great reason to celebrate and to (not that you need a reason) play with me. Call me tomorrow (10/15) between 8am and 2pm to wish us a happy anniversary and you’ll get your first 15 minutes with me for $23. You’ll also be entered in a raffle for a free fifteen minute call.
I’ll also be doing a Twitter only special treat so make sure you’re following me @SuperSexyAutumn so you don’t miss it!
Talk soon.



Lightning Strikes Twice

Last weekend was so much fun, I’m coming back for more. I’ll be around from 9am-noon tomorrow and can’t wait to play. I’m also toying with possibly adding some weekday playtimes. Drop me an email with days that sound good and I’ll crunch some numbers.


So many new exciting things!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes to the website – a sexy new update for all of us sexy phone girls and our sexy callers! Things may look different but rest assured, you will still get the exxxceptional service you’re used to ;) Did you notice the sexy new picture on my bio? Call me and tell me what you think!
Along with the new site and new picture – my schedule has also changed a bit! You can now catch me: Mondays 6pm-midnight; Tuesdays 4pm-10pm; Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm-10pm PST


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet U

U is for Us

A lot of people ask me what I do on calls. It’s really a silly question.
I do exactly what you think I’m doing.

I lay back on my queen size bed and close my eyes. I love to be able to
just lay there and listen to your sexy voice or the sound of you breathing
heavily. I keep my legs spread just slightly while we chit chat. Even
while we are having small talk I like to tease my nipples so they get nice
and hard through whatever I’m wearing. It’s nice to see them poking
through the fabric while you’re telling me about your day. Of course my
hands travel down to the front of my panties while our talk gets a little
more intimate. I’m sure you can tell by my own breathing that I’m getting
wet. I can’t help but start telling you what I want to do to you. My
soft hand slides into my panties while I tell you where I want my mouth.
You know exactly where I want my mouth, but hearing me describe it makes
you even harder than you were before. I might even beg you to start
stroking so I can plunge my fingers into my dripping wet cunt. Us
masturbating together and working ourselves into an absolute frenzy is the
reason I answer the phone.

Do you have anything in mind for us?