A Quick Little List

I know I’m making an expanded list of some things that I enjoy, but here’s a shorter list of things that are getting me SUPER hot right now.
As one of the real phone girls here at Your Desires I get to hear a lot about fantasies and fetishes. As you may know, I love all of them. I love the dirty, the taboo, the naughty, the perverted. It all gets me soaking wet. There are some sexual fetishes and acts that I really think are completely underrated.
Handjobs Footjobs Pedicures Lacy boyshort panties Enemas (giving and receiving) Cartoon porn Dry humping Puppy training
I’m completely willing to add to this list if you want to convince me I’m forgetting something.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet X

X is for XXX Phone Sex

There are few things sexier than the hot moans from someone on the other
end of a phone line. I love hearing your breathing getting quicker and
your moans getting louder as you get closer and closer to one of the best
orgasms of your life. I love hearing you whisper your desires and secrets
to me. It gets me so hot and gets these panties soaking wet. I know you
want to hear me just as much as I want to hear you. I know you want to
have some dirty, raunchy sex talk that will get your dick harder than it’s
ever been. Sure I love all kinds of dark, taboo and kinky things. My
heart is big enough for kinky stuff and hardcore fucking. I like to mix
it up to keep things interesting. Deep down I’m just a phone slut who
loves to fuck (and fuck with).
Come show me what you can do with that beautiful cock and I’ll show you
what I can do with my sexy voice.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet Y

Y is for YourDesires

Did you know that it’s our anniversary here at YD? I feel so blessed to
have been part of this lovely family of sexy, slutty ladies. I’ve grown
so much in my time here and my mind sure has been expanded and opened up.
I’ve been exposed to so many kinks that really get my heart racing and my
pussy wet. I can’t imagine my life now without CBT, tease and denial,
torture, feminization, hardcore fucking and too many dark twisted things
to count. The orgasms I’ve had here are uncountable. I’ve fucked more
women in this house than most guys fuck in their whole lives.

Can you imagine the gallons of cum that have been squirted for me and in
my honor?

Get your dick in your hand and travel down memory lane with me.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet V

V is for Very, Very Messy

My kinky alphabet is almost over. I’m so glad that you’ve been following
along to hear about all my phone fantasies. I’m sure you have lots of
things that you can add to my list as well ;)

There are some kinds of sex that a bed is just not suited for. Unless, of
course, you want to lay down a tarp first. Sometimes the kitchen is just
way more practical. I love playing in the kitchen. I love playing with
food. I love both of our bodies to be covered in sweat, cum, chocolate
sauce, whipped cream, butter, and anything we can find that’s sticky or
sweet. We can spend hours spreading food all over each other and then
slowly licking it off. That stuff can get everywhere so we’ll just have
to lick everywhere to make sure we can get nice and clean. And our bodies
get so slippery, we can just slide all over each other while we try to
find all the right spots. I get hungry and horny just thinking about it.

What’s your favorite food?


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet U

U is for Us

A lot of people ask me what I do on calls. It’s really a silly question.
I do exactly what you think I’m doing.

I lay back on my queen size bed and close my eyes. I love to be able to
just lay there and listen to your sexy voice or the sound of you breathing
heavily. I keep my legs spread just slightly while we chit chat. Even
while we are having small talk I like to tease my nipples so they get nice
and hard through whatever I’m wearing. It’s nice to see them poking
through the fabric while you’re telling me about your day. Of course my
hands travel down to the front of my panties while our talk gets a little
more intimate. I’m sure you can tell by my own breathing that I’m getting
wet. I can’t help but start telling you what I want to do to you. My
soft hand slides into my panties while I tell you where I want my mouth.
You know exactly where I want my mouth, but hearing me describe it makes
you even harder than you were before. I might even beg you to start
stroking so I can plunge my fingers into my dripping wet cunt. Us
masturbating together and working ourselves into an absolute frenzy is the
reason I answer the phone.

Do you have anything in mind for us?


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet T

T is for Toys, Toys, Toys

I’m a collector. I collect all kinds of things, but toys are a personal
favorite. I have quite the collection of vibrators, dildos, spanking
tools, pinchy things, pokey things, and all kinds of things. Toys are
just so much fun. I keep them all gathered together in a special drawer
in my dresser and sometimes I like to open that drawer and see all my
pretty things collected together. I like to see all the sizes of dildos.
From small to very, very large. I like to look at the vibrators and
remember how strong each one is and how each bump and curve feels deep
inside my cunt or just teasing around my lips. I like to look at the all
the other kinky toys arranged by how much they hurt. Some are soft and
sensual and some have a very harsh bite. Each one of my toys has a time
and a place, but mostly it depends on my mood and what my aching twat
needs. I’d be happy to teach you how I use each one. Or maybe I could
help you grow your own collection.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet S

S is for Slut

Of course “S” is for slut. It’s part of who I am. You put a cock or a pussy or even a sexy asshole in front of me and all I can think about is how I want it. No matter how many fetishes I discover or how many taboos we share I will I always love fucking. Deep and hard and rough is my preferred method, but I’ve been known to take is slow and gentle too. Fingers work. Cocks work. Mouths and tongues work. Dildos work. Even phallic shaped foods work. My body is always ready for some action and if you have it I want it. If you are ever checking things out and wondering “which of these girls want my dick right now”, you can safely assume that Autumn wants your dick right now. I’m just a greedy, horny slut.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet Q

Q is for Quiet Time
There are some men who wait until they are completely home alone, put on some porn, and then pick up the phone. Then there are others who are just so horny they can’t wait to be alone. They have to wait until their wife hops in the shower and then quickly call me to rub one out. There are others who sneak into the bathroom at work to unzip their pants, pull their dicks off and jerk it while just listening to my voice. These times are very, very hot for me.
You don’t always have to be alone to enjoy my company. Just because you have to be quiet doesn’t mean I have to be. I can do all of the talking if that’s what you need from me. I have lots of fun stories that I’m sure can get you off. Sometimes I don’t even have to talk. You can just listen to me rub my sweet little pussy while you stroke and stroke until you explode. Sometimes I actually enjoy being able to say and do whatever I want without you telling me no. No can be such a gross word.
It feels so naughty to know you can be caught at any moment, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s so difficult to stay so quiet, isn’t it?


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet P

P is for Pervy Pop Culture
There are two things that I absolutely can’t live without. One of them is sex obviously. The other is pretty much anything media related. I’m talking books, movies, music, games, and everything else. Even when I was much younger I would combine the two. All little girls fantasize about Charlotte tying them up in her web, right? Of course that dirty, nasty pig Wilber is watching while Charlotte pokes and prods and teases my hot body. I guess you could say I have (and had) a very active imagination. As I grew up, my fantasies became a bit darker. A lot of them involved me being tied up (see a theme?) while Wolvervine from X-Men practiced his knife play on my delicate skin with his giant Adamantium claws.
To this day, most of my fantasies and ideas for roleplays come from movies and books. There are thousands of ideas floating around in my head all of the time. My brain is constantly taking in information and turning it totally filthy.
Since I just shared some embarrassing things to you, it’s only fair that you share some with me. I can’t be the only one who masturbates to cartoons and comic books.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet O

O is for Orgasm
One of my favorite things about being one of the elite girls here at yourdesires is the amount of times I get to cum. When I’m at home and not here I don’t have nearly as many orgasms. It’s not that I don’t have sex or masturbate (because I totally do). I think it’s that I don’t get to devote all of my attention to laying in bed with my fingers playing with my twat. Here it’s expected. If my orgasms don’t reach double digits in a day that means something is wrong. Luckily if the boys aren’t making me cum, then the other ladies are. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a bit of down time between calls. During those times we usually just focus on each other. We’ve gotta keep our panties wet for you guys. That usually means fingering and licking. I try to keep the strap on away until the phone rings. I don’t want to get too distracted. The best is when it’s both. I’m not sure I can truly explain how hot it is to hear a guy jerking off over the phone when there’s a girl making me cum by licking or fingering or fucking me while he listens. It’s not as easy to time it so we cum together since I don’t have as much control as when I’m doing it myself, but that’s part of the fun. I’ll let you pick which girl I play with next. There are just too many options for me.