Good morning ???

I know I woke up today in a good mood and just need one more thing to make it better….. that sweet little cherry on top of the cake would be to cum, make a big mess to start the day right. I know you are same way! so cum on give me a ring and lets start the day right together XOXO


Wet and wild

My very sexy friend was over again the other night, and let’s say things got even more dirty than last time. I have a lovely stripper pole in my living room. And I was letting my pretty friend dance for me. Watching her have fun spin around in her little bra and panties. Her delicious perfume scent floating in the air smacking my face at every spin she did that gave a gust of wind. Made my mouth water and my pussy wet, I had to teach her a lesson for being a fucking tease. I tied her wrist above her head to my pole. And I started kissing her lips and smacking her ass. Making her walk around for me arms above her head completely naked. Then the fun part I drop in to my knees eating her pussy and making her scream. I used one of my lovely toys on her I made her squirt all over my hardwood floor. The whore made a mess, and I wasn’t going to clean it. I untied her dropped her to her knees, and pushed her face into it to lick it all up to be my good little cum mop. Let’s just say she loved being my dirty little slut.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet V

V is for Very, Very Messy

My kinky alphabet is almost over. I’m so glad that you’ve been following
along to hear about all my phone fantasies. I’m sure you have lots of
things that you can add to my list as well ;)

There are some kinds of sex that a bed is just not suited for. Unless, of
course, you want to lay down a tarp first. Sometimes the kitchen is just
way more practical. I love playing in the kitchen. I love playing with
food. I love both of our bodies to be covered in sweat, cum, chocolate
sauce, whipped cream, butter, and anything we can find that’s sticky or
sweet. We can spend hours spreading food all over each other and then
slowly licking it off. That stuff can get everywhere so we’ll just have
to lick everywhere to make sure we can get nice and clean. And our bodies
get so slippery, we can just slide all over each other while we try to
find all the right spots. I get hungry and horny just thinking about it.

What’s your favorite food?