Where Is Autumn?

My vacation is coming up quick.  Wednesday (5:30pm-8pm) and Saturday (8am-2pm) are going to be the last chances you have to catch me in 2020.  I will still be in touch via email but won’t be able to check it as frequently as you may like so please be patient.  Appointments will be rare, but it never hurts to ask.  I will also still be updating you on what’s happening with me on my blog so be sure to keep your eyes on that.  My Twitter will probably be the thing I update the most frequently so make sure you are following @SuperSexyAutumn.

If you REALLY REALLY miss me (or just because it’s sexy) you can always buy my panties or ask me how you can get some assignments in exchange for a tribute.

If I miss you this week, I look forward to hearing your voice in 2021.  Happy Holidays, darlings and stay healthy.




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