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Age: 39
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Likes: Fucking, blow jobs, pussy licking, sexy women, gang bangs, high heels, butt fucking, roll play, dominate/submissive, rough sex, outdoor sex, giving and receiving, being spoiled, taken out and shown off, getting my nails done and wearing a man's baggy shirt, so I can smell him.
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I'm Brandy and I'm glad you found me and soon you will be too.
You'll find me erotic and I'm like an additive drug that surges throughout your entire body. I will blow your mind and your cock will follow.
I want to take you on a journey while you sit back and pleasure both you and I. I love from wild to mild. Are you a man that wants a special connection or maybe you need a wild and crazy fuck. Don't be shy tell me about your most wildest desires. I want to share my secrets with you too.

Shhh... Don't tell and I'll tell you one of my secrets!

My first girl on girl experience was my sorority sister who wanted me to eat her pussy to pledge for sorority. She was beautiful, big tits. She pulled up her skirt and told me to take off her panties. Nervous, but did what I was told, she laid on the bed and opened up her legs. Her pussy was pink and shaved, I slowly placed my face between her legs and started to taste and smell the beautiful creature laying on the bed. It didn't take her long to cum in my mouth, it tasted like fresh spring water. Yes, she did return her warm big lips between my taste of Brandy pussy. My world changed. We continued having sex for about two more years.

I love to dress up in my mini skirt, high heels, with no panties and go out on the town. I like to find a place to sit where people can look up my skirt and see my tight, wet, pink, soft pussy, if I open my leg and let them. I catch both men and women trying to take a peek, it excites me. I enjoy when people sit next to me and finger fuck me, while others watch, then take me to the bathroom, where I slowly unzip their pants, pull out their throbbing cock, while grabbing onto my hair tight and thrusting it down my throat, until my mouth is filled with warm cum.

Sometimes my lover and I go out and we look for other couples to join us, he loves watching other men fuck me, sucking cock, taking it in the asshole and watching cum shoot all over my face, soft/perky tits, and pussy. I enjoy when we find a sexy women with nice tits and sexy curves. Watching my husband fuck a beautiful woman bent over the bed while she is eating my pussy, there is nothing more hot. OH I'm wet!

Nothing gives me more of a high then sex, any kind of sex. 1 on 1, or? Being fucked in the asshole or pussy and thrusting your cock down my throat. Fucking my sexy tits, shooting your load of warm cum on face, licking my pussy, licking pussy, and masturbating. Nothing is off limits. Call me let's share secrets and LOTS of cum. I want to blow your mind and your cock.

I sure hope you call me soon! Or E-Mail me @ Or Find me on Trillian @ ATasteOfBrandy

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Hugs and more,