Wet dreams on Valentine’s Day

I was with some of my friends and we went to this little coffee spot, when it was my turn to order I look up to this very handsome man he was tall dark hair big arms and a sexy smile that just said this man could get whatever he wanted. That smile made me want to do things I did not even know how to do. I felt my panties start getting wet just from him saying “what can I get you” I wanted to say”you” but I was to shy I looked away at the board and said 1 small ice coffee and a muffin. He gave all of my friends there drinks and said mine would be a few more mins so my friends went out side to sit and drink. I stood there waiting I could not help watch him work. Then he starts asking me if I have ever seen the back of a coffee shop I said no right away hoping he would show me the back. so my little wish came true I did not think anything would happen but next thing I know I am in the back of the shop in the little kitchen he lifts me up on the table and starts kissing me I am touching him all over I can’t get enough of those sexy arms.  Next thing I know is his fingers are in me and I have never been this wet I am so close to cumming with just his 2 fingers then he steps away and tells me to make myself cum well he watches. I do what I am told I rub my clit so hard and fast I make a mess all over the floor. Then he came over licking my wet pussy making me cum more. With my eyes rolling to the back of my head he slowly slides his rock hard cock deep inside me. I felt him fucking me harder and harder each time feeling even better the last. It felt so good I had no choice but to cum all over him, I have no idea how many time his cock made me cum I lost track after 10. After he fucked my brains out he picked me up and put me on my knees I knew what he wanted me to do. I sucked his swollen cock covered is my squirt like my life depended on it. My body was over come with a happy warm sensation when I felt him poor himself into my mouth I loved his cum I held in there for a bit before I swallowed it all. I then woke up what a dream that was my body really did think it was fucked and satisfied. Don’t you love a good sex dream ? Happy Valentine’s Day boys xoxoxox call me for some sexy fun.


My new toy

I went to the sex store the other day, there was so much to choose from. I found myself a new dildo, It’s much bigger than my other dildos it is almost 12 inches. I love the way it feels, almost like a real cock. I would love for somebody to help me with my new toy really show me how to use it, push my limits help me reach those 12 inches. Stretch out my tight 21-year-old pussy, make me squirt all over it.



I met an old friend at the bar that was a virgin when it comes to lesbian sex, We did shots we laughed I played with her beautiful brown hair, very skinny tiny perfect perky tits, and a fat amazing ass that I loved burying my face in. Brought her back to my house we did more shots I spit tequila in her amazing mouth. I tied her to my bed, I licked her Clit all the way down to her tasty ass. I use my little toy on her, my special rose. I made her squirt all over my face and licked up every last drop. Then when my face was dripping in her amazing sweet juices. I climbed on top of her face and squirted all in her mouth, her warm tongue inside me with her soft lips kissing my pussy all over. Both of us covered in delicious female cum, she fell asleep in my arms.


I’m in love with my new showerhead and boy oh boy is it a powerful force to be reckoned with!!!!

I ordered one of those shower heads designed to remove chlorine from your shower water and after realizing I needed to get a hose to install it right, I got excited!  A shower hose w head vs just a shower head is a GAMECHANGER!!!!!   After living a short while without a removable shower hose and now having one again, it has occurred to me that no woman should ever have to go without one of these amazing tools for orgasming!!!  I’m in LOVE with my new tool!!!  It makes shower time soooo much more enjoyable!  I had no idea that my shower head could have so much force.  The last one was weak so it was a pleasant surprise to have this one work so well.  It was zero to orgasm in like 69 seconds . . .  mmmmmmmmm!!!!  What makes it better than just masturbating with my fingers is the ability for the shower hose to just keep going and going after I orgasm.  When my hand is in charge, I always take a break after orgasm before I try again, but the shower hose is not attached to my body and doesn’t listen when I say I can’t handle more yet, that lovely tool just keeps on forcing a hot, powerful stream onto my clit and pussy that throws me into a perpetual state of orgasm where i cum and cum and cum again.  I am greedy with orgasms so I’ve been known to lay in the bathtub receiving multiple orgasms until the hot water runs out.  It might be time to get a bigger water tank for the house, lol!!! But seriously, why stop if the orgasms just keep cumming.  I want them all!!!!!!