Wet dreams on Valentine’s Day

I was with some of my friends and we went to this little coffee spot, when it was my turn to order I look up to this very handsome man he was tall dark hair big arms and a sexy smile that just said this man could get whatever he wanted. That smile made me want to do things I did not even know how to do. I felt my panties start getting wet just from him saying “what can I get you” I wanted to say”you” but I was to shy I looked away at the board and said 1 small ice coffee and a muffin. He gave all of my friends there drinks and said mine would be a few more mins so my friends went out side to sit and drink. I stood there waiting I could not help watch him work. Then he starts asking me if I have ever seen the back of a coffee shop I said no right away hoping he would show me the back. so my little wish came true I did not think anything would happen but next thing I know I am in the back of the shop in the little kitchen he lifts me up on the table and starts kissing me I am touching him all over I can’t get enough of those sexy arms.  Next thing I know is his fingers are in me and I have never been this wet I am so close to cumming with just his 2 fingers then he steps away and tells me to make myself cum well he watches. I do what I am told I rub my clit so hard and fast I make a mess all over the floor. Then he came over licking my wet pussy making me cum more. With my eyes rolling to the back of my head he slowly slides his rock hard cock deep inside me. I felt him fucking me harder and harder each time feeling even better the last. It felt so good I had no choice but to cum all over him, I have no idea how many time his cock made me cum I lost track after 10. After he fucked my brains out he picked me up and put me on my knees I knew what he wanted me to do. I sucked his swollen cock covered is my squirt like my life depended on it. My body was over come with a happy warm sensation when I felt him poor himself into my mouth I loved his cum I held in there for a bit before I swallowed it all. I then woke up what a dream that was my body really did think it was fucked and satisfied. Don’t you love a good sex dream ? Happy Valentine’s Day boys xoxoxox call me for some sexy fun.


Irish whiskey makes me frisky!

Good morning boys when I say I love St. Patrick’s day I really fucking mean it. Today I am going to party like I have every other year and when I drink I love to fuck I know tonight is going to be hot as ever! Give me a call I would love to talk about what happened the previous years and what I hope will happen tonight because Irish whiskey makes me frisky!Xox  Call me 360-584 9461 


Cum Out Cum Out Wherever U Are

Where are All my cum sluts, daddy’s or horny callers?
I love making. My guy cum!
Nothing better than making u shoot your load to my voice!

Need to CUM?
Call me now!!
Call to CUM

??? HOLLIE ???


Shower play

I had the most amazing time in the shower while I was getting ready for
work today. I had woken up pretty horny and decided to bring my waterproof
vibe in the shower with me. I’m so glad that there was a grip in the
shower because the vibration was so strong that I could barely stay
standing while my knees were shaking so hard. But I kept going and had the
most mind blowing orgasm while the hot water fell over my naked body. It
was definitely a great way to start my day.


let me peg you

it’s so big

I brought my big black cock with me to work today. It pokes out of my purse ready to stretch some tiny little asseholes. He’s ready to have you worship his length, girth and ability to rip your asshole apart. Cum play with Mistress Jada. You’ll sit on my big black dick until you can’t handle it anymore and your cum is seeping onto the floor.

It’s so big let me peg you.


Cum Play

I’ve got my phone in one hand and the others playing with my jiggly titties. My nipples peak out of my shirt and my hand reaches under my pink lace undies and between my soaking wet lips. That pink pussy with a tan is drooling for you. You wanna lick my hand? I’m ready to play, are you?



Morning Sex

Every morning when I wake up I start my day with a little teasing.  Rubbing my pussy and reminding myself to be patient until I come in and have a chance to really play. I’m so hot and ready this morning, and I’m only one quick call away <3

xoxo, Ava


So Glad Y’all Could Bear With Me

Hey, my little darlins….. I’m sorry to say I’ve been told I’m a little hard to get hold of (and not in the good way)

With all the storms and flooding it has caused a lot of phone issues, in my area- but i’m happy to say they should be just about back to normal!

Thank you to all of my guys that have stuck it out and gotten through despite it all..

Now I’m hoping to get back to all my Naughty little callers (You know who you are!)I know how you go and run a  muck when I’m not there to give you directions.

You know how much your going to pay for that now don’t you ?!


~~~Mistress Hollie~~~


Whatever you call me——Its time you did…..NOW!

405-366-2187                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              –