Richard, sorry I missed ur call-feel free to call back

Richard, sorry I missed ur call-feel free to call back


Hey guys reminder

Please remember if you call on a blocked number my phone will not ring on my end, the phone company on it still working on it.

Thanks for your patience






Hey Guys! I’m working tonight !

I’m on tonight!
I’m here, I’m hot and very Horny & waiting to talk
ready to talk to U!!!!
Get hot for Hollie & call me!!
Talk to you soon!


A Glitch with the sign in- I’m available right now

I’m here and in the mood to play!


Need a Quicky? Need to Play?

Need a quickie? Need to play?
Just call Hollie I’ll make u happy either way!

P.s.FWI the way my phone service does “Private calls” they don’t ring through. It’s been that way since they fixed the line awhile back. sometimes it will ring once or sometimes I don’t know if a call is trying to come through. There working on it but can’t they seem to know what’s causing it. Sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t have caller ID on my phone so I’m baffled…Hollie


Having phone Problems Be Back Soon

All u horney guys… I’ll be back ASAP!
And man am I going to be Horney!!!!
Can’t wait to be back up (or have u back up)😉 and playing with U!!
Ta Ta my LOVIES.… I’ll keep it nice and wet for U
405-872-7164 Don’t loose it!


Cum Out Cum Out Wherever U Are

Where are All my cum sluts, daddy’s or horny callers?
I love making. My guy cum!
Nothing better than making u shoot your load to my voice!

Need to CUM?
Call me now!!
Call to CUM

📞📳📞 HOLLIE 📞📳📞


Wanna Hear a Dirty Story?

Hey to all my naughty naughty daddy’s..
I’ve been away awhile and am so glad to be back!
I’ve missed tellin yall my real daddy stories.
If I’ve missed them too give me à call for a short story
Or the long story including his friends! Ur choice


So Glad Y’all Could Bear With Me

Hey, my little darlins….. I’m sorry to say I’ve been told I’m a little hard to get hold of (and not in the good way)

With all the storms and flooding it has caused a lot of phone issues, in my area- but i’m happy to say they should be just about back to normal!

Thank you to all of my guys that have stuck it out and gotten through despite it all..

Now I’m hoping to get back to all my Naughty little callers (You know who you are!)I know how you go and run a  muck when I’m not there to give you directions.

You know how much your going to pay for that now don’t you ?!


~~~Mistress Hollie~~~


Whatever you call me——Its time you did…..NOW!

405-366-2187                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              –


Trying Out Some New Hours Feed Back Wanted:

Some of the things I Miss from days are my “Regulars”

My Business Men ~ Those Quickies

I So Loved those Quickie Calls :405-366-2187

Guys on the way to an Important Meeting  and Just want to Get Off First!!

Need A quick Blow Job?

Wanna Hear a short Daddy Story to get my new Daddy Off Good to Get Focused!

Just some Dirty Talk to get that COCK OFF?

I Have What You Need!

So email me @ Hollie@yourdesires.com and let me know what hours you ‘d like to see me add:





Don’t forget most of my blogs are stories from my diary: Diary of a phone sex addict!                                                                                                                                         I’m A CERTIFIED Sex Addict!

I Crave it~ I Desire It!~ I’m Obsessed with It! ~I Can’t Do Without It!


Try it I promise You’ll LOVE IT!

Care to Join ME?

You’ve Tried the Rest~ Now Call the BEST!