I’m Back (kinda)

Did you miss me?
My world has quieted down since the last time you heard my voice. My schedule has eased up making it possible for me to talk to some of you again. I won’t be on the schedule but I will be available for some appointments. If you’d like to play or catch up, email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. No one else will be able to schedule my appointments so the only way to get in touch with me is through email. Please be patient with me since I won’t be as quick to reply as you’re used to and my availability isn’t as flexible.
Talk soon,


Check It Out!

I’ve finally archived ALL of my stories, thoughts and fantasies.  If you’d like a little trip down memory lane I recommend you head over to read them.  They may be a little out of order, but I don’t think any of you will mind too much.


What are some of your favorites?


Trying Out Some New Hours Feed Back Wanted:

Some of the things I Miss from days are my “Regulars”

My Business Men ~ Those Quickies

I So Loved those Quickie Calls :405-366-2187

Guys on the way to an Important Meeting  and Just want to Get Off First!!

Need A quick Blow Job?

Wanna Hear a short Daddy Story to get my new Daddy Off Good to Get Focused!

Just some Dirty Talk to get that COCK OFF?

I Have What You Need!

So email me @ and let me know what hours you ‘d like to see me add:





Don’t forget most of my blogs are stories from my diary: Diary of a phone sex addict!                                                                                                                                         I’m A CERTIFIED Sex Addict!

I Crave it~ I Desire It!~ I’m Obsessed with It! ~I Can’t Do Without It!


Try it I promise You’ll LOVE IT!

Care to Join ME?

You’ve Tried the Rest~ Now Call the BEST!



Daddy’s Girl *(Diary of a Phone Sex Addict)

Aww Sunday’s—-

How I Loved Sunday Mornings,

Daddy would come into my Room..

To wake me up , I loved hearing

“My special girl ready for her special reward?”

Call me and I’ll tell you every single explosive detail……




entry in  Diary of a Phone Sex Addict……..



Let Me Count The Ways

What do I love about xxx phone sex? So many things.
I love the sound of your voice as you get closer and closer to the edge of
I love the sound of desperation in your voice when I tell you to stop.
I love the way you beg when you want to cum so bad but I won’t let you.
I love hearing your slippery cock gliding through your hands as you pump
it as fast or as slow as I desire.
I love having my fingers deep inside my wet pussy while we phone fuck each
other senseless.
I love cumming so hard together.