Wet dreams on Valentine’s Day

I was with some of my friends and we went to this little coffee spot, when it was my turn to order I look up to this very handsome man he was tall dark hair big arms and a sexy smile that just said this man could get whatever he wanted. That smile made me want to do things I did not even know how to do. I felt my panties start getting wet just from him saying “what can I get you” I wanted to say”you” but I was to shy I looked away at the board and said 1 small ice coffee and a muffin. He gave all of my friends there drinks and said mine would be a few more mins so my friends went out side to sit and drink. I stood there waiting I could not help watch him work. Then he starts asking me if I have ever seen the back of a coffee shop I said no right away hoping he would show me the back. so my little wish came true I did not think anything would happen but next thing I know I am in the back of the shop in the little kitchen he lifts me up on the table and starts kissing me I am touching him all over I can’t get enough of those sexy arms.  Next thing I know is his fingers are in me and I have never been this wet I am so close to cumming with just his 2 fingers then he steps away and tells me to make myself cum well he watches. I do what I am told I rub my clit so hard and fast I make a mess all over the floor. Then he came over licking my wet pussy making me cum more. With my eyes rolling to the back of my head he slowly slides his rock hard cock deep inside me. I felt him fucking me harder and harder each time feeling even better the last. It felt so good I had no choice but to cum all over him, I have no idea how many time his cock made me cum I lost track after 10. After he fucked my brains out he picked me up and put me on my knees I knew what he wanted me to do. I sucked his swollen cock covered is my squirt like my life depended on it. My body was over come with a happy warm sensation when I felt him poor himself into my mouth I loved his cum I held in there for a bit before I swallowed it all. I then woke up what a dream that was my body really did think it was fucked and satisfied. Don’t you love a good sex dream ? Happy Valentine’s Day boys xoxoxox call me for some sexy fun.


I am back and horny as ever!

I missed you all so fucking much, I have lots to tell you about my little brake. I did some very naughty things I am sure hearing them will make your cock hard. Help me help you cum I will be here waiting, playing with my sweet wet pussy.
xoxo your little Slut.?


The Wettest Day Of The Year

Here in Washington State, November 19th is statistically the wettest day of the year.  I wasn’t here yesterday to play with all of you so I think today should be the wettest day of 2019.  I’ve got on a cute pair of panties that I am ready to soak.  Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll let one of you lucky ducks give me a tribute in exchange for them showing up in your mailbox.

Got any naughty roleplays that can get my juices flowing?  What about a hard cock and I can make even more uncomfortably hard?  Do you need a spanking or anything else that might make you squeal and squirm?  Maybe a bit of ass or body worship?  That makes me squirm too.

Lets see what we can come up with together.  I’ll be playing until 11pm.


There Is Nothing Like Riding The Edge

The sounds I will coax from your lips as I tease and tantalize your stiff cock with my tongue. Wrapping my lips around your mushroom head and listening to you moan as your shaft disappears down my throat. I am not one of those girls who begrudgingly performs oral as though it is a punishment. I will want your cock in my mouth constantly and consistently. Pulling at your waistband every chance I get, signalling I want to edge your raging hard on to the point where you beg to cum down my throat. “Please Let Me Cum, Miss Robyn” these are the words I crave. My deep moans vibrating your cock pushing you closer. My tongue creating maddening designs. Ride that EDGE, feel yourself teetering so close to complete oblivion. The moment washes over you as your cock hardens even more, my movements slow down. I can feel your balls tighten and your shaft twitch as I hold your climax hostage. It is in my control if I release you into the oblivion you so badly want. My pussy dripping wet from the power I have over you. Your body is so tense and your breathing ragged and I know you want to cum down my throat. Just when you think you can’t handle another second of this delicious torture I take you deep, your throbbing head massaged by the back of my throat and I let you go…


It Sure Is Tough Work

I’m heading home after a fun night of teasing and taunting all of the hard cocks that were lucky enough to catch me tonight.  Tying people up, dressing sissies up, and letting one lucky panty sniffer buy a pair of my wet panties.  This Goddess is exhausted, but will be ready to celebrate Halloween after a good night’s rest.

Happy Halloween, my darlings.  I look forward to hear about how you celebrated when I come back in to play on Monday.


Hello There

My name is Robyn, and I want YOU. I am an insatiable creature who loves to hear you cum and will always want more. Talking dirty to you on the phone brings me much joy and makes my panties all wet and cummy. I have always been this way, sex addicted wanting more then my share getting off on others pleasure. My voice can intoxicate, talking to me will pull you into a fantasy world where anything is possible and everything is intensified. Spend time with me and you wont be able to think of anything else.


Panty Procedure

Yesterday was a pretty warm day so all I wanted to do was lounge around in
my undies in front of a nice, cool fan. Luckily one of my favorite panty
sluts requested a pair of wet panties from me so he could smell me while
he jerked his hard dick. I started by taking a shower. I used my
favorite body wash to cover my naked body in bubbles and let my hands slip
and slide all over my body. When I stepped out of the shower I toweled
off with a fluffy towel before rubbing my favorite lightly scented lotion
all over my clean skin. Paying extra special attention to my hard
nipples, juicy ass and creamy thighs, of course. Next I slipped into the
special panties I had picked out of my friend. They were the softest and
laciest panties and felt so good against my smooth cunt. I went back into
my bedroom to stretch out on my bed with the fan blowing against my damp
skin. I wanted to make those panties as wet as I possibly could so I knew
I had to tease myself so my juices leaked through the thin panties. I
closed my eyes and imagined how hard his cock was going to get and how
furiously he was going to stroke it for me and my panties. That really
got my going and I was just tracing the outline of my lips through the
soft fabric and could feel them getting warmer. Once they got wet enough
I could slip my fingers right inside those panties to rub a bit harder.
I’m sure you can imagine how soaked I was. I rubbed and rubbed my hard
clit and was grinding against the panties to make sure they soaked up
every drop of my sweet nectar. I have no idea how long I was rubbing
until I came, but I came SO hard.
I mailed out those panties today and I can’t wait until he gets them so we
can play with them. It will just get me all turned on again and I’ll have
another wet pair of panties.


Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is coming up quick. It’s a beautiful time of year when I get
to take a moment to think about what I’m really thankful for. Most of
those things get my all wet inside my panties. I have a whole list of
things that I love exploring with you and my favorite phone sluts here at
Wanna hear all about them? I do love to share all of my hot desires and
would be happy to share them with you. Maybe you can share what makes you
thankful this time of year.