Cum Monster

I am a very lucky little slut, I get to start my morning off every single day on the phone with the cum Monster. It’s never a boring moment, sometimes I get to tease , deny ,be statistic and torture making his cock twitch and ache. Other times I get teased and have multiple orgasms before it’s even noon. Lots of role-play lots of fun I love the cum monster. Xoxo


Morning Sex

Every morning when I wake up I start my day with a little teasing.  Rubbing my pussy and reminding myself to be patient until I come in and have a chance to really play. I’m so hot and ready this morning, and I’m only one quick call away <3

xoxo, Ava


Monday The 20th

If you’ve missed me taking care of your morning wood then you’re in luck.  I’ll doing a little switch up this coming Monday.  Instead of my regularly scheduled playtimes I’ll be playing in the morning.  8am-11am to be exact.  Let’s play, my dears, I know you’ve missed hearing my voice first thing in the morning.