Cum Monster

I am a very lucky little slut, I get to start my morning off every single day on the phone with the cum Monster. It’s never a boring moment, sometimes I get to tease , deny ,be statistic and torture making his cock twitch and ache. Other times I get teased and have multiple orgasms before it’s even noon. Lots of role-play lots of fun I love the cum monster. Xoxo


I’m Back!!!

Well, hello there :)

I had such an amazing getaway!! Vacationing is so important and I am reminded of that every time I come home from one.

Most of us spend some much time working that we don’t realize how important it is to take time out for just you and your loved ones. I feel so much more relaxed and prepared to take on any challenges that may come my way. I have to say that leaving the cold weather to enjoy life on the beach is an every winter dream for me.

Did you miss me? Well, I have most certainly missed you, however I’m back now and ready for us to have some fun!

All I could think about nearly the entire time was, what if you could be there to experience it with me. Our moments together are so enticing that I can’t get enough. Our conversations… so magical.

I have so many “beach fantasties” and now that I’m back, maybe you and I can explore those a bit. What do you think?

Imagine you and I laying on the beach late in the evening watching the sunset. Passionately enjoying each others company. Making love as we exploring every inch of each other right there in the sand. Sexy, right?

Let’s make that a reality.



How Could I Have Forgotten?

I have been such a busy bee this month that I completely forgot to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day.  There’s still time to send me all of those sweet notes you’ve been saving up.  You know how much I love being showered with affection and attention.  If you want to tell me over the phone, I’ll be here this morning until 11am and back on Wednesday at 6:30pm.