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Hello there, I’m Scarlett, your sweet, seductive sex therapist.

I am an experienced woman who knows what she wants, and it is my dominant intent to receive just that and in every way. Spoil me rotten. You give me what I want, and I will give you what you need. I am here to provide just the right antidote that will fulfill your every desire and to be filled with whatever you desire.

I enjoy deep intellectual conversations about you and your sexuality, and I will dig deep into your subconscious mind to extract every single little fantasy that is hiding out waiting to be brought to the surface.

I have known from the very first call that I had taken years ago that indulging in the deepest, darkest desires of a man’s mind was the thing that brings me the most extreme pleasure. I enjoy living life on the edge of pleasure and pain, whether that means handing out the spankings or taking them myself.

As your therapist, I take pleasure in exploring your imagination and acting out the most erotic fantasies that divulge from that lascivious mind of yours.

The girlfriend experience. Are you yearning to be loved? Ever imagined yourself coming home to the perfect, naughty woman who takes care of your every need? Waiting and ready to pander every single one of your sexual desires? Licking and caressing you from head to toe? Freak in the sheets and out in public? Taking risks of being caught in public places?

Role-play. Maybe you want to make me the girl next door who you fantasize about. The slut who puts on that sensual bikini on a hot day just to give you a show from the porch. Naughty. Nasty. Freak. Inviting you over to taste me, lick me, and fuck me while your wife is away. Taking me in whatever way you please. Watching as your cum seeps out all over my tongue and juicy tits. Licking it off and swallowing every single drop.

OR, we can switch it up and play the game I like…

"Please, Scarlett." Do you like to be spanked? Have you been a bad boy and need to be punished? Let’s see where your boundaries are and how far I can take you or how much you can take. Scratching. Biting. Tying you up. Bending you over and probing you. Forcing you to do the unthinkable. Using you. Taking advantage of your weaknesses. Making you my slave. Bringing you to your knees until you scream, “Please, Scarlett!”

Step into my office...

Dare to get dirty with me while I uncover all your dirty little secrets.

P.S... Mmm, thinking of all the fun we are going to have is making my panties sooo wet and I left a little surprise in them just for you, want them?... all you have to do is ask.

Feel free to make an appointment by email or message me on Trillian @ScarlettDreams.