My time at your desires!

I am having such an amazing time being a part of YD! Our callers are amazing and the girls are such a dream to have in my life! I have learned so much and since being naughty is encouraged here, what more could a girl ask for?! I cant wait to hear from each and every one of you and look forward to you making me cum! xoxoxo Naughty Nickie :)


Enjoy The Journey

For the next couple days I will be taking a sexy adventure, looking to satisfy my lust in the arms of a very gracious lover. I anticipate my kinky side will be unleashed and I will return fully fucked and with plenty of naughty stories to share. 


Come Play With Me

Tonight looks like it could be a fun night to play together. Curious about the naughty thoughts running through my head, call me. Maybe if you are good I will share.


Fancy A Little Saturday Fun?

I hope you weren’t planning on having a boring weekend because I’ll be here tomorrow (11/9) from 8am-1pm.  I only do one Saturday month so let’s make this one count.  Are we thinking wild or mild or maybe something in between?


I Know You Love Our Wednesdsays But…

I’ll be taking off the November 6th to go on an out of town adventure.  To make it up to you I’ll be here Saturday the 9th from 8am-1pm to take care of all of our kinky phone sex desires.  I’ll be back to our regular playtimes the following week.

Oh, and I’ll also be around until 11pm tonight.


There Is Nothing Like Riding The Edge

The sounds I will coax from your lips as I tease and tantalize your stiff cock with my tongue. Wrapping my lips around your mushroom head and listening to you moan as your shaft disappears down my throat. I am not one of those girls who begrudgingly performs oral as though it is a punishment. I will want your cock in my mouth constantly and consistently. Pulling at your waistband every chance I get, signalling I want to edge your raging hard on to the point where you beg to cum down my throat. “Please Let Me Cum, Miss Robyn” these are the words I crave. My deep moans vibrating your cock pushing you closer. My tongue creating maddening designs. Ride that EDGE, feel yourself teetering so close to complete oblivion. The moment washes over you as your cock hardens even more, my movements slow down. I can feel your balls tighten and your shaft twitch as I hold your climax hostage. It is in my control if I release you into the oblivion you so badly want. My pussy dripping wet from the power I have over you. Your body is so tense and your breathing ragged and I know you want to cum down my throat. Just when you think you can’t handle another second of this delicious torture I take you deep, your throbbing head massaged by the back of my throat and I let you go…


Hello Boy’s

I’m new to Your Desires….I love working with all these beautiful women!!!  I look forward to playing with you!!! XXXOOO


My Panties Are Always WET

I would like to talk about my panties. About how cummy they get, soaked through and completely useless. How the smell can be sweet and savory at the same time. How sticky my pussy juice makes them, the warmth and wetness dripping down my thighs with just the simplest of sexy thoughts. How this can happen anywhere, walking down the street, watching a movie or even making dinner my poor panties. Absolutely wet while my pretty pink pussy begs to be touched and filled, pleased and tortured. How long can I go before I am touching myself once more, never very long. I love my wet panties, and I think you will too.


Friday night, fun tonight!!

Hey all! I’m going to be giving the overnight shift a try tonight. I’ll be here with Nickie. Believe me when I tell you I Am Always ready to play with her… OMG we get super hot together. Ava, Bella, Robyn, and I will be servicing you stiff cocks, sissy cucks, and just anybody else looking for some female company tonight. Give me a call and I’ll give you a sweet orgasm in return.



Hey boos and ghouls! It’s Odessa your favorite creep here to play all day on ALL HALLOWS EVE! Come get spooky with me!