Needing to hear YOU

Nothing can describe the feeling of power I get when I make you cum. The sounds of your climax bring me pure joy and make my panties so very wet. I would love to guide you through a thorough masturbation or describe in excruciating detail how I would love to stretch and peg your sweet little asshole. There of course is my all time favorite of licking your balls and taking that cock of yours deep down my throat. Then of course there is my tight pussy wet and wanting to be stuffed full with long deep thrusts of your throbbing cock, squeezing you tighter and tighter the deeper you go. I want to hear my name on your lips as your whole body tenses, ecstasy takes over and you lose control and spray thick long ropes all over me.


What A Great Day To Be Thankful

I know you’re incredibly appreciative of all of the time we’ve spent together.  It’s the night before Thanksgiving so tonight would be the perfect night to show it.  I will be around until 11pm taking your calls, taking your tributes or even emails of worship.

If I don’t talk to you tonight, I hope you fantastic holiday weekend and look forward to playing next week.


What is a Horny Girl Supposed to Do?

It is so very hard to surrounded by such beautiful sexy woman. My hands want to touch and my mouth wants to taste. There is nothing quite like the feel of another girls soft body against mine, the tiny sounds that escape our lips as we kiss and fondle one another. These thoughts make my tight little pussy warm and wet, my hands traveling down. Teasing and taunting. I really hate masturbating alone, I want to hear your whimpers and cries as we climax together making a naughty naughty mess. So incredibly satisfying.


A Sexy Sunday Surprise

I’ll be popping in to play on Sunday (11/24) to end your weekend right and to get your holiday week started right.  Set a reminder for 8am (pacific time) and I’ll be around until 11am.


Wild in the woods.

Hi, all!! I went on a lovely little outing last weeks. I spent four days in a remote cabin, in the woods. It was absolutely spectacular… excellent company, food, and drinks all added to the adventure. Let your imagination wander a little, I’ll bet I did what you imagined and then some. If you’re lucky I’ll share some of the juicier bits with you. HaHa! Who am I trying to kid? I’d love to tell you all about my wild time in the woods. ;)


The Wettest Day Of The Year

Here in Washington State, November 19th is statistically the wettest day of the year.  I wasn’t here yesterday to play with all of you so I think today should be the wettest day of 2019.  I’ve got on a cute pair of panties that I am ready to soak.  Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll let one of you lucky ducks give me a tribute in exchange for them showing up in your mailbox.

Got any naughty roleplays that can get my juices flowing?  What about a hard cock and I can make even more uncomfortably hard?  Do you need a spanking or anything else that might make you squeal and squirm?  Maybe a bit of ass or body worship?  That makes me squirm too.

Lets see what we can come up with together.  I’ll be playing until 11pm.


Fall Fun

As the fall season slowly approaches I can’t help but have this intense craving for some spontaneity. This indescribable desire I have had for some time now. Taking a little vacation to a private cabin in the woods. Snow perfectly covering the landscape around it. The large stone fireplace sitting right in front of a soft fur rug. The perfect place for some phenomenal foreplay to take place.

We lay side by side in front of the fire, I lean towards him softly kissing his neck. Taking some ice and slowly tracing in down his chest, sending chills through his body. Our naked silhouettes illuminated in the candles flickering light. My delicate hands finding their way down to his already throbbing cock. Leaning down and placing my soft lips to his head.

With each stroke taking more and more of his throbbing cock into my mouth. As he pulses harder and harder I can feel him getting closer and closer. Just before hes about to cum, I pause. Removing my hands and taking my feather flogger and gently teasing his sensitive cock. It gets me so wet just watching as I edge him further and further. Making absolutely sure he does not cum until I say.

Nothing turns me on more than look of pure desperation on his face as he is completely in my control. He knows his cock belongs to Goddess Ava, and now begins his slut training. As I lay back and spread my legs I firmly grab him swollen cock. Placing his head softly on my wet pussy lips. Slowly teasing his throbbing cock with the feeling of my tight pink

After edging him over and over again I’ve decided to finally let him cum. His breathing getting heavier and faster as I guide him inside of me. Forcing his hard cock into my tight little pink pussy. His balls tight and full of cum just begging to be released. Feeling him beginning to tremble I whispered into his ear “cum for Goddess Ava, empty those balls for me”. Another stroke and he let out a gasp, his toes curling, as Goddess Ava drained every last bit of cum from her little slut……


Waiting for YOU

It’s the beginning of a wonderful weekend, sneak away and get naughty with me… I am waiting for you!


How Could I Say No?

I know I said I’d given up my Saturdays for a bit to make room in my busy off the phone life, but when I saw Bryanne was going to be all alone this morning I just had to come in.  I couldn’t possibly leave one of my favorite girls to play alone.  Of course she’d have fun with all of you, but having another pussy to play with just makes it even better.  I’ll be hanging out with her (and hopefully some of your hard cocks) until 11am.


Come and get me!

I hope you’re ready for a little Wednesday fun because I’ll be here playing until 11pm.  The week following a three day weekend just seems to make the week seem to take forever and I could use some distraction.  Wanna help?