Our role-play the other day…

I can’t stop thinking about the other day when we did that role-play of your secret fantasy. I had so much fun hearing you moan passionately as we recreated your dream.

I hope we play again soon, you make me cum so hard, and I know it’s mutual! ;)

<3 Sydney


Foot Worship! Diary of a Phone Sex Addict

cum suck my toesI LOVE guy with a foot fetish!

Take my feet, suck my toes..slowly.  I Love how it feels when you suck each one of my toes into your warm- wet- mouth! It makes me go wild!

And when you lick the bottoms of my feet up to my toes, sucking them into that Hot-Wet-Mouth of yours- oh how it makes my pussy drip!

I Love when you put your hard dripping cock between my high arches & hold my feet around your cock & stroke your cock in between my feet!!

I Love stroking your cock with my feet while I play with my pussy—I know you love to watch me push my big hard dildo into my Hot-Wet-Dripping-Pussy!

CALL ME NOW   ~405-366-2187~

I want to hear what you want to do to my feet to get my pussy Hot-Wet- and Ready to CUM!

Where do you want to cum? on my feet? my face? my pussy?




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DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL – Hollie (Diary of a Phone Sex Addict)

Daddy It’s Hollie, I’m here all night long all by myself waiting for the phone to ring… … please come home early…
We can have our alone time if you do.
We will have the empty house all weekend.
You said you wanted to show me something,
(the next weekend alone, just you and me… )🙂
I promise I’ll be good…. very good,  Daddy
Daddy’s Little Girl  (Hollie)
P.S. I’ll be good if you bring your poker friends home again too Daddy, You said I was a very good girl for them last time and I have been practicing very hard on that toy just like you showed me that they like it Daddy…. I want to make you happy so I get my creamy white reward. :)
Are you a friend of Daddy’s?
Oh Daddy I love how you make me feel when I’m your special girl
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a little bath time fun

There we were in the steamy hot water of our hotel rooms Jacuzzi tub, the water was frothy with bubbles and smelled of Japanese cherry blossoms. It was deep and had two built in seats across from each other. My feet rest on his lap under the water, that feels more like silk. He gently massaged the soles of my feet and then the arches. Before starting to move up and work at the base of my calves. My head leaned back to rest against the edge of the tub eyes closed and lips parted. His hands slowly crept up to my upper calves, his touch was glorious. I hadn’t felt so relaxed in ages. His hands found my thighs and I twitched, the water sloshed around us. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn’t meet his gaze. He worked his way up my thighs massaging attentively tell he found my hips and I groaned. My hips were always tight, and felt like they needed to pop. he worked them out until I was putty in his hands.
He pulled my hips up to the surface for what I thought was a better angle to massage them. But then I felt his beard pricking at my inner thighs and then his tongue parted my lower lips and I thrashed and moaned grabbing the edge of the tub. My eyes flashed open and just like I thought his eyes were boring into my face. Fuck those sexy green eyes a light with flecks of molten gold. I couldn’t keep eye contact it was too much. my head fell back again as I growled and moaned. I needed more. I needed him.
I slipped free and was instantly pushing him back into his seat, the water splashing around us. In an instant I was straddling him and sliding his cock into home. I started to ride him with wild and utter abandon. It was harder to get leverage in the water. He was watching me like I was a fucking goddess who held the key to all his pleasure. Like he was utterly mesmerized by me. It only encouraged me to ride him harder and faster, my mouth finding his neck and biting down hard, before sucking and pulling on it. His hands found my hips again then and his growl echoed off the tile.
Fuck the sounds he makes make me ache. He starts to slam me down hard and fast, and I know we’re both about to find our endings as he starts to thrust up. Holy fuck I cant stand it and I loose my self all over his hard cock, the dirtiest talk coming out of my mouth as I rip into his back with my nails, and his hot cum, erupts inside me. I collapse on his lap after and let him wash me up and carry me to bed.


It’s Freak Day!

I want to be your slutty Princess!



I was dreaming, sleeping like the dead. In a far off world of my own creation on the beach naked letting the waves lap at my legs. Although I wasn’t moving any deeper into my dreamscape sea, the waves seam to be lapping closer and closer to the meeting of my thighs. I could feel myself being pulled awake.
I awoke with a gasp. my clit was being ravaged, and I didn’t need to be told whom by. My body twitched uncontrollably. I weaved my hand through his hair under the blanket and first pushed him in harder and ground against his tongue. Fuck it felt so good. I pulled him up to my face by his hair.
“Just what do you think your doing?” I said in a sassy playful tone.
“Well, before you so rudely interrupted me, I was eating breakfast.” he replied and a crooked smirk overtook his features. He winked. “Haven’t you heard its the most important meal of the day?” I rolled my eyes, and let out a chuckle.
“Oh well don’t let me ruin your meal babe.” I sassed back before pecking your lips and tasting myself there. I groaned, and in a flash he was back under the covers. Ravaging my clit. First slowly with just the tip of his tongue, flicking back in an inconsistent beat that made me beg. Then came the long broad strokes with a flat tongue as he let a finger dive into my depths. My back arched then and my fingers found his hair. I pressed his face more firmly into my cunt. I was so fucking close. He knew it. Knew that I was teetering on the edge. He stopped moving, his finger stilled inside me. All I could feel against my clit was his breath. I whimpered and tried to push and pull him closer by his hair.
He wouldn’t budge. Fuck. I begged, pleaded, and he just waited silently before sucking my clit into his mouth, and shoved in a second finger in. I came then gushing screaming and clawing up his shoulders. Body convulsing and twitching wildly, and yet my clit remained in his mouth until I rode out the last waves of my orgasm.
Lets just say, I’d be his breakfast every morning if he wanted.


a good old fashion Thunder Fuck

There we were on a hike in the national park, when it started thundering and lightening out of know where. We found a little cave and ducked inside, we planned waiting for 30 mins after the last lightening strike before heading back down the trail.
That may of been the plan but 2 and a half hours later it was still storming hard. The moisture in the air absorbing in to our clothes. I felt cold in my bones. I started to curl up next to my partner, my ice cold hand finding its way under his layers to the warm skin underneath. We both hissed for opposite reasons. he was so warm. The closer I got to the waist band of his pants the warmer he was. I had effectively climbed on to your lap but it wasn’t enough. One look at the entrance at the entrance of the cave told me we were going no where and fast. That is when I looked at you and gave my pro survival tip. The most efficient way of keeping each other warm would be to strip down and pull our emergency blankets out and make the best of it until the storm passed. you agreed and we both quickly stripped and pulled out said blankets. you pulled me to your chest and again I hissed at the contact from how hot you were. I wiggled against you trying to press every cold part of me against you. I guess it made you excited because I felt your hard cock pressed against my stomach. my wiggling became more intentional. when you realized what I was doing you kissed me then and pulled me closer. your finger found my clit and started to tease me. I was already soaked.
You pulled me up by my hips and lined the head of our cock up with my tight little cunt. I slammed down hard as thunder clapped loudly behind us. Fuck. Even your prick was warm as hell. I groaned and started to ride in you rhythm with the thunder and lightening. Your warm hands pawing all over my skin was driving me mad. But it was when your wrapped your warm mouth around my nipple that I fucking lost my self all over your cock, you were talking dirty to me telling me to give you it, to cum for you. Then you followed me and I could feel it. The powerful spray of your cum right up against my cervix. I slowed my hips and collapsed down onto your chest. You held me there like that, hands running up and down my back until the storm past, and at that point you could say I had defiantly warmed up.


Surprise visit

On Tuesday the 10th I will be dropping by for some daytime fun! I’ll be here from 9:30 am-2 pm and would LOVE to have some fun with you! Give me a call so we can play ;)


What Would You Do?

As you all know I love to fuck day or night. Can you even imagine what I could do to you if you had me all to yourself? The places I could take you and delicious ways I could make you shudder and moan and cum? Why don’t you let me take you away? I love everything. I love surrendering to a big delicious cock or if you have a small cock i’m really good at getting you to submit to me and all of my nastiest desires. Maybe you could be a good slut and take my big strap on while I sink it deep into your ass. Maybe you could show me what a good girl I am and fuck me hard into submission. Whatever strikes your fancy. Give me a call for some hot, steamy XXX phone sex.


sloppy after sex snack

There we lay, a tangled mess of limbs. Only ten minutes ago or so that hand, your slowly trailing down my arm, was fisted in my hair. I was bent over before you. Face shoved into the pillows, hand on my hip as you pounded into me as if you couldnt get deep enough or close enough, or Just enough of me. That firey little scene ended with you shooting your hot load deep inside me. I blinked and was brought back to the present. I stared into the blue, green and gold eyes of yours, now glazed with either the post orgasm haze or desire I couldn’t tell. You shifted and I got my answer. To say the least you didnt have a small cock, or even an average sized one. That quick I was ready for you again, That little bundle of nerves at the top of my thighs aching.
You kissed my neck then. and I spazed in your arms. Which in turn made you chuckle right agaisnt that sensitive skin. It was shivers that rocked through my body then. I wanted you, every inch of you. Your teeth came down right at the spot where my neck and shoulder meet. My eyes rolled back into my head and I groaned. You released and went to nibble on my collar bone. Putty- I was putty in your hands. Your fingers toyed with my nipples as you kissed over the tops of my breasts. I tried to push your head lower, I wanted your mouth wrapped around my nipple. This made you pause your menstrations to smirk up at me as you slowly moved lower. Eyes still locked on mine. Your tongue peaked out between your lips, And ever so gently, like a whisper on the wind. Grazed over that sesitive little bud. I arched up and you sucked it in between your teeth. Gently nibbling. Moans and gasps were falling off my lips. You switched then. Only quickly sucking and biting down before letting it go with a pop. You then licked down my ribs and torso.
I knew where this was ending. You didnt seem to have a care in the world that your cum was still inside me. you flicked your tongue over my lips and my hips arched up. You parted them then. Tongue instantly finding my clit, sucking on it hard and fast before dipping down to taste the mix of me and you. Shoving your tongue deep inside me. Fuck, I couldn’t stay still. I was grinding all over your face. Your tongue rubbed right up against my gspot. I couldnt see, couldn’t form words even. The only sounds escaping my lips were groans and growls. You with drew your tongue and started a full frontal assult on my clit. First just flicking over it with just the tip. Then long lapping strokes. My hands gripped at the pillows and blanket. Then you sucked into your mouth, teeth gently grazing as on of your hands found my nipple and rolled it between your fingers. I was on the edge. So close. I wanted to explode. To go tumbling off that cliff. You knew it too. You simultainiously sucked and lapped over my clit, in a fast pace. That threw me over the edge. My hips arched up and I let out a moan so loud it was almost a scream. you lapped and licked at my clit through every wave of my orgasm.
When I stilled you pulled away, not before placing a kiss over my lower lips. Your face glistened in the dim light. Completly coated in both of our cum. You lips dripping as you climbed up my body and pressed your mouth to mine. I couldn’t stop my self from letting my tongue slip out and taste myself off your lips. If I had to say so myself, we tasted pretty damn decadent. You laid next to me then. Pulling me back against your chest, as you played with my hair until I fell asleep.