sloppy after sex snack

There we lay, a tangled mess of limbs. Only ten minutes ago or so that hand, your slowly trailing down my arm, was fisted in my hair. I was bent over before you. Face shoved into the pillows, hand on my hip as you pounded into me as if you couldnt get deep enough or close enough, or Just enough of me. That firey little scene ended with you shooting your hot load deep inside me. I blinked and was brought back to the present. I stared into the blue, green and gold eyes of yours, now glazed with either the post orgasm haze or desire I couldn’t tell. You shifted and I got my answer. To say the least you didnt have a small cock, or even an average sized one. That quick I was ready for you again, That little bundle of nerves at the top of my thighs aching.
You kissed my neck then. and I spazed in your arms. Which in turn made you chuckle right agaisnt that sensitive skin. It was shivers that rocked through my body then. I wanted you, every inch of you. Your teeth came down right at the spot where my neck and shoulder meet. My eyes rolled back into my head and I groaned. You released and went to nibble on my collar bone. Putty- I was putty in your hands. Your fingers toyed with my nipples as you kissed over the tops of my breasts. I tried to push your head lower, I wanted your mouth wrapped around my nipple. This made you pause your menstrations to smirk up at me as you slowly moved lower. Eyes still locked on mine. Your tongue peaked out between your lips, And ever so gently, like a whisper on the wind. Grazed over that sesitive little bud. I arched up and you sucked it in between your teeth. Gently nibbling. Moans and gasps were falling off my lips. You switched then. Only quickly sucking and biting down before letting it go with a pop. You then licked down my ribs and torso.
I knew where this was ending. You didnt seem to have a care in the world that your cum was still inside me. you flicked your tongue over my lips and my hips arched up. You parted them then. Tongue instantly finding my clit, sucking on it hard and fast before dipping down to taste the mix of me and you. Shoving your tongue deep inside me. Fuck, I couldn’t stay still. I was grinding all over your face. Your tongue rubbed right up against my gspot. I couldnt see, couldn’t form words even. The only sounds escaping my lips were groans and growls. You with drew your tongue and started a full frontal assult on my clit. First just flicking over it with just the tip. Then long lapping strokes. My hands gripped at the pillows and blanket. Then you sucked into your mouth, teeth gently grazing as on of your hands found my nipple and rolled it between your fingers. I was on the edge. So close. I wanted to explode. To go tumbling off that cliff. You knew it too. You simultainiously sucked and lapped over my clit, in a fast pace. That threw me over the edge. My hips arched up and I let out a moan so loud it was almost a scream. you lapped and licked at my clit through every wave of my orgasm.
When I stilled you pulled away, not before placing a kiss over my lower lips. Your face glistened in the dim light. Completly coated in both of our cum. You lips dripping as you climbed up my body and pressed your mouth to mine. I couldn’t stop my self from letting my tongue slip out and taste myself off your lips. If I had to say so myself, we tasted pretty damn decadent. You laid next to me then. Pulling me back against your chest, as you played with my hair until I fell asleep.


I heard you were a naughty boy!

Time for a good spanking! And I know you like it hard!


Play and cum with us!

Did I mix those up again? Oopsies… hehehe. Well, you might as well do what the title says!


all twitch and ache

Your fingers trail down my arm in a feather light graze. You stall there, as if you don’t know which path to take across my body. I can see it on your face, you searching for the one that will turn my skin into that of goose flesh. The one that will make my eyes roll into the abyss. You decide to take the road less traveled up my neck, then down across my collar bone. Goose bumps left in your feather light touches wake. Your hot breath follows down my neck and I can’t breath. the you bite down and I thrash. Fire building in my gut. your teeth release my throat and then your lips are on my collar bone and your fingers are on my nipples as you toy with them gently.
I’m all twitch, and ache. The word more falls off my lips in a plea but you have no intention of giving in. You kiss down between the valley of my breasts. Over my rib cage. Across my stomach. All the while your fingers unrelenting on my nipples. My eyes long since rolled back into my head. My hands gripping the sheets. My body is burning. I want more. I need more. Then your tongue is lapping over my lips and I cant stop my hips from rising to grind against you. You groan at the taste of me and then loose control.
Your hands move from my breasts with lighting speed to find my hips and hold them in place as you let your tongue part my lips and start your aching assault on my clit. My hand fists in your hair, and I’m gasping. A second later and one of your fingers is inside of me, Curling up at precisely the right angle to graze my gspot. I cry out. Your finger is gone then and I whimper, Actually whimper out loud. The loss of contact to much to bare. Seconds later your back inside me this time with two finger, both feverishly working that yummy spot on my upper wall. You suck my clit into your mouth then and start flicking the tip of your tongue on it as you softly nibble. It throws me over the edge with out warning and I cum gushing all over your face, and you stay down there lapping up every last drop.


Play later

I was relaxing in the huge, jetted tub. The water hot, steamy and thick with the oils and salts I had put in. I rested with my head back against the edge of the tub, eye closed, Completely enveloped in the hot water. When I heard you enter the bath room, you sat on the rim of the tub, and ran a hand up my torso to my neck. “You look pretty serene like that, Almost makes me not want to fuck with you. ” you said in a voice that was half growl half whisper. I kept my eyes closed, but a small smirk settled on my lips. Serene I may have been moments ago, but now? Now I was aching. I fucking love it when you talk dirty to me like that. It had been So long since the last time you had me. Since the last time I had you all the way inside me. All these months only late night phone sex session held us over. Your voice sounded impossibly sexy with out the mild phone static.
Your hand dipped deliciously lower. Your fingers spread my lips, and your finger started circling my clit. My eyes shot open, a moan erupting through my calm poker face. I found your face, smirking at me. Then you pinched down on either side of my clit, and I thrashed gasping. I was ready to beg you. We would play later. I needed you now. “Please” I growled out.
“Please what my love?” you said back, cool as the winter breeze. Fuck me. Need was no longer a good enough word to describe how very much I fucking wanted you.
“Take me to that bed, and fuck me. I need you, I need your fucking cock inside of me right fucking now. ” I growled out. Moving to get out of the bath. I knew my words had hit there mark when you scooped me up in those strong arms of yours. It seems I am not the only one who enjoys a little dirty talk.
You wordlessly laid me out on the bed, but you weren’t done playing. You went face first for my pussy and started lapping at my clit. And I forgot for a moment what I truly wanted as my eyes rolled back into my head, and your lips encompassed that sensitive ball of nerves sucking hard. I growled and thrusted up against your face. Then my hand wove its way into your hair and I fisted a hand full of it as I pulled you up by it. ” Play. Later.” I growled in finality. I don’t care how good it felt. This was going to be so much better. I ripped open your pants and pulled your cock out. I was so close to getting what I had been aching for since the day you left. I lined it up with entrance and when you didn’t instantly slam in I huffed. “Please?” I whimpered. You smirked. Then you were all the way inside of me bare. We were both groaning. More, I needed more. So did you, You pulled almost all the way out and then thrust into the hilt again. Your lips found my neck and latched on, as you set your hard and fast pace. I was so close already. “Don’t fucking stop.” I Half begged and half demanded. you pulled out all the way again. And I growled. “Roll over.” You commanded. As if this wasn’t a ploy to sass me slightly. I obeyed. my back arching low, ass high in the air. Pussy wet and dripping. You teased my slit. Letting your head go up and circle my clit. “Play later!” I moaned into the sheets. Then you rammed inside of me so hard and so deep the head of you hit my cervix. Your name came screaming out of my lips, and I quivered around you. You pulled all the way out and slammed back in again before settling on a hard and fast pace that had me throwing my hips back to meet you.
“Play with your little clit for me, I love the way it makes your pussy twitch on my cock” You leaned down and whispered in my ear, before nipping at my ear. There you were again saying such yummy things to me, talking dirty, and not missing a stroke. My finger found my clit and I turned into putty before your eyes. You fisted a hand in my hair and Started slamming into me impossibly harder. I was teetering on the edge, So fucking close. My pussy spasming. “Cum with me, Right fucking now Finley” You groaned out
and I was thrown over the edge, as I felt your first stream of cum inside me. My pussy milking out every drop as I throbbed around you. We were both panting as your rolled off of me. “Now I’d say its time to revisit the bath.” You half joked.
We spent the rest of the night teasing each other, covered in bubbles. Like I said, Play later.


Stay Still

There we laid all snuggled up, when her hand made its slow ascent up
between the valley of my breasts to my throat. Where it clamped down
lightly choking me. She then sucked my earlobe into her mouth and lightly
nibbled, her hold on my throat tightened. I started squirming
involuntarily as a small soft choked moan crept past my lips. This is when
she slipped her other hand into my tiny Pj shorts. More, I wanted more.
Whimpers were coming out of my mouth half choked, my only way of begging.
Her fingers slowly started to circle my clit, teasing menstruation. Her
hand vanished from my throat to take a new perch on my left breast. I was
putty in her hands. A twitchy wet moaning mess in her arm. She growled
into my ear “Stay Still Finley.” her fingers dispensary from my clit. A
second later her hand came down and spanked my pussy. I groaned. Her
fingers sheathed themselves inside of me an instant later. I took a deep
breath willing my legs not to twitch as her fingers curled upwards and hit
my gspot. I was gasping moaning and begging her not to stop, as she picked
up pace, and then bit my neck hard. My breath hitched. Her fingers
withdrew and moved up to my clit stroking in hard fast circles. My orgasm
was building, and I could no longer control my thighs, or any other part
of me. I started squirming, my hips thrusting trying desperately hard to
get more. She raised her hand and spanked my pussy again as her other hand
tweaked my left nipple hard. Fuck. ” I said stay still.” she growled
against my neck. I went taught. She went back to teasing my clit. Feather
light touches. I begged softly for more. Whimpering. She pinched my clit
then, but I didn’t twitch. Only a loud groan escaped me. “Good girl.” she
murmured against my neck before biting down again. She started stroking my
clit again, and I was instantly on the edge. my whole body tingling as I
begged it to stay still. She rolled my left nipple between her fingers and
put more pressure on my clit. My eyes rolled back into my head. Still I
willed my muscles to obey. She kissed up to my ear. “Cum for me” She
growled and then sucked me earlobe into her mouth. I exploded and she
shoved her Fingers into me. I was moaning and twitching on her had, as she
finger fucked me through the waves of my orgasm. After my pussy stopped
milking her fingers, she withdrew them and stuck them instantly in her
mouth. and then came to lay beside me and wrap herself around me. We fell
asleep like that an entangled, cum soaked mess of limbs.


Wake up

It’s early in the morning and you’re still asleep as I open my eyes and yawn. I look at your face, so peaceful, eyelids fluttering as if you’re in the midst of a pleasant dream. My eyes move down the length of your body as I move over and slowly tuck myself under your arm. You let out a soft groan and snuggle me closer. My fingers graze your chest and slowly work their way down your stomach stopping every so often to circle back around my favorite spots.
As I move my hands further down and trace along your hip bones I see a familiar tent start to rise under the sheet. I smile and look back at your face. You still seem to be sleeping, but your eyebrows are
furrowed in an adorable frustrated expression and I know exactly what you need. I move silently and slowly as not to wake you my body is all the way down the bed now and my head right at your hips. I
continue to trace your hips with my fingertips and I hear your breathing get heavier.
I slowly lift the sheet shielding you from my gaze and reveal a monsterously hard cock. It looks bigger and harder than i’ve ever seen and an excitement builds deep within me. Ever so gently I move my hand to the other side of your body and lift myself up so that I can straddle myself over your knees. I softly move downward to your amazingly hard erection and place my hot, wet mouth right over the head of your cock. My eager lips lock down and you let out a soft groan. I look up and our eyes meet. You look so adorable and confused, but through the confusion I can see your hunger for me. I move farther down and let the full length of your hard dick slide down my throat.
You cry out at this point thoroughly enjoying the way my lips tighten and my tongue flicks. I can feel you swell even harder inside my mouth and I know it won’t take anytime at all to fill up my thirsty mouth with your hot cum. I move faster and harder now fully craving my warm delivery of your delicious seed. I need it. You can tell I want to drain you completely so you shamelessly release into my mouth and I take every last drop down my throat. Our eyes meet again when I swallow the last trace of you and you smile at me. I gently let your relaxed cock free from my needy mouth and smile back at you. What a beautiful start to the day.


Morning Time

Hello my sexy friend,

I love how you helped me wake up with that stimulating conversation ;)

XOXO Sydney



Good Morning

Good morning my dears,


I’m having a hard time waking up this morning and need a little help, won’t you tickle me today? “Tickle me Tuesday” sounds like fun, yeah? ;)


I’m so hot

It’s such a hot day outside! I wonder how long it would take to melt an ice cube between our warm bodies. Come and get me, boys. I’m pretty much naked already. ;)