bound ass play

My perfect little pet, was bound to the bed by all four limbs. Legs spread, on his stomach and blind folded. I smirked at the scene before me flogger in hand. I slowly moved around the bed trailing the tips of suede up his spine. Before starting its teasing decent back down. With a flick of my wrist that flogger came down lightly on his ass cheeks. he gasped. I flicked my wrist again. The tips of the flogger snapping against his ass. This elicited a moan. Which was music to my ears. Again and Again the flogger came down on his ass, tell the room was alight in symphony of the flogger breaking the wind and his little sounds. When his ass was the perfect shade of red I set the flogger down, and moved to grab some coconut oil.
I straddled the backs of his thighs and began warming the oil in my hands. My hands started working over the red hot skin of his ass cheeks. hisses escaping as he adjusted. With every swipe of my hands I got closer and closer to where his ass cheeks parted. Eventually I slipped a coconut oil covered finger between them and found his pert little asshole. I slowly started to trace small little circles around the outside. My pet moaned loudly and tried to push back on to my finger. So I slipped in painstakingly slowly. His ass backed further up on to my finger and I smirked. Such a greedy pet. My finger withdrew instantly. He whimpered. and then my hand came down on his ass hard. My pets do not behave with such little patience. He hissed, and I knew he wouldn’t make the same mistake again.
I stepped away then and lubed up two fingers silently. letting him stew. I came in fast, breath in his ear, hot and heavy. “Beg.” my voice whispered, in utter command. “beg me, and maybe if your convincing enough. I’ll think about touching that small cock.” He groaned then, and please came falling off his lips like a song. My two fingers slid in slow and gentle. and his pleas stopped, cut off by a half growl half moan. his thighs twitched with the effort to stay still. I bit his neck then and started to finger fuck his ass hard, fast and with out mercy. Just like he wanted. I curled my fingers up as I pulled back and his hips bucked,and the moan that erupted from his throat. oh he wanted it. My speed picked up wanting to see just how much he could take. It was moments later he was begging me to let him cum, my fingers curled inside of him again and I pulled half way back as he screamed please, again. “Yes my pet” I murmured as I pulled the rest of the way out and his small cock started spilling cum underneath him.

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