Turkey and Pie ;)

The room was alight in laughter and the smell of roasted turkey. I sat on the couch in my family’s living room. My mom always did the holidays big. all of my cousins were in attendance as was tradition. I smiled at my cousin Noah from across the room. He was taller this year. His dark hair longer. I made my way over to him. We exchanged pleasantries while I spiked his eggnog with rum from my flask. Forever my drinking buddy at any family function and maybe a little more than that. I winked at him as my mom called for a round of domino.
I would win every game that mom challenged me too that night. Mostly to make a statement of my presences. Noah always nipping at my heels, Always almost taking the win for himself. The competitive nature we had as children shining through. I slipped up the stairs relatively unnoticed. Walking down the hall to my old childhood room. Noah noticed my absence for the cue that it was. He came into the room locking the door behind him. He was pushing me up against the wall a second later. Mouth on mine like he had been thinking about it since the moment he saw me walk in the house. His hands made quick work of my panties. While mine dealt with the pesky zipper of his slacks. He was all the way inside of me a moment later. and we both moaned. Flash backs of the first time we did this always came with his first stroke. We both knew that this was wrong… But honestly how wrong could it be when we fit so perfectly together. He was pounding into me with the expertise of someone who had spent years learning just how to make this body twitch from pleasure. My hands were gripping at his hair. my mouth on his neck to muffle my moans. There was only one way this round would end. The only way that ever felt right despite the risk. I started to bounce up and down with his thrusts. and when I started to cum all over my cousins cock I bit down on his neck to stop my screams lest anyone find us in this compromising position He followed me right over the edge making sure to slam all the way in so the head of his cock was right against my cervix as he exploded, filling me up with his all too familiar seed. I kissed his cheek and then hopped down and before calling over my shoulder, ‘Can’t wait for Christmas.’

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