Daddy’s Call

Day breaks through the blinds of my bedroom window, warm rays of sunshine caressing my naked form. It’s a lazy Sunday morning and before i get the chance to cover my nudity with the soft down comforter, I hear my cell phone chime from atop the table next to me. It’s cutesy girlish ringtone beckoning me to answer.
“Hello…?” I say, sleep still dripping from my sweet lips.
“Good morning my lovely Kitten.” you chuckle from the other end, “Did you sleep well Princess?”
My breath softly catches. I’m always so excited to hear from you. Especially now when we are so far apart from each other. You know it well, and chuckle a little more over the phone. The way you can tease sends a shiver down my spine and between my legs warms to the sweetness of your style.
“Oh! Yes Sir! I was just getting up!”
“Oh not yet sweety…Daddy wants you to lay back down for a bit. And, please, listen to what I have to say.” you say it idly, as if you were talking to one of your employees, but I knew far better that it was a command and no ordinary comment.
“Am I in trouble Daddy?” I squeak. I couldn’t think of anything I’d done to be a bad girl. At least, not that you would know of. My small pink nipples hardened at the thought of you spying on me, seeing me toy with myself without your permission. My hand subconsciously rose to my left breast and squeezed it hard while i tried not to moan into the phone alerting you of my bad behavior.
“No baby, not at all. You’ve been such a good little pet.” you say, “There’s just something I want you to do.” this time more sternly. The way your voice deepens as you go from a casual businessman to an overtly erotic Dom instantly makes my tight pink pussy drip with anticipation. I reach my fingers down from my tit to the fold of my lips and feel my girlish pearl throb in wanting.
“Yes, Daddy?”
“I’ll be heading home today, Kitten. I should be there in 6 hours, 8 at the latest, and until then I will have you on the phone fucking yourself silly, doing whatever I tell you to, until I can be there to do it myself. If you stop for any reason you’ll be punished. Do you understand/” the roughness of your tone could bring me to climax itself.
“Yes Sir, I do.” I moan out softly.
“Good girl.” you chuckle again, “Now listen to Daddy and do exactly as I say.”

Help me finish my story, telling me EXACTLY how you want me to fuck myself. My orgasms are completely under your control Daddy ;) I’m just a phone call away from cumming to your command.


Daily Fun with My Friends

How would you react if I told you that I have the good fortune of sexy phone girls as housemates? Between lingerie parties, sexy conversations, and play time there is never a dull moment! Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall?
Our days start with coffee and cannabis (what is it about that plant that gets our panties dripping?). Now that the weather is warming up we have been taking advantage – sipping and smoking on the second story deck in little lace negligees or silk tap shorts and little camisole tops. The boys living in the house across the street always seem to be out when we are… I can’t say I blame them. Maybe soon they’ll be brave enough to say hi! If you lived across the street would you cum over? If you were brave enough to knock what would you say when the door opens? Would you be rendered speechless by the vision of three lingerie clad goddesses?
As you probably imagine the conversations between us are always sexual in nature. We talk about everything from sex tips and dating disasters to our kinks and fantasies. The talk can get us pretty turned on… some days we retreat to our bedrooms and play with toys by ourselves. Other days we play with each other’s sexy bodies. It is so nice having sexy phone sluts at my disposal!
After a few orgasms we go about our day: playing with our pets, bikini gardening, and making art. By mid afternoon we are usually pretty horny again and wind up having each other for lunch. I love tasting their sweet little pussies and teasing their nipples until they cum all over themselves.
Maybe you have some fun ideas we should try? Call me, tell me how you would fuck my hot friends.


coffee or cock?

Lately, I’ve been craving morning sex like no other. No I don’t mean slowly waking up together with soft grazing touches, and gentle kisses. I mean waking up to a huge fucking hard cock sliding all the way inside of me with no warning, Or the feel of someones tongue flicking at my clit coaxing me awake to be there fuck toy. All I can think about is how warm their skin will feel against me… inside of me. Fuck. Teeth biting into my neck as his second stroke lands home hard. The shock of being fucked awake, all the sensations. If you ask me sometimes cock can be more energizing in the morning than coffee. What do you think? how would you like to start your morning, with a strong cup of java, or with my warm pussy enveloping your stiff cock?


Turkey and Pie ;)

The room was alight in laughter and the smell of roasted turkey. I sat on the couch in my family’s living room. My mom always did the holidays big. all of my cousins were in attendance as was tradition. I smiled at my cousin Noah from across the room. He was taller this year. His dark hair longer. I made my way over to him. We exchanged pleasantries while I spiked his eggnog with rum from my flask. Forever my drinking buddy at any family function and maybe a little more than that. I winked at him as my mom called for a round of domino.
I would win every game that mom challenged me too that night. Mostly to make a statement of my presences. Noah always nipping at my heels, Always almost taking the win for himself. The competitive nature we had as children shining through. I slipped up the stairs relatively unnoticed. Walking down the hall to my old childhood room. Noah noticed my absence for the cue that it was. He came into the room locking the door behind him. He was pushing me up against the wall a second later. Mouth on mine like he had been thinking about it since the moment he saw me walk in the house. His hands made quick work of my panties. While mine dealt with the pesky zipper of his slacks. He was all the way inside of me a moment later. and we both moaned. Flash backs of the first time we did this always came with his first stroke. We both knew that this was wrong… But honestly how wrong could it be when we fit so perfectly together. He was pounding into me with the expertise of someone who had spent years learning just how to make this body twitch from pleasure. My hands were gripping at his hair. my mouth on his neck to muffle my moans. There was only one way this round would end. The only way that ever felt right despite the risk. I started to bounce up and down with his thrusts. and when I started to cum all over my cousins cock I bit down on his neck to stop my screams lest anyone find us in this compromising position He followed me right over the edge making sure to slam all the way in so the head of his cock was right against my cervix as he exploded, filling me up with his all too familiar seed. I kissed his cheek and then hopped down and before calling over my shoulder, ‘Can’t wait for Christmas.’


Birthday Girl!

It’s almost my favorite time of the year! In just a over a week it will
be my birthday! I’m sure you all know how much I LOVE my birthday. It’s
a whole day that revolves around me so why wouldn’t I love it? I’m sure
you’ve put a lot of thought into what to get me for my special day, but
what I really want is you! I’ll be here the 4th and 5th of February if
you want to send any well wishes my way.


Pain is life.

I’m looking for a new pain slut! Is that you? I need to abuse some cocks and balls, and what I could do with a hairless pussy! I have a lock and key and the need to use them! So don’t be shy cum out and play, and the name of Mistress Abbie to you!


Cum and get some.

I truly believe that phone sex is my calling!! Maybe it’s the fact that I just got off an hour long call and came 9 times, maybe it’s when I hypnotize my little sissy callers into doing what I want them to do, or maybe it’s the simple fact that very little is taboo to me. I can be your Mistress, or your Sub, I’m a natural at both, and it doesn’t matter what sex you are, I love it all.

I’m sure that there’s a little girl locked in a grown man body just waiting to morph into that butterfly, And I’m the one to show you, your true potential.
What’s your favorite color honey, pink?
And are you leather or lace?
Damn! I think it would be fun to find out. So come and talk to me and tell me your deepest darkest secrets.


Happy Halloween!

Hey all you sexys Here is hoping you had a Wonderful Halloween with lots of nasty little adventures I know I did. If you would like to hear about them I’m available

Monday 6pm-6am

Tuesday 6pm-6am

Thursday 8pm-8am

Saturday 10am-8pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

All PST zone.



New site!

Wow! The new site sure is different, but I think I like it. I’m excited to be able to blog and interact with everyone on here. I wonder what we’ll talk about! ;)




Guess what red headed vixen has her anniversary coming up? As you know, I love a celebration especially when that celebration is all about me. Get your party hats on, boys! I’m expecting lots of kisses and licks and orgasms.