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Likes: Sex of any kind, rough play, slick wet pussy, hot hard throbbing cock, role play, group sex.
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HI! My name is Kimberly, but you can call me Kim. I'm your average 25 year
old girl next door, except I have a secret! I love sex. I crave big
throbbing cocks and love the feel of them in my hand, mouth, ass, or
pussy. I love to feel a man's juices all over me. I like to lick pussy,
too. And finger it till she squirts on my face. I like the taste of cum. I
want to make you edge that nice cock of yours until you are ready to cum
so I can listen to the sounds of pure ecstasy as they escape those sweet
of yours. Oh, and did I mention I love any kind of sex? Rough, gentle,

I just love to be bent over and fucked from behind hard and fast. The
harder the better. I love the feeling of balls slapping my clit each time
you thrust it in my hot, wet, tight pussy. Let me clench my tight wet pussy
around that throbbing dick as you show me what a good time really is! Bend
me over! Tie me up! Spank me hard! As I said, I like it rough and fast and
hard! I like to spank, slap, pinch, bite, squeeze, and anything else you
could possibly imagine!

As much as I like it rough, I like it slow and teasing too! Maybe we are
lovers who decided to stay in for the night. We start out touching and
kissing, leading to more and more, giving me time to hit any and all your
sweet spots! Nibbling your ear, biting your lip, flicking your nipples
with my tongue, until I start sucking on that nice long cock hard and
slow! All the while, you are playing with my perky tits and rubbing my
throbbing little clit. Until its finally time for you to slide that aching
cock into me with long slow thrusts. Sending us both into pure ecstasy
while I moan out your name!

I can be the sweet little innocent girl next door, but I can be a
bitch too! "You worthless fucking pathetic excuse for a man! You call that
a cock? Looks more like bite size tootsie roll to me. How are you ever
going to please a woman with that? I know for a fact you could never
please me with it. I wouldn't let that so-called cock any where near my hot
wet pussy and neither would any other woman. Let me remind you what you
truly are! Wasted space! The closest you will ever get to a woman's pussy
is to clean the cum off the cock of a real man that was just inside her!
Let me explain to you the difference between a real man and you! Then bend
over and let me show you what a real fucking cock feels like as I ram my
big fucking dildo in your tight fucking ass!"

Are you a dirty little sissy bitch? I love to play with my sissy boys. You
want me to put you in a pair of my sexy pink panties and then bend you
over, shoving them aside, fucking your tight ass with my strap on? Telling
you how tight your little fucking cunt is on my big pink cock? Maybe you
want me to show you what a real sissy bitch does and dress you up from
head to toe in lingerie, sexy slutty dress, heels. Lets go all out! "That's
right! Tuck that fucking excuse for a cock in and strut for me!" Then I'll
make you suck my big fucking dildo after I fuck your tight ass with it. Or
I could find a real man's cock and instruct him on how to push you down and
fuck your face with his nice long cock, choking you with it... mmm. Baby, I
would love to watch that! And with me, you will learn how to take the whole
cock like the little slut you are!

One of my most favorite things is to tease! That's right boys, I am a cock
tease along with being a dirty cum slut! Maybe you come home from a long
day at work and find me dressed to kill! Little black nightie, knee high
black leather boots, the whole shebang! I take you up to our room where
you can see I have stripped our big bed of everything except the sheet. I
start to kiss you and undress you. Slowly rubbing myself up against you and
you can feel my hard nipples rubbing your chest through my silk nightie. I
can feel your dick growing in my hands as I rub my hand over it while
taking your pants off. Then I lay you down and turn around to grab some
scarfs. Surprise! I tie you up and start the slow process of teasing the
fuck out of you, literally. I want to tease you until you just can't take
it anymore and rip your way out of the ties and fuck me like I deserve!
I'll start by carefully running just my nipple up and down your cock letting
you feel my hot breath as I breath. Sucking on your nipples and nibbling
my way down your chest. Maybe I'll take my tongue and lightly tease the
head of your aching manhood. Then move lower and take one of those ever
growing balls into my mouth and massage it with my lips and tongue. And
I'll just keep going, ever teasing you! How much can you take? Let's find
out together!

I have fantasies about rubbing my clit in my office and having my boss
walk in and catch me. Want to catch me? You can walk in and catch me and
force me to do all kinds of things so you won't tell! Maybe you will make
me be your slave, forcing me to deep throat your cock and finger your ass
while I play with your balls. Maybe you will make me lick your ass hole
while you titty fuck me.

I'm super flexible. You can make me put my feet behind my head and keep
them there while you shove your huge cock in and out of my wet pussy. Or
you can titty fuck me shoving your cock between my soft mounds and
slamming it into my face with each thrust while I'm helpless to stop you.

I can be any girl you want me to be. I love to suck on hard cock, want to
cum in my mouth? I can lick a pussy while you watch. Or you can fuck me
from behind! Want to cum on my face or watch her cum in my mouth? Yummy, I
want to taste you, I love the taste of cum. Sometimes I even play with
myself till I cum and lick my own juices off my fingers. I want to learn
all there is to learn about sex. Want to teach me? Spank me if I do it
wrong? Want someone to order around? I love to be told what to do.

I love group sex. One of my fantasies is to have sex with a stranger I met
at a bar and get caught by two other guys and end up with them all
fucking me. One in each hole. Which one do you want to fuck? My wet warm
pussy? My tight little asshole? Or my slippery mouth? I dream about what
it would feel like to be truly full, getting fucked from every angle. I
wake up with my panties full of my juices. Another of my fantasies is to
be babysitting and have the couple come home from dinner and ask me to
hang out a little. Then they take me to their bedroom and the wife forces me
on the bed while the husband strips my clothes off. He will watch while
his wife makes me lick her pussy and pull on her nipples making her cum on
my face and lick her clean. Then he will come and fuck me hard while his
wife puts her dildo in my ass. Want to hear more?

I like to touch myself anytime I can. You want me to orgasm in my panties
and send them to you? Then you can smell me or even taste me next time we

I love sex! So call me, tell me what you like, I might just like it too!

Want to know when I'm available? You can find out at: or you can reach me via e-mail at:, or send me an IM at Kisses4Kimberly on both AOL
and Yahoo!

Talk to you soon!