Daily Fun with My Friends

How would you react if I told you that I have the good fortune of sexy phone girls as housemates? Between lingerie parties, sexy conversations, and play time there is never a dull moment! Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall?
Our days start with coffee and cannabis (what is it about that plant that gets our panties dripping?). Now that the weather is warming up we have been taking advantage – sipping and smoking on the second story deck in little lace negligees or silk tap shorts and little camisole tops. The boys living in the house across the street always seem to be out when we are… I can’t say I blame them. Maybe soon they’ll be brave enough to say hi! If you lived across the street would you cum over? If you were brave enough to knock what would you say when the door opens? Would you be rendered speechless by the vision of three lingerie clad goddesses?
As you probably imagine the conversations between us are always sexual in nature. We talk about everything from sex tips and dating disasters to our kinks and fantasies. The talk can get us pretty turned on… some days we retreat to our bedrooms and play with toys by ourselves. Other days we play with each other’s sexy bodies. It is so nice having sexy phone sluts at my disposal!
After a few orgasms we go about our day: playing with our pets, bikini gardening, and making art. By mid afternoon we are usually pretty horny again and wind up having each other for lunch. I love tasting their sweet little pussies and teasing their nipples until they cum all over themselves.
Maybe you have some fun ideas we should try? Call me, tell me how you would fuck my hot friends.

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