The snow is melting

So happy to be back to all my lovelies!  At least, I kept myself busy with some sexy time fun while snowed in ;)

2 comments to The snow is melting

  • gt

    My Pursuit

    It is not often I find myself without breath
    But when I get lost in the beauty you possess
    My breath becomes deeply defined by silence
    My eyes are subdued and move without guidance
    And every moment that follows is what I now see
    A soft subtle smile gently moves deep inside of me
    And the look in your eyes whisper of a deeper love
    Still, my heart pounds as my soul longs for your touch
    But even so, I will continue my pursuit of your heart
    Hoping words I write will follow you beneath the stars
    Where beauty elicits moments of uncontrolled desires
    And overshadows the captivity of breathless suspires
    ~ wind whisperer

  • gt

    I Still Remember

    I often lay awake on dark nights and let my mind wander
    Quietly waiting for my thoughts to become less somber
    Every now and then, I find thoughts of you passing through
    And soft reflections of yesterday somehow enhance my view
    I still remember the moment when I first heard your voice
    And how each sound left me breathless yet filled my voids
    Perhaps like the melodies of the music I so often listen to
    I found in me the elusive feelings that were always subdued
    And whether it’s a piano or you, I find reason to quietly write
    Of memories like these that will somehow live beyond this life
    ~ wind whisperer

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