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Likes: love NASCAR, Drag Racing, Football, motorcycles, horses, star gazing, ranch living and outdoor sex. Totally into oral, anal, threesomes, role playing, blow jobs and swallowing, biting, spanking, hair pulling, rough sex, voyeurism, edging, fantasies, tit fucking, Dom/sub play and pleasing my lovers. Always willing to participate in new adventures, what is your pleasure?
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My name is Bella...
I'm the new girl at Your Desires and I can't wait to meet you! Let me fill your wildest desires and fantasies!
Thank you for stopping by to see me, all of me. I am at your beck and call, and it is my deepest desire to please you in any and every way I can.
Want to play with me?

Come, take my hand as I lead you into my private bedroom. Slowly undress me. Feel the warmth of my body pressing up against you, feel the firmness of my perky breasts as you eagerly bury your face in them. Kiss me passionately, lick me, bite me, taste me. Lower me onto the bed as you spread my legs and plunge your mouth into my soaking wet pussy... I am longing for your wet mouth and eager tongue as I writhe in pleasure. Let me beg you to bury your hard throbbing cock down my throat as I fondle your balls and play with your ass. Before we reach the brink of climax, take a breath, slow down, because I need to feel your large cock deep down inside my pussy. Let me take the reins and ride you like a racehorse until we simultaneously and gloriously cum together.

Tell me your secret fantasies and I will tell you mine. I can be a lady in the parlor, but I can be a naughty little slut in the bedroom. Your desires are my desires, I want to tease you, I want to please you, it's just you and I and the possibilities are endless so call me. Let's play!

I have always had fantasies of being fucked on a motorcycle, with nothing on except for my black leather chaps and stiletto heels. Imagine me on the back of a beautiful thoroughbred horse wearing nothing more than boots and spurs. Nothing excites me more than being naked on the warm hood of your hot truck on a moonlight night in the country under the stars, anxiously awaiting your wet tongue and hard cock. I love to be handcuffed and spanked when I'm a naughty girl and let you have your way with me. Or maybe you need a spanking, have you been naughty? You need to call me, I need to punish my naughty little boy!

I want our time together to be as real as can be. When you call I'll slip out of something silky and crawl into bed. Wrap your hands around that hot cock of yours and enjoy my whimpers and moans as I pleasure myself. I'm hot and soaking wet and waiting for your call!

I love toys and encourage you to use them too. We can both play at the same time and get down and dirty. My favorite toy is the Bullit that I place inside of me and you control the remote control. You decide when to turn it on. Watch me squirm in pleasure, listen to me moan. Let me slather your cock in whipping cream as I describe how I'll slowly lick all the creamy sweetness, and then I'll let you drip warm sweet honey on my tits and let it glide down my belly and into crevices you can taste with your talented tongue. Afterwards, we can play in the shower or hot tub and I'll describe how I'll massage and lather up every inch of your body as you moan and quiver.

Being an open minded, adventurous woman, I also enjoy threesomes. Maybe you'd just like to watch me and another beautiful woman pleasuring each other. Let me describe in detail how I'd pleasure her. Maybe you'd like to tell me what you'd like to do to both of us. I'm listening.

Afterwards you may want our panties, which I promise you will be sweet and soaking wet! You can purchase those panties as a special little gift for yourself to remember our beautiful time together. I promise you will be delighted and aroused and ready to call me back for more play time!

Im longing for some playtime. Let me fulfill your deepest desires. I am waiting for your call. Come play with me!

You can message me at: BellaBeckonsYou on AIM or Trillian.
Email me if you wish at

Wet, warm, passionate kisses,