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Age: 35
Cup Size: 34c.24.36
Trillian: JessesJuicyForYou
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Likes: Exhibitionism, Role Playing, Dom/Sub, BDSM, CBT, sucking dick, pubic sex, fantasy, anal, toys, oral, being spoiled, hair pulling, nipple sucking, trying new things, high heels and cock! But not necessarily in that order!
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Hi, I'm Jesse and I'm ready to explore! I love all things sex! I get turned on wearing a tiny little tee with no bra and watching you look at me while pretending you're skirt is a little short and I forgot to wear panties today...caught you again!

Role playing is an all time fav! Set the scene or ask me to, and ACTION! I enjoy acting on stage during my off-time, so I thoroughly love it when you give me the part! Let's win a Tony, shall we?

I love having control and I love losing control. Be my sex slave or make me yours! I will control your every move, every thought, every orgasm...I said WAIT, you DO NOT have my permission to cum....yet!

I get off on pain, pleasurable pain. Spank me, pull my hair, shove your cock down my throat and make me gag, twist my nipples until I beg you to stop, and then do it a little more... if you've been bad, don't expect me to look the other way, you must pay, in blood, sweat, and cum...

As a kid I played with toys, I see no need to stop as an adult, the toys are just different now! I'm in the swing, you have the vibrator and you are teasing me while I'm blindfolded...

Trust me? I'll tie you up, tease you with my tongue, scratch you with my nails, make you beg for my sweet pussy to bless you with her cum and then leave you there while I relax with a magazine and a cocktail...Don't move until I get back and you better keep that dick hard for me...or else!

I will try anything once...ask me, it can't hurt to ask, right? Or will it?

Want a little extra part of me? Want to breathe in my sex? Want to taste me? Feel free to purchase the panties I wear during my time with you.

You can always email me at I am also available to chat at JessesJuicyForYou on both AOL and Tillian. Come follow me on Twitter @JessesJuicy4You

I'm ready to play with you... give me a call, Let's get my panties wet together!

XOXO, Jesse