I want to wrap you up tight in some cling wrap so that you cant move anything. I’ll leave your mouth, eyes, and cock unwrapped so you can ache for me and please me as I see fit. I can just imagine you helpless and writhing in your plastic prison while I sit on your air hole and stroke your cock so well that you don’t even care about breathing anymore. In fact, why not die this way? You’ll never have a better moment. May as well end it here. What was that? I can’t hear you….oh dear….lost another one.


An Offering

I want blood offerings, pets.

I want you on your knees ready to please me in any way which could mean tasting my delicious nectar from the spring between my creamy thighs. It could mean that I take your riches and leave you poor and hanging on my every word. It could mean that I take your heart and mind and make you so addicted to me that life becomes meaningless unless you are pleasing me. It could mean I hurt you in delicious ways just to hear the whimper of a man under my control. It could mean the best orgasm of your life. The choice is yours…are you feeling lost? More importantly…are you feeling brave?


Give yourself to me

I know you all have strayed in my absence. I’m giving you little sluts a chance to absolve yourselves from sin and come under my guidance once more. Get on your knees and pray to my big strap on cock to bless you with a nice hard fuck.

Repeat after me:

Forgive me Odessa for I have sinned.


Serve Me

I know what you’ve heard about me. I can be harsh and cruel and such a tease…but I promise you there’s more. Submitting to me brings you such pleasure and you already know it’s true just by looking into my eyes and realizing that you aren’t even worthy of this goddess’ mercy. Give me your trust, release all your fears and desires unto me and I PROMISE you will be safe. You will also be filled with pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. I would never hurt you, pet…that is unless you cross me. Punishment for failing to follow my instruction is not cruel, it is a learning opportunity for you to better serve me. That is what you want isn’t it?



“Yes, Odessa.”
“Pardon me?”
“Yes, goddess.”
I do love to hear that in my calls. A certain kind of call, in any case, with a lovely, sweet man, or man/girl. Sometimes it’s someone who wishes they were a slave. Or less extreme, a submissive. Or even a simple kinkster, who finds delight and pleasure in becoming partners in the nurturing of their unusual tastes.
Tom – that’s not the name on his birth certificate, of course, though I’m not quite sure. We haven’t gotten to the stage where he begs me to let him send such things. Anyway,Tom was sitting at his table, in front of his computer, looking at images of me. he gets a little unfocused by my eyes and lips, knowing how it would feel if I were to lightly brush my lips across his cheek, or even his own mouth. Unfocused? Yes. I can tell by his breathing and his voice. It wavers. Trails off sometimes.
It’s not his fault. As we talk, I have him rub his crotch as I slip my words into his ear and his mind. His body is flooded with pleasure as we talk about his need to be possessed by the eternal feminine, the embodiment of what led him to exist in the first place. At times, he imagines my toes dancing across his crotch or, if I’m feeling kind, his exposed cock. Or me, standing over him, looking down as he rubs himself, his eyes pleading for direction and guidance. It’s a beautiful sight. His desire growing stronger, his cock stiffening, his eyes imploring.
“That must feel good, pet.”
“Yes, oh, yes.”
“Pardon me?”
“I’m sorry – yes, goddess.”
“Good boy, Tom. Your worship pleases me.”
You might not be able to imagine it, but making him honor our respective positions is very, very difficult for him in that vulnerable, exposed, and nearly pre-verbal state. It seems to take all the strength in his body to form words as he rubs himself and drifts through the landscapes I have created in his mind, of my strength and compassion as I bring him to the realization that his life – not to mention his throbbing, engorged cock – is much more fulfilling when he’s in my presence.
“Time to go lay down in bed,” I tell him. I delight in hearing his first faltering steps as he reacquaints himself with gravity. As he lays down, he exhales a long deep breath. I can hear his anticipation, his desire, his need to please, his need to release.
The only question at that moment, with his arousal at a pre-orgasm peak, is how long he will need to remain teetering on that edge, between the sublime, ongoing sensation of pleasure and powerlessness and the release that will set him free and rejoin his daily routines.
One thing that I do know – he will be back for the pleasure that he describes as “otherworldly.”


Bow Down

Give me your tiny cock and let me make you into my sissy slut! It’s such a joy for me to dress you up in frills and silky things and make you prove
your worth to me as a filthy slut! I’ll make you take my giant strap on cock in all of the holes I can stretch if you just surrender! I look
forward to this moment of submission. Give me a call, whore. I’m waiting to be your XXX phone sex DOMME! BOW DOWN!


Teeny Tiny

I want to take your small cock and dress it up nice and pretty with a thick red ribbon. I’ll tie up your balls and make it very tight at the base so that it hurts while you engorge yourself. Ribbon will run from around the base of your balls all the way up to a tight ring around the head of your teeny tiny dick. I will then order you to sit on your hands while I very slowly get undressed in front of you. I will laugh mercilessly as you squirm and struggle to get to your glorified clit and strike you hard across the face if you touch it. DON’T FUCKING TOUCH IT! I MAKE THE RULES HERE.
Suddenly you will hear some soft, sexy music as I continue to strip. You’ll see me start to sway my hips, move my hands up and down my soft, irresistible body clad only in black lacy thong and stockings. I’ll lift my leg up and brace myself on your chest as I roll my sexy stockings down one at a time. My foot will slowly drag it’s way down your chest and stomach until it’s right in front of your balls. You’ll unintentionally push them into it trying to touch me and I will deliver a quick hard kick right into your pathetic, swollen little sack. Why?! BECAUSE I TOLD YOU I AM IN CONTROL AND YOU ARE NOT TO TOUCH ME.
Soon after your discipline has been administered you’ll see me drop to my hands and knees. I’ll come up right between your knees and make eye contact with you as I place my mouth on the end of the ribbon and pull. Your pathetic small cock will unravel and bump the side of my cheek! DO YOU THINK IT’S FUCKING OKAY TO TOUCH ME WITH THAT SAD EXCUSE FOR A COCK?!!! You’ll see my hand clench into a fist that comes up hard right against your swollen balls and what do you know? You’re cumming now. ALL OVER MY FUCKING HAND! I will then bring my filthy hand up to your face and shove the hole thing into your mouth. YOU’LL CLEAN UP THAT FUCKING MESS YOU MADE IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU, YOU USELESS PIG!



Just a reminder to all my sissy sluts out there. Your small cock belongs to me. I will dress it up in silky panties and make it into a clit for me to torture. You will only be allowed to touch it when you prove yourself worthy as a true sissy slut. You better be ready to have your holes stretched and your mouth to be filled with whomever’s cum I desire. Maybe I will fill your pathetic ass with my big strap on. OPEN WIDE FOR DADDY BITCH! This is not just phone chat. This is your life now, I make the rules.


Let me

I just love telling you what to do. How to touch yourself, how to cause pain and pleasure…but most importantly how to please me. Its rather
simple really, You just have to do everything I say and don’t fucking argue with me. I know what’s best for you, your weak will, and your
pathetic small cock. Give in, pet. You’ll come to understand that I can do better for you than you can for yourself. Why don’t you stop hiding and
let Goddess Odessa take over.