Teeny Tiny

I want to take your small cock and dress it up nice and pretty with a thick red ribbon. I’ll tie up your balls and make it very tight at the base so that it hurts while you engorge yourself. Ribbon will run from around the base of your balls all the way up to a tight ring around the head of your teeny tiny dick. I will then order you to sit on your hands while I very slowly get undressed in front of you. I will laugh mercilessly as you squirm and struggle to get to your glorified clit and strike you hard across the face if you touch it. DON’T FUCKING TOUCH IT! I MAKE THE RULES HERE.
Suddenly you will hear some soft, sexy music as I continue to strip. You’ll see me start to sway my hips, move my hands up and down my soft, irresistible body clad only in black lacy thong and stockings. I’ll lift my leg up and brace myself on your chest as I roll my sexy stockings down one at a time. My foot will slowly drag it’s way down your chest and stomach until it’s right in front of your balls. You’ll unintentionally push them into it trying to touch me and I will deliver a quick hard kick right into your pathetic, swollen little sack. Why?! BECAUSE I TOLD YOU I AM IN CONTROL AND YOU ARE NOT TO TOUCH ME.
Soon after your discipline has been administered you’ll see me drop to my hands and knees. I’ll come up right between your knees and make eye contact with you as I place my mouth on the end of the ribbon and pull. Your pathetic small cock will unravel and bump the side of my cheek! DO YOU THINK IT’S FUCKING OKAY TO TOUCH ME WITH THAT SAD EXCUSE FOR A COCK?!!! You’ll see my hand clench into a fist that comes up hard right against your swollen balls and what do you know? You’re cumming now. ALL OVER MY FUCKING HAND! I will then bring my filthy hand up to your face and shove the hole thing into your mouth. YOU’LL CLEAN UP THAT FUCKING MESS YOU MADE IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU, YOU USELESS PIG!

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