Hey perverts!

Goddess Ava and I are here together tonight until 10pm to make all of your wildest fantasies CUM to life! Maybe you can only handle one of us at a time, but I promise we are sweeter together. ;) Give us a call unless you’re too chicken ;)


It’s My Birthdayyyyy

Hello lovers!

Today is my birthday and i’ll be here to play ALL NIGHT LONG! You can catch me from 10pm-6am tonight so i hope to hear from all you perverts! Come help me make my birthday special and ICE MY CAKE!


Hot Blooded

Hello my little darlings,

I am here all morning and afternoon to make all of your dreams come true. You should probably give me a call because I’ve been watching porn all morning and I can’t keep my hands off of myself. Who wants to see how many orgasms I can have before I leave today?




I want to wrap you up tight in some cling wrap so that you cant move anything. I’ll leave your mouth, eyes, and cock unwrapped so you can ache for me and please me as I see fit. I can just imagine you helpless and writhing in your plastic prison while I sit on your air hole and stroke your cock so well that you don’t even care about breathing anymore. In fact, why not die this way? You’ll never have a better moment. May as well end it here. What was that? I can’t hear you….oh dear….lost another one.


Give yourself to me

I know you all have strayed in my absence. I’m giving you little sluts a chance to absolve yourselves from sin and come under my guidance once more. Get on your knees and pray to my big strap on cock to bless you with a nice hard fuck.

Repeat after me:

Forgive me Odessa for I have sinned.



OdESsA’s bAck BiTcHes!!!!

Missed you all so much and cant wait to get wild with you all again!


Fuck Me Daddy

I try to be a good girl, I really do!

It’s a real shame that being a bad girl is so much more fun! I want to disappoint you daddy. I want to disappoint you because then you’ll punish me but I won’t make it easy for you. I’ll scream and yell and beg and plead and try to trick you into doing what I want because I am a brat! I don’t want to be good daddy, I want to be your bad little girl. Punish me with that hard cock and make it worth me breaking your rules again!


You Can’t Wait

I love being dirty with you while you’re at work. Something about the fact that you can’t wait till you’re off to talk to me really drives me wild. I imagine you locked in a bathroom stall, hard as a rock, aching to hear my voice and all the nasty things I want to do to you. If you want to hear my voice deliver you the hottest XXX phone sex whether you’re at work or at home give me a call. I can’t wait…can you?


Which Role?

Dirty chat is such an amazing way to let go of stress and really play with your imagination. I just love seeing where my mind takes me or where your
mind can go. I love all kinds of role play, the weirder the better. Want to be my alien abductor? Want me to be your space queen? vampire?
babysitter? killer? I’m up for about 99.9% of anything you want to do. I love it all. Give me a call and see where this phone girl can take you.
Maybe we could visit a galaxy far far away, or an old heated memory of yours or even….YOUR GRAVE. Tell me all about it. I’m waiting.


Cum Vampire

Something about the leaves changing and it getting colder makes me want to be even naughtier than I am. The nights are growing longer, I can feel myself starting to…change… Do you want to experience my darker side? Tis the season for this sexy XXX vamp to cast her spell. It’s not your blood that i’m after. I want to drain you of something else…Give me a call and all of your CUM.