Your Desires are my pleasure

Oh, how I have quickly come to realize how much I love to please you. I am so enticed by the erotic stories that you have shared with me thus far and Boy… it’s mind-blowing. The way your sweet words caress my ears sending sensual vibrations through my body creating a puddle of pure wetness in my panties.

I never knew your desires could make me feel this way.

The way you express yourself to me makes me feel intoxicated by the presence of you on the other end of the line. As I sit anticipating more, my hands creep down my body and slide slowly into my panties and between my pussy lips waiting for you to stimulate my mind with more of those dark fantasies that you’ve been hiding deep within. Give me more.

My nipples are rock hard and my breasts are nice and firm. As you continue to mind fuck me, I begin contemplating all the things that I want to do to you. I love the way you speak to me. Who knew that you could truly turn me on such a way? I’m beginning to truly realize that your desires are my pleasure. The more you speak, the more aroused I become… hearing you as you tell me every dirty little secret about you, confiding in me, and allowing me the pleasure of making your dreams a reality.

Oh, how I love the way you make love to my mind with words of pure ecstasy stimulating me intensely and sending tingles through my body.

Don’t Stop, the fun has just begun because your desires are truly my pleasure.


You’re Mine Now!

So, you have been asking me for a while now where my photos are… Well, here I am!

I love that you are now able to see me and create a visual of me in your mind. In fact, I can’t wait to see what fun fantasies we are going to create together now that you know me.

You have welcomed me with such open arms and it has brought me so much pleasure. With that being said, You’re mine now!

I am looking forward to being the woman with whom you share your deepest desires. Let’s dive deep. Just the thought of it gets me so aroused!

Doesn’t that excite you too?

Do you want to take advantage of me? OR maybe you would like for me to take advantage of you. What’s hidden in that dirty little mind of yours? I really… really want to know.

Now that we are better acquainted, let’s have some fun!

Give me a call. I’m waiting…


Friday Fun

I can’t wait to get naughty tomorrow and get the weekend started off the right way with some of our sexy ladies. I have really been fantasizing about playing with another girl lately and I can’t get it off of my mind. Let’s make all our dreams come true and push our limits together. I’ll be looking forward to it <3


It’s a new year and it’s time for change

I have decided not to come back to the phones after my winter break. I am healthy and safe and happy but my day job is requiring more time and energy from me. This, sadly, means I don’t have time to play with all of you.
I know all of my YouDesires girls will take excellent care of you. If you haven’t gotten to know them, I hope you choose to now.
Thank you for the hot memories, my dears.




All so fast!

It feels like everything is happening so fast! I love to get that alone time with my callers to relax and enjoy the company and get to catch up. I hope you all are doing well and staying safe!!


Holiday Season

Holidays are here! Time to see if I am going to be a naughty or nice girl! I guess it will depend on the day that you catch me… Ready to find out?
Find me 2pm-10pm PST Saturday through Wednesday


Feeling Naughty!

Yep! Today is one of those naughty days. I just can’t help myself. My mind keeps wandering and next thing you know… My hand slides down my body and starts teasing… Wanna help?


Hoping your T-Day was great!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I know I am not the only one with some holes that still need to be filled. Missed you on my days off!


Happy Thanksgiving!

It hasn’t even been a week but I’m missing you horny pervs! I hope you’re staying healthy and safe so I can play with you when I get back on the phones. Please email me if you’re really needing attention. You know I’ll happily send you some assignments and if you’re really lucky a cyber session could be arranged.
Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @supersexyautumn


Where Is Autumn?

My vacation is coming up quick.  Wednesday (5:30pm-8pm) and Saturday (8am-2pm) are going to be the last chances you have to catch me in 2020.  I will still be in touch via email but won’t be able to check it as frequently as you may like so please be patient.  Appointments will be rare, but it never hurts to ask.  I will also still be updating you on what’s happening with me on my blog so be sure to keep your eyes on that.  My Twitter will probably be the thing I update the most frequently so make sure you are following @SuperSexyAutumn.

If you REALLY REALLY miss me (or just because it’s sexy) you can always buy my panties or ask me how you can get some assignments in exchange for a tribute.

If I miss you this week, I look forward to hearing your voice in 2021.  Happy Holidays, darlings and stay healthy.