Vacuum Boy

Have you been a dirty little fucking boy?? Mommy has not been pleased with your disobedience. You’re practically begging to be sucked into my vacuum bag aren’t you?? I hope you’re ready to be punished. You belong in the dark. Abandoned in the corner of Mommy’s bag. Maybe your punishment will teach you to listen better!!


All Mine

As part of your slut training today we will be exploring some sensory play. Standing in front of me I order you to strip down naked. The anticipation sending chills down your spine. Behind you is a leather inversion table. Cum here slut and lay down. You know the rules.

As you’re laying there I pull out my black silk scarf. Running the end of it up and down your body. Teasing your cock and balls before bringing it up to your face. Placing it over your eyes to blindfold you. One by one feeling the restraints being tightened around your wrists and ankles. Last but not least ordering you to open your mouth as I insert your metal ring gag.

Your heart starts racing as the room gets silent. The sound of a match being struck excites you. With just that sound your cock throbs. As the candle wax heats up its time for some teasing. Taking my feather flogger and tracing it up and down your body slowly. Licking my fingertip just to slowly massage the head of your cock.

Completely bound by your Goddess you are at my mercy. You hear me blow out one of the candles. Chills run down your body anticipating where I will drip it first. Slowly I start to drip the hot wax over your balls as you gasp. The intense sensation still radiating through your body.

All of a sudden the table flips and you are completely upside down. You feel my nails tracing up and down your body. Taking my whip and striking you again and again. Red marks and bruises cover your entire body. You feel the intense pressure of clamps being placed onto your nipples.

Now its time for my favorite part. Pulling out my vibrating anal plug. Lubing it up and sliding it into your ass. Deep moans starting to escape your mouth as you get closer and closer. I squeeze the base of your cock pushing all that cum into your balls before starting to stroke your cock harder and faster. Right as you start to cum I hold your cock to make sure you cum all over your own face and into your mouth. Good little whores swallow their cum.


I’m with the band…….

well well well, I guess you could say I’m a bit of a tease. Just when I got back from my long hiatus, I have to leave you all again. But you’re in luck, Miss Vivian will only be gone for a month this time. I think it’s good to make my boys and toys wait, for me while I’m away. What will I be up to? Well a few friends of mine are in a band, and lucky for me, I’m going along for the ride. You can catch me doing a summer tour of all the hottest music festivals. Sex, drugs, and rock n’roll. Email me your best concert and music storie and we’ll compare. Make sure to give me a call before my last shift this Saturday from 9-1!


XOXO, Vivian


Sissy Skirts

You’re such a sexy little sissy slut in your little mini skirts jacking off in the dressing room. Finding those tight little shorts that ride up so far all you have to do is grind to make your sissy cock hard. Smacking it around in the dressing room while you think about the dressing room attendant knowing how much of sissy you are. She knows just like we all do how much of a sissy you are. Go cum in your little mini shorts now while the waitress wonders about your small cock.


Born to Kill

The word is out. People have realized Miss Vivian is a killer time. For men both old and new, I’ve had a lot of fun playing over the last couple of weeks, but now I’m ready for more fresh meat. Think you have what it takes to play? Call me and see what you’ve been missing out on.

-xoxo Vivian


The bitch is Back!

I know a lot of you have been wondering where I’ve been. It’s been a long three years of travelling, partying, and best of all fucking. But alas, I’ve missed my little play things. I’m ready to to spill all my secrets, tell all my stories, and make you cum. So if you’re ready for me to spill the gossip, give me call.


Such a happy girl!

Today I got to be such a good girl! Knowing that I put a smile on your face. Giving you my holes. Taking that load of cum… Hmmm I wonder what the rest of the week may bring for me!


I’m Back!!!

Well, hello there :)

I had such an amazing getaway!! Vacationing is so important and I am reminded of that every time I come home from one.

Most of us spend some much time working that we don’t realize how important it is to take time out for just you and your loved ones. I feel so much more relaxed and prepared to take on any challenges that may come my way. I have to say that leaving the cold weather to enjoy life on the beach is an every winter dream for me.

Did you miss me? Well, I have most certainly missed you, however I’m back now and ready for us to have some fun!

All I could think about nearly the entire time was, what if you could be there to experience it with me. Our moments together are so enticing that I can’t get enough. Our conversations… so magical.

I have so many “beach fantasties” and now that I’m back, maybe you and I can explore those a bit. What do you think?

Imagine you and I laying on the beach late in the evening watching the sunset. Passionately enjoying each others company. Making love as we exploring every inch of each other right there in the sand. Sexy, right?

Let’s make that a reality.



Our Journey Together

I’ve been having so much fun chatting with you and really getting intimate… the words we share mingle so well, it’s as if we are sharing a passionate kiss with this love language we speak. I’m so excited for this journey that we have decided to embark on together.

Thanks to you, my mind has been awakened to that thing that I truly desire and that is to dominate you in every way possible. Taking control of your mind and having my way with you. Allowing you to open yourself up to me and explore all those deep hidden fantasies as we bring them to life, together.


Your Desires are my pleasure

Oh, how I have quickly come to realize how much I love to please you. I am so enticed by the erotic stories that you have shared with me thus far and Boy… it’s mind-blowing. The way your sweet words caress my ears sending sensual vibrations through my body creating a puddle of pure wetness in my panties.

I never knew your desires could make me feel this way.

The way you express yourself to me makes me feel intoxicated by the presence of you on the other end of the line. As I sit anticipating more, my hands creep down my body and slide slowly into my panties and between my pussy lips waiting for you to stimulate my mind with more of those dark fantasies that you’ve been hiding deep within. Give me more.

My nipples are rock hard and my breasts are nice and firm. As you continue to mind fuck me, I begin contemplating all the things that I want to do to you. I love the way you speak to me. Who knew that you could truly turn me on such a way? I’m beginning to truly realize that your desires are my pleasure. The more you speak, the more aroused I become… hearing you as you tell me every dirty little secret about you, confiding in me, and allowing me the pleasure of making your dreams a reality.

Oh, how I love the way you make love to my mind with words of pure ecstasy stimulating me intensely and sending tingles through my body.

Don’t Stop, the fun has just begun because your desires are truly my pleasure.