I’m Back (kinda)

Did you miss me?
My world has quieted down since the last time you heard my voice. My schedule has eased up making it possible for me to talk to some of you again. I won’t be on the schedule but I will be available for some appointments. If you’d like to play or catch up, email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. No one else will be able to schedule my appointments so the only way to get in touch with me is through email. Please be patient with me since I won’t be as quick to reply as you’re used to and my availability isn’t as flexible.
Talk soon,


Something New

As soon as that door closes, she pushes me against it starts kissing me. I’ve never been kissed with such soft, amazing lips. She begins grabbing my breasts squeezing them, making my nipples instantly hard. Then she grabbed my hand and we run into the bedroom kicking off our shoes and all of our clothes on the way there…. This is just a little bit of one of my sexy stories that I have written based on true events ?? I am offering erotic audios. Give your little sweet Hannah a call ask about them or even just ask about that hot sexy night I had!


I love my gifts!!!!

I am so happy to be back and it with right around Christmas time I was spoiled I did not think I would be with me being a naughty girl and all ?hehe but I think you will love my new toys even more, Cum on give me a call and I can give you a gift the gift is very sweet I promise.



I  am back and horny as ever! lets have some more fun take off where we left off! You know you missed me and I missed you.


Come say hello! :)

Hey all!

My name is Freyja (Frey-ya). I am so excited to be a part of the Girls for Your Desires family!!


Brand Spanking New!

Despite the glitches on the website, I promise I am a brand new Amber! If you are having trouble seeing me on the website, try restarting your browser, or clearing out cookies. Or you can call me and let me show you how magical I can be! I am excited to meet all of you and see what fun we can get into. :)





Good morning Xox

I am feeling soooo horny I open my eyes and my nipples are hard I start thinking of the steamy hot sex I had with my smoking hot girlfriend, long blonde hair and a perfect ass. I start touching my pussy thinking about the taste of that sweet ass. My toy in my hands I start the put it onto my pussy you want to know what happened next ? Give your little miss pleasure a call ?


Little miss pleasure????

You have this fantasy about a pretty little blonde taking control over you, cherishing your complete submission. A little goddess that knows the perfect balance between pain and pleasure. She can get into your head make you worship and desire all of her, no matter what it is she’s giving you. Physical and mental torture, Torture that doesn’t scare you but excites you. you crave this torture, you’ll do anything for it that’s grasp of control she has over you makes you go crazy. You want it, you desire it, you need it….. it’s me that you need me.


Fuck it

I slide on a little tight black dress, I put my hair up and a generous amount of make up on, really going for the slutty 22 year old party girl look. I see my phone goes off… there it is plans are canceled. I think to myself “FUCK it I want to get drunk and cum I will just do it myself.” I close the door take off everything as fast as I can I take 3 shots and going to my room full of toys. I fuck myself better then any woman or man could have done that night. I fell asleep in my mess and woke up feeling so happy I just made myself cum.
It would be more fun if I had some hot phone sex though ????6 Spooky shots for a Harry Potter-themed Halloween – SheKnows
Call me 360-584-9461



That’s right I’m back from vacation. I had a lot of fun, and got to bask in the sun. It’s so wonderful to take in the sunshine when I can. Now that I’m super relaxed I’m excited to get some other kinds of relief. I was on vacation with some friends, and so I wasn’t really able to play with myself while away. Maybe someone could help me get rid of some of this tension? I hope to hear from you soon.