The sexy ghost face mask

Happy Halloween boys this is my favorite time of the year I hope you like what happened to me this past weekend?
It was a rainy night I was in my little black nightgown leaning up against my couch, staring out the window, watching the rain fall down the calming noise bringing me at ease. My back stretching out my ass, pushing into the air a bit as I’m leaning on my elbows. All the sudden I got goosebumps and had the feeling that I was no longer alone surrounded in nothing but candlelight. I look behind me and I see nothing. When all the sudden, a hand grabs my neck and forces my head back to the window, and I hear the words” keep looking at that rain. ” and I just feel hands running all over my body. My knees are shaking. I’m so scared, so nervous, but at the same time I feel excited this stranger is in my house. This tall frame is touching me. He finally lets go of my hair for a moment, and I’m able to look back at him, hoping to get a glimpse of his identity. I see nothing but a ghost face mask from that movie. And something about it turns me on even more I see these big strong arms touching me. This possible dangerous man underneath that mask it’s just exhilarating. Before I could even say anything he shoves his big hard cock deep into my unexpectedly wet pussy, and begins to push my head down fucking me deep and hard! I am moaning and screaming more than I ever had. He then pushes my face against the window and starts fucking me in that position. A little part of me hopes somebody walks by and they can see me getting fucked by ghost face. Then he grabbed me by my neck and throws me onto the ground and tells me to suck his cock but I guess I wasn’t doing a good enough job because then he grabbed my hair and his throat fucked me. He face fucked me harder than I ever have been done to the point where I actually threw up a little on his dick. That didn’t stop him now he is the napkin cleaned me up and then continue to fuck me, Face fuck me that is. Then finally when I didn’t think I could take any more, he grabbed me by my hair and made me crawl up the stairs to my bed. He ripped off my nightgown. Fucked me doggy then flipped me around and used. One of my vibrators on me made me squirt all over his cock again and again my pussy was swollen. Then while I was hanging upside down on the bed, it was fucking deep and hard. I didn’t think it was possible for somebody to go so deep inside of me, but yet it made me come over and over and he grabbed me by my neck, almost choking me out I just saw a little black stars and he came deep inside me. I was excited to finally see who was under that mask. But he just walked away, leaving me there on my bed alone with his cum dripping out of me. I really did feel like I used a little whore and loved every bit of it.good ghost face costumes men|TikTok Search


Cum slut ?

Picture this…. me taking a big, hot load of cum, deep in my tight little cunt…. and then squatting over your face….

Feeling the warmth dripping out of me and into your hungry little mouth. Watching you work hard to get every drop…. using your fingers to get to the places your tongue can’t quiiiite reach.

My little cum slut, why don’t you call and tell me how it tastes?


Good morning ???

I know I woke up today in a good mood and just need one more thing to make it better….. that sweet little cherry on top of the cake would be to cum, make a big mess to start the day right. I know you are same way! so cum on give me a ring and lets start the day right together XOXO



That’s right I am going away for vacation I will be drinking, partying and of course having  Lots of SEX. I mean it I hope to get fucked 6 times a day in the hotel on beach wherever, whenever. So CUM get your taste of your sweet Hannah before I go I will be gone from the 18th to 3ed. So the 17th will be my last day and I will be back the 4th. I hope to hear from you soon! I am always sooo fucking horny and you are always so fucking fun. ????


Wet dreams ?

Good morning to that hard cock that has you thinking about me as soon as your open your eyes. You know that cock is hard for little sexy Hannah because you have been dreaming about me ALL night! You have been dreaming about my curves, my pretty face, my perky boobs and my sweet round ass. We have been doing everything you love all night your most wild fantasy almost coming true. I say almost because it can CUM true with just one little call to me ? ? so cum on lets make that wet dream even better ;) 360-584-9461 


Look for me ??

Hey you Just wanted to say keep an eye out for me at night ;) I will still be on in the mornings but sometimes I am just so horny and need another round like right now give me a call lets cum together <3


FUCK what a weekend !

I am going to keep it short and sweet kinda like me ❤️?? I was a very naughty girl this weekend I did all kinds of dirty things with different people….Sooo if you want the Nitty Gritty Sexy details give me a call I promise you wont regret it. xoxo


I have a Secret do you ?

Secrets can be dirty and damaging, but I personally love them. I find them intriguing and sexy. I love when somebody trust me enough with their most vulnerable secrets and don’t lie to yourself when you finally tell a living soul the one thing that you’ve been dying to yell from the rooftops you feel better too. So give me a call tell me your deepest, darkest, dirty secret and if you’re lucky, I might share one or two of my own.
Come be my dirty little secret, and I promise I will keep yours. ????


Irish whiskey makes me frisky!

Good morning boys when I say I love St. Patrick’s day I really fucking mean it. Today I am going to party like I have every other year and when I drink I love to fuck I know tonight is going to be hot as ever! Give me a call I would love to talk about what happened the previous years and what I hope will happen tonight because Irish whiskey makes me frisky!Xox  Call me 360-584 9461 


Happy birthday to me !

Good morning I am in a very good mood and would love to spend my day with some of you why not give me a call and we can have some sweet birthday sex ??????????Thank you for the bday wish