Happy birthday to me !

Good morning I am in a very good mood and would love to spend my day with some of you why not give me a call and we can have some sweet birthday sex ??????????Thank you for the bday wish


The Day Is Here!

Happy birthday to me!  Tomorrow I will be celebrating my special day (actually I’ll be celebrating all weekend because that’s just how I roll).  I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat wondering what a girl like myself gets up to during the most special time of year.  I keep things pretty fluid, but I do know I’ve got some pampering on the schedule.  A lovely sub has a whole spa day planned for me which I’m sure will leave me relaxed and ready for the weekend.  If he’s a good boy, I might let him see me in the lingerie he bought me.  I know at least one person who will for sure get to see that lacy number.  I have a special friend with a very special tool who will be making a visit for some  birthday bedroom adventures.  He may not be enough for me and we’ve had group fun before so maybe I should just make it a party.  Those are just two of the many treats I’ll be getting in the next few days.  I’ll be playing tonight (2/5) from 6:30 to 11pm if you’d like to wish me a happy birthday, tip me, tribute me or just let me know how much you appreciate me.

I hope you can tell I’m getting pretty jazzed about possibilities.  I hope you’re just as excited to hear about them on Monday.


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February Is My Favorite

January has come and gone. I hope you had a great first month of the
year. Now we are entering my favorite month. February is the month of my
birthday and it’s the month of love. I can’t imagine that it’s a
coincidence. I we talk soon so you can see why I was born and exist in
the month of love.


Birthday Surprises

It is less that one month until this little slut’s birthday. Can you tell
I get pretty excited? Who wouldn’t get excited about a whole day devoted
to me?
Some people would say that giving people a month notice of my birthday
would be too much, but I actually consider it a favor. It means I’m
giving you plenty of time to figure out how to make my birthday (or birth
month) the best ever.
I am a spoiled brat who absolutely loves being showered with gifts, but
what I really want is for all of my darlings to call me so we can
celebrate me together. What better celebration than super hot playtimes?!?
I’m a complicated girl with so many interests so I think it’s fair for me
to take a whole month to explore them all!

One of my favorite ways to celebrate a birthday with sissies is by them eating a cupcake (my favorite treat!) frosted with some semen! It’s sweet and salty and a party right in their mouths. In a perfect world it would be someone else’s cum, but usually I let the sweet little sissy frost the cupcake themselves.

On Friday, a very sweet little slutling jayla wanted to celebrate Halloween with me. Sadly there were no Halloween cupcakes to be found so we went with a BIG fall themed cookie instead. It was chocolate frosted so when cum was added it showed up very nicely on webcam. I could see all of the details of the adorable little sailor outfit one of the other mistresses had picked out too. Then, of course, the dirty little bitch ate it! And jayla loved every second of it. I can’t wait to watch her eat more cummy foods for me.


Birthday Love

You know I love a celebration. You also know I love my birthday! Well,
my birthday is on February 6th and I wanna celebrate with you! I can
think of all sorts of naughty games we can play. Perhaps even adding
another girl to the party may be in order. Someone has to take my
birthday spankings, don’t they?



There are two things I love more than anything else. Those things are sex and my birthday! I’m hoping to get a lot of good celebration sex this weekend. I know you want to celebrate with me to get my panties nice and soaking wet before I head out on the town. I’ll be here Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ALL day and in the morning of my birthday so let’s get it on. Maybe we can include one of the other sexy ladies to make it an even bigger party.